#46 Navy Blue Color Meaning, Personality & Psychology


Navy blue is one of the mostly widely used shades of blue in history and around the world. The meaning of navy blue resonates with many different cultures as well as a color or strength, reliability, bravery, stability, honour, and power. Many people claim navy blue as their favorite color and, as where it gets its name, is often associated with the navy, sailing, water, and sports associated with the ocean.

The History of Navy Blue

Navy blue is a very dark shade of blue that got its name because it was the color worn by the British officers in the British Royal Navy since 1748. Other navies and armies around the world also adopted the color but most have since switched to black to combat fading of their uniforms — which has lead many to mistake Navy blue for black!

Navy Blue as a Color of Authority

Because of its association with the navy and with police officers, Navy blue is often looked at at a color of power and authority.

Wearing navy blue may help you feel empowered yourself and feel more confident.

Navy Blue as a Color of Transitions

While normally blue is a calming color, because it is one of the darkest shades of blue, navy blue it is more associated with survival, nightfall, and twilight. It represents a time of coming in and out of one stage and into another facing unknowns ahead.

When you see Navy Blue Auras

Navy blue auras usually show up in people who are deep thinkers, yet when they speak, share powerful truths. Navy blue people are often silent, trustworthy, calm, and are often peacemakers who help open channels of communication between people who are in disagreement.

On the other hand, navy blue auras can also mean a person who is hiding many secrets. They are indeed trustworthy but can feel a deep sense of betrayal when their own trust in others is compromised.

Although navy blue people are good at handling confrontations, they actually do not like it, and will do everything to control a situation in order to prevent arguments and misunderstanding.

An imbalance of dark or navy blue may point to something in your life that you are over-controlling of feeling you must keep inside and bottled up rather than being free.

Navy Blue in the Chakra System

Blue is normally attributed as the Throat chakra which deals with communication, expression, and inner guidance and truth. A bright or light blue chakra may mean free flow of energy in this region, while a darker or navy blue throat chakra may be pointing to a blockage in this area. Perhaps you are in a situation where you are unable to voice your opinions or you have been told to keep quiet far too often.

Navy Blue Crystals

Some stones and crystals that may be found with navy blue mixes are azurite, blue agate, blue apatite, and lapis lazuli.

Use them to welcome stillness into your surroundings and cultivate compassion, service, thoughtfulness, and to act with respect and tenderness towards all beings.

Navy blue stones will also help to boost clairvoyance, psychic and lucid dreaming, astral travel, and spiritual attunement.

Use it for deep meditation and to help boost self-confidence too.

Using Navy Blue for Energy Clearing and Healing

Navy blue can be a powerful color when doing energetic healing work because of its relation to both power and survival. Use it to help yourself and others gain confidence from with, especially when making major decisions that will affect your life.

Wearing navy blue clothes, using navy or dark blue crystals, and visualizing navy blue will help you hone the energy of this color for clearing out negative energy and find strength.

Other ways to use Navy Blue

Blue has a cooling and sedative effect on the body so use navy blue around your bed to help with sleep troubles and nightmares. It will also help you transition better into the dream world.

At the office, especially during meetings, use it to get your message across clearly and with authority and confidence.

Navy blue can help you keep calm in situations that are normally triggering for you, so if you know you are headed towards a stressful situation, plan ahead by wearing navy blue or bringing a navy blue stone or crystal with you.

Because very few edible food from nature are true shades of blue, it can be used as an appetite suppressant.


The meaning of navy blue can be both positive or negative, depending on how it appears in your life and energetic field. It is a color of secrets, survival, trust, and strength.


  1. I can’t wear both shirt and slack of blue together, I feel sick or uncomfortable, so have to mix with tan or brown color and blues.


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