List of Best Colors for Summer Weddings

Summer wedding will frequently sport some of most vibrant and brightest colors. It is time for you to embrace the diversity of the colors for your summer wedding. We are putting a spotlight to some of our favorite color palette and how you can execute them effectively.

Citrus Fruits (Yellow, Orange, Tangerine)

Summer is all about the abundant and fresh fruits and choosing the colors of those juicy and delicious citrus fruits during your wedding day can add life to this momentous occasion. However, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind.

  • Orange may appear to be unflattering to some. In this case, sunny yellow may be the best color for the gowns of your bridesmaid.
  • Since this is a vibrant and an eye-popping shade, you should keep the colors in balanced since you do not want to overwhelm the guest. To achieve this, you should add a neutral shade as the background color such as white.

Summer Sky

If you are looking for the best colors for summer weddings, look at the color of the sky during a fine weather and you might realize how it can be a beautiful wedding theme.

The sunny yellow and the pale blue sky will be an excellent pair during this occasion. For your bridesmaid, you may choose a butterfly yellow for their gowns that will help cheer up the ambiance.

  • Try to add some unpredictable touches in case you want to create a fun and light setting.
  • For your bouquet, pale blue and yellow buds such as hydrangeas and roses can accentuate the design of your wedding.

Seasonal Fruits

For those who are planning for an outdoor wedding this summer, you can get your inspiration from the blooming trees and seasonal fruits. Gold, peach, and sage that has been inspired by the mother nature would be a great addition for your wedding theme. Since your guest will be enjoying the outdoor, you may want to choose airy and short style.

  • Peachy pigment can pop-out in a background of pure green.
  • For the rooms, you may want to fill it up with something green and some peach roses. For the rest of your ornaments and decoration, try to keep it as simple as possible.
  • Add some touch of gold to add glamour and elegance such as a gold candlestick or metallic tables.

Independence Day

If you are holding your wedding day on the date of the independence, you may want to take advantage of the patriotic theme and try to incorporate it on your wedding event.

Doing this thing tastefully might be complicated. There is a chance that your wedding venue might appear to be Captain America’s fans day. Be sure to keep things understated.

Use only the navy and white palette while placing small hints of deep red and dusty blue.

  • Independence Day is often associated with a laid-back and relaxed ambiance. Navy frocks would be the best outfit for your bridesmaid.
  • Your tablescapes should mostly be white and add some color that will pop-up. This will help you avoid overwhelming your guests with your patriotic pride.
  • Try to have some fun with the food in your venue. This should be a lively occasion and do not focus too much on the formal theme of the Independence.

Sand, Aqua, and Fuchsia

For those who are going on a destination wedding and the summer elements are not available, you may attempt to bring the tropical elements on this momentous occasion.

For the bridal party, try to stick with the beach theme. Pink shade that is flattering and easy-to-wear is a great way to keep the ambiance relaxed.

  • For the rest of the elements in your wedding day, it would be best to choose something bolder. Prepare your tables with vibrant and heavy doses of bright colors. Table runners can be filled with hot pink shade and napkins and plates can be aqua blue.
  • Small tropical colors can make your wedding venue more exciting. You can achieve this by adding some tropical blooms such as white orchids, pink lilies, and daisies.
  • Choose a coconut cocktail and infused it with the traditional small umbrella for a complete taste of the tropical season

Ivory Matched with Pale and Bright Blue

If you and your soon-to-be-husband share some exciting memories related with the beach, then this might be the best color theme for your summer wedding day. You may opt for the natural color spectrum of the sea.

The fluffy cloud can be achieved by adding some colors of ivory and the blue sky can be a mixture of pale and bright blue shade.

  • If you want this coastal theme to accentuate your wedding day, you have numerous options to choose from. For example, you may scatter some decorative white starfish on the tablescapes and use an aqua glass.
  • Ivory-colored candles that are surrounded with seashells can also serve as a focal point of the wedding venue.

Shades of Purple

This has become an all-time-favorite during weddings regardless of the season. The purple spectrum will surely not disappoint any couples. This color can lighten up this memorable occasion if you add the right blend of pale lilac and bright purple.

Having a monochromatic color scheme gives you a large room to play and add some mixtures of various shades.

  • The seasonal bloom of the lavender has always been associated with the summer season. You may way to sprinkle some of it on different sections of the venue. In order to enhance the ambiance, try to spray lavender-fragrant spray on the space.
  • Dendrobium and hydrangeas can give your wedding a festive look.

Burgundy and Blush Pink

For the couple who love to share a bottle of wine, holding their wedding reception in a vineyard can create that lasting memory.

You may draw some inspiration on your surrounding and incorporate some elements of blush pink and hints of deeper burgundy shade. Since your wedding venue will be held in greenery, these colors will surely pop-out.

  • For the bridesmaid gown, choose something elegant with a lighter shade. Avoid lurking in the darker shade since it may appear like autumn season. You may complement their gown with a burgundy or blush pink bouquet.
  • With regards to the floral arrangement on the wedding venue, pepper cream might be good choice. Choose some dahlias, and burgundy buds to decorate the place.
  • If you are opting for all-white wedding cake, dress it with blush pink roses.

Hot Pink, Orange, and Red

Summer may also remind you about the tropical islands of Brazil.  You may draw your inspiration from the jewel-toned cities of this country with colors ranging from hot pink to bold red. During the bridal party, you may wat to keep everything carefree and relaxed.

  • Hot pink, orange and deep red are known for being warm and vibrant colors. Knowing that they will be taking the main stage of your wedding day, you want a backdrop that is light and neutral. Blond woods and crisp white will work perfectly fine with these colors.
  • You may also accentuate it with a range of colors such as the summer blooms, and different shades of cocktails.

Navy Blue and Blush Pink

The contrasting colors of the navy blue and blush pink may be combined to create something that is classic and will never be out of trend. This is just a versatile color that gives something to everyone.

The male attendees will surely be pleased knowing that they have a favorite navy-blue suit and the female guests will love the idea of wearing blush pink gown that can complement their complexion.

Almost all your guests and sponsors during your wedding day love something about these colors. The navy-blue suits are perfect for the gents that accentuate their masculine feature. For the ladies, the blush pink can give them a feminine style.

  • You may pair the bridesmaid gown with light pink and cream blooms.
  • Feminine decors and ornaments with blush pink hues will make your venue appropriate for the summer season. Keep the primary color blush pink and add some hint of navy blue.
  • For your signature cocktail, pink lemonade and adding strips of navy blue will add glamour and elegance to the venue.
  • Dishes such as strawberry ice-cream matched with garnish of blueberry will be a perfect addition to this memorable event.

Summer is definitely the best time to hold your wedding day. While there are large selections of colors to choose from, incorporating them on your wedding can be intricate and complicated. With our list of best colors for summer weddings and some tips that can help you achieve the best summer theme; we hope that this event will be a success.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article !