#94 Pastel Colors – Meaning & Symbolism


Pastel are terms used for colors with abundant white colors. This is commonly used in interior designs and marketing. The calming effect of this subtle color will remind you about the vitality of the early spring season.

If you are drawn towards this color, you are probably someone who is sociable and open. You are also a considerate and placid person. You hate drama and confrontation.

In this article, we will discuss the different pastel colors meaning that will help you incorporate it in different aspects.

A Guide on Pastel Colors Meaning

Pastel pertains to kindness, gentleness, and sensitivity. You prefer peace if you choose to decorate your house with this color. You are not necessarily an anti-social but you still prefer calmness.

You have the bearing and grace that allows you to appear approachable but not to the point that people will take advantage of you.

Surprisingly, the meaning that it holds may vary depending on which part of the house is colored with pastel. Here is a quick review of its meaning.

Using Pastel in Your Bedroom

If your bedroom is filled with pastel colors, your room will appear inviting and alluring.

It is an indication of fantasy, love, and romance. You may use it at the floor and wall coverings, accessories, bed sheets, and lamps.

Choosing the pastel color as the dominant tone of your room suggests that you are very romantic, sensitive, and loving. You want to nurture the love with your romantic partner.

With regards to your intimate experiences, this can mean that you are non-threatening and friendly.

You are also expecting that you will receive the same level of treatment from your partner.

A Living Room Filled with Pastel Colors

For those who prefer pastel colors in their living area, you have a nurturing and quite personality. You are soft and considerate.

People attracted to this color are sociable and can easily associate themselves with others. You are not necessarily the life of the party, but you are the heart of the group.

You are caring and thoughtful and will not hesitate to encourage your friends.

Pastels in Your Bathroom

If you choose to introduce pastel colors in your bathroom, there may be times that you are quite emotional. Most of the time you will remain open about your feelings.

Peach and pink are the most popular pastel colors that are usually used in bathrooms. This encourages us to communicate and to love.

Some people will choose pale blue due to the serenity that they can deliver. Light green on the other hand indicates tranquility.

Pastel Colors in Marketing

Colors has the power to excite people. Therefore, it has become a key component that is used in marketing and designing webpage.

Pastel has a lower saturation when compared to the pure colors. This makes them appear calming, light, and soft.

This also creates a sense of sophistication and earthiness. Here are some of the pastel colors that are used in marketing together with their psychological effects.

Meadowlark – This is a shade of yellow that reflects outgoing nature and confidence. It glistens with joy that can illuminate people who are exposed to this color.

Cherry Tomato – This is a subtle version of red orange. It emanates energy and heat. This is a good choice if you want your marketing to be noticed.

Little Boy Blue – This suggests continuity and expansiveness. This is a reassuring color that indicates reliability.

Chili Oil – This is an earthy brown tone. This can add unique flavor to your marketing campaign.

Pink Lavender – This is a romantic and soft color that can charm your customers. This also has soothing effect.

Blooming Dahlia – When you want a color that is mildly alluring, then this is the perfect color for you. It evokes an understated type of appeal.

Arcadia – This is a cleaner and clearer version of green with a hint of blue. This is a relaxing color that reflects the color of nature.

Ultraviolet – This color conveys ingenuity and originality. This can intrigue and fascinate your targeted market.

Emperador – This signifies substance and strength.

Almost Mauve – Ephemeral and delicate. This can give your audience a feeling of nostalgia.

Spring Crocus – This is a shade of fuchsia that can allure you with its enticing charm.


If you are hoping a more fluid communication with your partner or targeted customer, pastel is the right color for you.

It is free flowing and filled with light that is inviting and non-intimidating. The mildness of the color is also reflected on the pastel colors meaning.


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