However, using angel colors may be a fresh concept for you. Colors have particular energies that can be used to summon your angels.

Understanding the angel colors and their corresponding meaning will help you know which angel can assist you with your concerns.

A Comprehensive Guide on Angel Colors and Their Corresponding Meaning

Angels are enigmatic and powerful divine being that will help people during their journey on earth. Just like any spiritual beings, they will not interfere in your life unless you gave them the permission.

Once you invite the healing, wisdom, love, and guidance of the angels, they will be performing to the utmost of their ability to help you.

What Are These Angel Colors?

With regards to the colors, there is so much more that we need to understand. Each color will have that energy that will release a unique vibration. By meditating on the colors that represents the angel, you will be able to create a direct connection with that angel. Before we even discuss the specific colors, their properties, as well as their corresponding meaning, we need to know how we should take advantage of the angel colors first.

How do We Take Advantage of the Angel Colors?

Basically, influencing the angel colors means immersing in the color that is associated with the divine powers of the angels.

These colors are releasing vibrations of the angels that you want to invite. Consider surrounding yourself with the right colors that are aligned with the vibrations of the angels that will provide you with assistance.

There are different ways on how you can do it. For instance, you can wear clothes and accessories with the distinct color.

You can also light a candle, expose yourself to items that has these colors such as paint, crayons, flower, crystals, markers, and others.

You can focus on these colors consciously at first and you will notice how your mind will automatically be drawn to these colors.


When people are meditating or praying, they will usually light a candle. This is a tradition that is being practiced since the old age.

According to them, this allows them to improve their focus and their thoughts. To further improve the efficacy of using candles, we encourage you to use colored candles.


Apart from candles, it is also common to use crystals when invoking the power of angles through colors. Crystals are also available in different colors that represents the angels.

They have the power to retain some forms of energy. Handling different types of crystal will allow you to experience its amazing benefits.


You may not be aware of it, but your body radiates an aura that has colors. By relating the color of your aura to the angel, people believe that they have the power to optimize their emotional, physical, and mental energy.

Depending on your personality and mood, the color of your aura can help you connect with the angels and seek their help.

The 13 Angel Colors

The colors that we will mention below are some of the colors that are aligned with the vibrational energies of the angels. You will notice how each color represent a particular area in which the angel can provide assistance.


This color is the representation of sincerity, honesty, purity, and unity. You should meditate on this color if you want completion and peace, or if you require some healing.

Angels that have the same vibrational energy will purify and protect your spirit, body, and mind. Some people believe that white does not have any color.

The void that it creates will provide you with a direct connection to the angels and improve your understanding on the spiritual realm.


This denotes enlightenment, knowledge, and abundance. If you want to improve your charisma, charm, and certainty, try to focus on the energy that it releases.

This color is also effective in helping you tap and understand the soul’s ancient wisdom. This can also link you to the angels that can provide you an easy access to this knowledge.


This is the symbol of intuition and blessings. This color signifies a subtle neutrality. This will serve as your guide towards the journey in the divine realm.

This will also help you in pondering about the profound meaning of your life. If you want to reflect on your past life and how your actions can affect your future, the angel aligned in the vibrational essence of silver will be able to assist you.


Most people will relate this color with the dark energy; but in reality, this color represents change, protection, mystery, and discovery.

This helps us understand the natural cycle of life and death. It is also the color of rebirth. The angels that are aligned with this color can help you with experiencing positive changes.


For improving your connection with the earth and stability, you should invoke the angels associated with this color. It also stands for structure, neutrality, and justification.


Vitality, power, and strength are the properties of this color. This is also the representation of movement, sexual energy, passion, and survival.

The angels that has the power of fire element and can help in stimulating activity, change, and expansion is also related with this color.


This color indicates attraction, creativity, and happiness. Orange will empower your adaptability and vitality.

It will also encourage you to remain positive. The angels that symbolize vitality, connection, and optimism will be invoked if you meditate on this color.


This is the color of happiness, spirituality, and joy. Yellow can inspire intellect and an optimistic attitude.

The angel that relates to this color is closely associated with the spiritual energies. They can help you remain aligned with the full potential of the inner wisdom.


If you need your angel to help you with your finance, luck, fertility, and growth, then this is the right color for you.

This angel color can make you feel relaxed and can restore your depleted energy. By focusing in this color, you will be more ready to share unconditional love and improve your energy.


Blue is the angel color of tranquility, harmony, patience, and health. Invoking your angel using this color will help you choose the right words to help you deliver the message properly.

It also dramatically improves your manner of communication. This will help you express and comprehend your will accurately.


This color will provide you with a clear vision on your outer and inner realm. This angel color will improve your understanding, insight, and intuition related with the spiritual and astral domain.


This angel color stands for fulfilment of your spirit. This can also stimulate your ambition and good judgment. The vibration of violet can be inspiring, imaginative, and dreamy.

If you want an angel that can help you with your concentration, or help you repel negativities, and create progress, surround yourself with this color.

Your angel can also serve as your guide and help you align with magics and vibration.


This color indicates nurturing, love, and compassion. This gives the vibration of being innocent, unconditional love, and honor. This is the right color if you want to see things on the perspective of the angels.

7 Colors and The Archangels that Represents Them

Apart from the interpretation that we mentioned above, there are also seven colors that represent the archangels.

  • Purple- This color is ruled by the archangel of mercy, Zadkiel.
  • Red- As the archangel of wisdom, Uriel is governing this color.
  • Green- If you want to invoke the archangel of healing- Raphael, green is the right color.
  • White- This is the color of Gabriel. He is the archangel of revelation.
  • Pink- For peaceful relationships, Chamuel can help you achieve that.
  • Yellow-Jophiel can encourage you to think only about beautiful and positive thoughts.
  • Blue- This color is ruled by the leader of all archangels, Michael.

What Happens When You Leveraged Angel Colors?

In case you are using angel colors to invoke the assistance of a divine being, expect that it is possible for you to experience an angelic intervention.

Other times, you can simply improve your alignment with wisdom, insights, and courage. Some people think that angels that are linked with blue colors will also have a bluish complexion or appearance.

However, that is not the real case. For instance, Zadkiel will not really be purple. This is only a representation of their vibrational energy that will make it easier for mortal beings to form a connection with them.

You can practice invoking the assistance of the angels by taking advantage of the various vibrational energies related with the color.


To improve the effectiveness of evoking the help of the angel, you will have to comprehend the angel colors and their corresponding meaning. You must remember that they can only intervene with your life if you allow them to do so.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article !