It can increase our metabolic rate and stimulate our appetite. It is a color that can encourage us to take action.

If you have ever walked inside a business establishment and it suddenly gives you an uneasy feeling, this is probably due to the color of the place.

Due to the power of color, experts have found a way to connect it to the birth chart; a concept that is known as birthday color astrology or colorstrology.

A Comprehensive Guide on Birthday Color Astrology or Colorstrology

The concept of colorstrology is designed by a metaphysician, healer, and astrology, Bernhardt. She was able to create a system that combines the ideology of color, numerology, an element related to the month, and Sun signs.

Colorstrology is not necessarily about the person’s favorite color. It is related to the color that will induce you in your balanced state.

Color Guide

Every month has been associated with a particular color. It also highlights some key traits that can influence people.


The color of January is Caramel. This tone will help us turn our dreams into reality. Since this is the color of the earth, this will also make you feel grounded. For those who are feeling flighty, try to meditate on the color of this month.


Sheer Lilac can encourage people to be kinder. It can be a perfect color for you if you want to remove your worldly behavior.


For the month of March, Aqua is the assigned color. It is the color best for meditation and for stimulating your imagination and creating your fantasy world.


If you feel too tired or you are just looking for some motivation or inspiration to continue your work, cayenne, which is the color of April, is perfect for you. It also encourages us to be brave.


Green can be a positive color due to a range of reasons. It can inspire us to keep our body in a balanced state. It is also the color that attracts fortune and prosperity. For those who want to harness the power of money, you might want to surround yourself with this color.


Aspen Gold would be an excellent color to stimulate communication. For those who are finding it hard to express their thoughts into words or if you are having trouble in creating good reasoning, wear something with a shade of yellow. Adding this color to something that you are working on will add some life to it. If you are writing a speech, using a yellow paper can ensure that you will deliver it smoothly.


The coral brush that appears like a light shade of pink is incredibly beautiful. This is the color that represents this month. This helps people to be gentle and take things calmly and never allow their emotions to influence their decisions.


The August month is highly influenced by the Sun. Therefore, it is not surprising that the color that rules this month is Sun Orange. It can grant you a high level of energy and will make you more open to different adventures. It is also the color that encourages creativity. If you want to retain your innocence and childlike behavior, you can meditate on this color.


September is being ruled by the planet of Venus and Mercury. It urges you to appreciate beauty. Baja Blue can help you to clear your mind and keeps it open to different possibilities and ideologies. It also helps people to remain discerning.


Cerulean blue or light blue is essential to keep the relationship strong and healthy. It is also the color of balance. If things are not going as planned and you have to pull it all together, this is the right color for you.


November is governed by a deeper shade of red known as Claret red. It encourages people to be physically in love. It also increases and awakens your libido that grants you a sexual relief.


If you plan to go on a short or long trip, the pagoda blue will be your color. It promotes adventures that can lead to vision, wisdom, and truth.

How Can You Use the Concept of Birth Color?

There are different ways on how you can introduce your chosen color to your life. You do not necessarily have to utilize a range of colors in order to realize the benefits that it offers.

For example, if you want to be happy, yellow and orange may be able to help you with your problems. You do not have to wear an entire outfit with a yellow shade. You can incorporate the color of happiness by wearing a yellow scarf or using a yellow handkerchief.

You can also put a vase filled with yellow flowers on the center table to serve as a focal point of your home. Sometimes, just eating yellow fruits would be enough to experience its amazing effect.

Some people will prefer to go through different stages. They might introduce the color in a more intentional manner such as the color of their eyeliner and their nail polish.

However, if you want it to be more subtle, you can meditate on your chosen color instead. You can also add some colors to your meals if you want to be more satiated.

Is There Any Meaning to the Color that You Are Attracted To?

It might be interesting to notice that all of us can be attracted to a particular color. Each color represents something, and it is also surprising how our preference can change during some situations.

Your favorite color when you were a kid may not be your preferred color today. According to the expert, you will be drawn towards the color that you need. The energy vibration that it releases is pulling you in.

For instance, you may not be keen on wearing yellow or orange, but you will find yourself attracted to this color during the winter season.

It is perhaps due to the fact that this color gives a certain level of warmth and happiness to help you avoid the winter blues.

Will Colors Have Negative Impacts?

While colors offer a range of benefits, it also has negative effects. For example, earthy shades can give you stability.

However, too much of this will overwhelm you. You will feel repressed and your emotion will be heavy. With regard to the ruling planet, Saturn encourages responsibility and structure. It is also a representation of our limitations.

However, too much of this may lead to pressures and you will feel overburdened with responsibilities.

How Do You Know That You Are Exposing Yourself to Too Many Colors?

As we mentioned above, too much of the color can overwhelm you and lead to its negative effect. In the corporate world, most people will wear something black.

It does not only serve as their uniform but black provides an extra sense of security and comfort. Since this is the case, you probably think that it is just okay to wear black all the time.

However, this color is not recommended for people who are having bouts with depression and anxiety.

When someone is at their lowest point, it is natural for them to be attracted to darker colors since you don’t want to be conspicuous.

You prefer to hide than to be the center of attention. However, black has the energy to absorb. It will be more difficult to escape your depression if you choose a black outfit. It is better to go for a lighter shade of clothes.

How to Take Advantage of Colorstrology

The color chart designed by Bernhardt assigned a certain color in every day of each year. This means that you have at least 365 shades and tones.

Yes, they also have the color for your birthday. While knowing the color of your birth may seem cool, colorstrology is designed to determine different areas of your life. It may hold hidden meaning that will reveal certain aspects about you and the people close to you.

Colorstrology can also be used to determine your growth potential. For instance, comparing your favorite color when you were a child and your current preferred color will help you understand your growth. The attributes related to the color pertains to the things that you value the most.

Colors also emit energy that we can harness. They have a powerful internal energy that we can use to improve our mood.

Yellow can increase a person’s mental dexterity. If you plan to convey your message to someone in a concise and clear manner, you might want to wear something yellow.


When you know about the Birthday Color Astrology or Colorstrology, you are trying to tap on the magical side of life.

Additionally, there are also numerous studies that will support the theory that colors can indeed have a significant influence on our mood and personality.

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