An Overview on the Aquamarine Color Meaning

Aquamarine derived its name from the name Aqua Marinus which is a Latin term that literally translates to sea water. Perhaps this is because this shade refers to the color of the ocean. This has been known to evoke a range of meaning such as:

  • A Color that Recharge Your Spirit – Since aquamarine is the shade that is known to recharge or rejuvenate our spirit, you will need this during mental tiredness and stress. If you want to feel invigorated and calm, you should surround yourself with this color.
  • A Color During Emergency – It is beneficial to have aquamarine in your surrounding or in the cloth that you wear especially during an emergency. This is a color that helps in making decision since it will give you clarity. It also promotes the development of your management and organizational skill. Rather than demanding and preaching, this is a color that influences.
  • Color That Supports Concentration – Aquamarine aids your concentration. It also gives you a clear thought which is important for people who are speaking in public since it keeps their nerves calm.
  • Promotes Sensitivity/Creativity – This is the color of creativity. People with this personality will feel bored if you compel them to focus on a single task.

Purpose and Use of Aquamarine

As we mentioned above, aquamarine can help people overcome the fear of speaking in public. As such, it is an essential color for presenters, teachers, and other professional where they will be required to speak ion front of an audience. It has the capacity to relax the consciousness of the person. It also encourages the person to speak clearly.

  • Speed – up the Intellectual Reasoning-Aquamarine will improve the ability of the person to respond immediately. It influences people to learn, not only on the philosophical nature of the world but also to learn more about their selves. It is a color that grants discipline and perseverance.
  • Inspire Excellent Service – Aquamarine can be added to a company logo especially if they are providing service. It inspires development while remaining in sync with healing. It emanates a modest amount of compassion and responsibility. The energy that it is trying to evoke is in moderation. It also encourages judgmental individual to be tolerant. If you feel like you are being overwhelmed by your responsibility, this color can support you in reaching an order and improve your organizational skill.
  • Color of Justice – Aquamarine is also an indication of negotiation and compromise. It will give the person a silent courage and a clear reasoning. If you are writing a complaint, try to write this on an aquamarine paper. You can also wear something with this shade when you are submitting your complaint.
  • It Keeps the Journey Pleasant – Aquamarine can also be related to journey especially by sea or on any long-distance travel. This can alleviate the person fear towards water.
  • Color of Reconciliation – With regards to love, aquamarine can also mean that you are yearning for the return of your loved one.

The Healing Power of Aquamarine

Aquamarine is known to have a range of healing abilities. This is perhaps due to its relation to the green and blue color. Since it is also associated to the energy of yellow, it can also rejuvenate the energy of a person.

  • Physical Healing – The cooling power of this color will help relax our eyes. It can also relieve your vision problems. It is the color that is effective in calming our spasm.
  • Emotional Healing – This color can cleanse your emotion and will open the line of communication. It releases a gentle energy that delivers an understanding on your emotional habit. It can also help you achieve emotional balance and control the excessive emotion that you are expressing.
  • Spiritual Healing – It is a color that empowers the spirit. It will help you realize that not every power will be derived from force.

The aquamarine color meaning is highly varied. It also influences our personality in a range of way. Understanding color psychology will help you learn how to introduce this on different aspects of your life. Therefore, you will be enjoying the positive influence of the color and manage the negative effect of it.

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