#22 Clear Aura Meaning & Personality – What Does A Clear Aura Mean


Clear aura or also known as chameleon aura is one of the most uncommon colors of aura. It has been referred to as a clear aura due to the absence of the color.

This is a trait that is common among crystals. Another reason why it is called chameleon is that it tends to change color depending on the people associated with them.

The clear aura meaning and interpretation is related to its ability to adapt. Their thoughts, traits, personality, and characteristic will change that makes them compatible with almost all colors.

A Comprehensive Guide on Clear Aura Meaning and Interpretation

As the color of the aura changes, this also marks the change in someone’s emotions and personality.

One minute they can have a calm and serene personality and the next thing we know they will act like a completely different person. This can also mean that you are a disoriented and confused person.

Personality and Behavior of People with Clear Aura

If you have a clear aura, this can indicate that you have an innate healing ability. You are also a deep thinker.

You are fond on watching plays in the theaters and reading books. You will also find delight in having conversation related with spiritual matters and philosophical subjects.

If possible, you will choose to spend your time alone while pondering about the meaning of life and comprehending the profound spiritual realms.

They are intelligent. They will never stop learning and they will have a fair amount of knowledge about a range of subject.

They have even achieved mastery on certain fields of study. Most of them have multiple college degrees since they believe that their primary goal in their life is to continue learning.

They can sometimes be distant and aloof. They will sometimes withdraw themselves in the society since they prefer to immerse themselves on books and meditation. They do not want to deal with severe noise, chaos and relationship.

They find it challenging to associate themselves to others. They will also not approach others due to their wariness. They tend to be cautious since they can easily be affected by the aura of other people.

When people with clear aura are confused and disoriented, they will need to devote enough time to themselves to revive and rejuvenate their spirit, mind, and body. They will also need some physical space.

When they are alone, they will go though a meditative state and perform some holistic techniques such as listening to their favorite music, reading self-help books and others.

They have the perfect blend of spirituality and intelligence. They will be interested towards heavenly matters through practice, research, intellectual reasoning, and others. They can also go through soul searching techniques to pursue higher spiritual knowledge.

They have the goal to maintain their spiritual calmness and inner peace. They aim to find the answers to their questions related with the spiritual realms. This can make them closer to understanding God and developing a close relationship with the creator.

Since they are always curious on matters related with religion, they can have a range of beliefs from being Agnostic to Catholicism.

Once they discovered the doctrine that is suitable to them, they will be persistent and stubborn in following it that may even lead to blind devotion and fanaticism.

Love and Relationship of People with Clear Aura

The clear aura people are showing too much vulnerability in their romantic life. Regardless, they can also show strength during certain adversities.

Since they are intuitive and intelligent, they can easily sense the emotional and physical needs of their partners. They are also quite dedicated when it comes to pleasing their partner.

They are very organized and meticulous. They can still function even though they have no instructions and directions.

Although they may seem dedicated and persistent, people who have this aura color will not hesitate to retreat in case things becomes too overwhelming and complicated.

They will then go through a meditative state that helps them clear the obstruction in their aura. This can also be essential when finding a solution to their worries.

They prefer to remain strong and quiet in order to deal with a situation that is emotionally challenging. Their vision remains clear just like their aura. This allows them to see the solution in any kinds of problems.

They will prefer some reclusive and quiet time together with their partner. They do not like loud partying or spending their time with a larger group

They always remain gentle and very attentive to the needs of their partners. They also protect their real feelings. It is as if there is a shield or a barrier that protects it.

They will prefer not to remain too attached to their partner to keep themselves safeguarded on the off chance that something happened to their loved ones.

This tendency to withdraw or to be disconnected is not a sign of being cold. This simply allows them to keep quiet and peaceful and to regain the clarity and balance in their life.

People with this type of aura are constantly searching for a partner that can understand them. They want someone who will accept them for who they are.

Unfortunately, with their unique nature, it can be quite challenging to find someone that can understand them.

Since they prefer to remain calm and quiet, they are also looking for someone that can keep them calm. They also want someone who can make them feel secured and safe.

They have a happy disposition and they have a deep respect towards others. For them, anger is an unacceptable behavior.

Perhaps one of the problems related with people who have a clear aura is that their aura can easily be influenced by the aura of their partner.

In case their partner is feeling an extreme sense of sadness, it will be impossible for them to keep their emotion in check. When their partner is happy and healthy, their energy and power will get an immense boost.

Wealth and Career or People with Clear Aura

If you have this type of aura, you will be able to showcase your skills in a clean, quiet, and low-key work environment.

You will listen effectively and efficiently to the rules and policy of your workplace. They are also dedicated and very comprehensive with regards to their work.

They are also honest and trustworthy. They will choose an employee or an employer that will share their same value in life.

They guarantee that their office environment will remain secured and clean. They are also willing to go beyond the scope of their work and help their workmates. This ensures that everyone is doing their part to complete the project or improve the viability of the business.

If you have a clear aura, you may not have the desire to establish your own business. You prefer to offer your service to someone else.

You are probably an artist, a nun, florist, librarian, writer, interior decorator, monk, and doctor if you have the chameleon aura.

How to Determine if You Have a Clear Aura

If you can adapt well to any situation or any types of people, then you most likely have a clear aura. For instance, if someone close to you have a yellow aura, they will find you a warm person since you can act and think like them.

Unfortunately, the ability of the clear aura to mimic the aura that is being radiated by the people close to them will also have negative effect. This kind of inconsistencies can lead to confusion.

Since your aura color has the power to absorb the aura of others, people might feel their energy being depleted when they are in your presence.

You might have a healing ability, but you do not completely comprehend this. In case you do, you will only be able to heal a single person each time. After this, you will have to revive and clear the negativities in your aura.

If you are healing too many people, this can be taxing and may be detrimental to your current condition.

The clear auras are very commanding types of aura.  In order to ensure that this aura will have both healing and intellectual spirituality, you must keep your aura in a balanced state.

There are some simple and easy methods that will help you enhance this aura such as wearing the right color of clothes and jewelries.

Since you can easily be affected by the changes in your environment, you should wear something white. This will allow you to maintain your energy.


Learning about the clear aura meaning and interpretation will help you to remove the blockages in your aura. This will help you reach your full potential and attain your goals and dreams.

This is also necessary to understand if it is time to retreat in order to eliminate the chaos that plagued you when you are in a busy environment. This enables you to be centered and stimulate the rejuvenating and healing process.


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