7 Stages of Business Transfer from Offline to Online

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Offline business is now increasingly depressed because of changes in shopping trends that are shifting to the online world. Digital transactions that continue to grow increasingly easier for consumers to get the desired item without having to bother leaving the house. With their cellphones and internet quota, consumers are already able to look for various needs, both clothing, food and shelter. Without the need to visit shops far enough distance that will take up time, energy, and transportation costs.

With this significant change in people’s consumption patterns, business activists need to find solutions to deal with it. One way that can be taken is by moving from an offline business to online. Maybe you will be a little surprised because there will be many different things. However, this effort must inevitably be done so as not to get further behind. In an effort to move the business offline to online there are several stages that must be followed in order to run optimally. What are they? Following the review.

Do Market Research

7 Stages of Moving Business from Offline to Online Your business may already have customers in the offline world and only needs to be invited to switch to an online store. But to do it is not that simple there are many different things, when you make sales in the offline world with the online world. There are ways that must be taken to make these customers know that your business already exists in the online world. Therefore it is necessary to study marketing in the online world. In addition, the market base in the online world is also much broader when compared to offline. You certainly want to develop a large-scale business by utilizing this. Before you begin, you need to know what choices are best for your business and demographic. Do market research and surveys to find out how far your business can be developed, which prospective customers have future prospects, what exactly they want from your business and what services you can provide. This can be seen from the needs and habits of prospective customers. This research can be started by asking customers or visitors to your store. Can be added by making surveys online to get more data. Offer a reward so they are interested in filling out your survey.

Take advantage of Social Media

7 Stages of Moving Business from Offline to Online Switching to the online world, start from something simple. Take advantage of social media to promote products and services while marketing it. Building a marketing unit on social media is indeed quite effective. This is because social media can be used by anyone, anytime and anywhere. At present almost all levels of society have social media accounts be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on. Data from “Digital Around the World 2019” states that there are more than 150 million people who use social media from a total of 268 million people in Indonesia. They spend an average of 3 hours 26 minutes each day accessing social media for any purpose. Take advantage of this to reach your target market by posting and promoting through the platforms that they open every day. Social media is well suited to be the initial promotional media because it uses a fairly low cost. Even if you have enough time, promotion using social media can be done without a penny. But for those of you with limited time or are chasing targets, hiring someone for this part can also be done.

Build a Website
9 Online Business Ideas You Can Try at Home While doing promotions and marketing through social media, try to build a more professional website. Take the time to develop a quality website, or you can pay someone else who is an expert in web development. Start by choosing the right domain name, user-friendly website and exceptional customer service. The website that you develop doesn’t have to be complex. Choose a design that is simple but looks attractive so that customers feel at home for long on your website. Complete information to provide customer knowledge about your products and services and develop from time to time. Place the information neatly and avoid writing mistakes. And make sure all links function properly. Give your best because the website is the face of your business.

Create an Online Consumer Base
7 Stages of Moving Business from Offline to Online Now that your business has a functioning social media account and website, then you need to build a potential audience. You can use social media to promote websites, and vice versa.


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