Colors can affect your moods and influence your behaviors. There is a specific meaning linked to each color of the color palette. Your favorite color and the meaning associated with the color reveals a lot about you. Black color meaning, personality & psychology is linked to power, mystery, authority, secrecy, silence and formality. When it is the color you favor the most, this is what it says about you.

Black Color Personality Traits

  • Sophisticated
  • Mysterious
  • Secretive
  • Intense
  • Possessive
  • Passionate
  • Independent
  • Seductive
  • Fearless

The Symbolism Of Black

The word black is derived from the word atrare, which, in Latin, means to dye something to get a deeper shade. The color describes dignified behavior, understated style and peerless elegance. It refers to situations that seem frozen in time or feelings of being stuck in a limbo of sorts. It represents living on the edge, walking on the wild side and the guilty pleasures that feel blissful. It describes the depths of despair or mourning a loss.

If Black Is Your Most Favorite Color This Could Mean

  • You are a perfectionist and are well organized in your work.
  • You love your life the most when it feels exciting. You take calculated risks as you find the risks involved exciting.
  • Your privacy is on your mind and important to you. You could be wearing black often as you enjoy the sense of anonymity that comes with blending in.
  • Black is a color that conceals and hides. It can be worn to hide true feelings from showing, as in, wearing dark glasses to hide feelings or to hide puffy eyes from lack of sleep or crying.

Black Color Personality Traits

Passionate And Intense

You enjoy experiencing life and relationships deeply and intensely. At times, you will make changes to your life and lifestyle only to shake things up and make life more interesting. The thought of new adventures make your thoughts and pulse race, your love your life to sizzle with excitement.

Interesting And Interested

You are intelligent, charming and witty. People enjoy talking to you as conversations with you are fascinating. You have a wide range of interests and you have many friends. You don’t like the thought of being stuck in a routine you find dull. You can become restless if you feel you are stuck in a boring routine.

Resourceful And Practical

You have a knack of coming with the kind of innovative ideas and solutions that solve problems and make things work out fabulously. You are admired by those who know you for your practicality and resourcefulness. You are not really looking for praise or looking to bask in the limelight. You are keen on doing what you think is the right thing and what is expected of you. 

Resilient and hard working

You are strong, fearless and resilient. Whatever life sends your way; you take it in your stride and prefer to keep moving in the right direction. You may have faced difficulties early on in life and this gives you a mature and balanced perspective of life and the challenges that come your way. You have your eyes trained on your ambitions. You are happier working behind the scenes, ensuring everything works well and smoothly. You follow your own ideas and ambitions, regardless of what others may think or say. 

 Myriad Uses Of Black

Black is used in language to attach a particular meaning to a term. A black day is a day of stock market crash. A black letter day is one that was terrible or tragic in some way. Black humor is a humorous take on a tragic situation or subjects considered taboo. A black card is an exclusive, prestigious, no spending limit credit line available to the rich and famous by invitation.

Of Death And New Beginnings

Black is associated with death and renewal. It represents profound change, upheaval, a troubled relationship or self-destructive behavior. It signifies the ending of a phase of life or a particular situation so that a new season of life can start. It symbolizes ending a relationship, quitting a job, cutting losses and preparing for new experiences.

The Symbolism Of Crows And Ravens

Myths and superstitions surrounding crows and ravens assign supernatural powers to them. Crows are considered to be a link between the living and the spirit world. The symbolism of ravens’ link them to powers of prophesy, death and lost souls.

The Goddess Of The Night

Nyx is the goddess of the night in Greek mythology. She is believed to dwell in the deep depths of hades’ netherworld. The goddess of the night can accord either deep, restful nighttime slumber or death. In symbolism, she is portrayed as the stars and the moon. In mythological artwork, she is depicted as a winged goddess or as a shadowy figure surrounded by black mist.

The Lure Of Black Blossoms

Black petunias, black tulips, black dahlias are very dark purple or deep red in color that make the blooms look black. Black flowers symbolize rebirth and resurrection. The purple calla lily symbolizes loyalty, royalty, passion and renewal. It is so named after the Greek word for good-looking or beautiful. Hellebores are black flowers that looking unique but are extremely poisonous.

 Cultural Nuances Of Black

In Japan, black symbolizes mystery and experience. It is color worn by men on the wedding day. In Chinese culture, the color is linked to winter and the element of water. It is also considered to be the color of disorder, the kind of disorder that can lead to positive change and fresh new starts. In ancient Egypt, it symbolized rich soil and fertility.

The Austere Color Of Mourning

Black looks austere, solemn and stark. It captures and reflects the mood at funerals and is the color of mourning in numerous cultures. The color was linked to mourning when, in the Roman Empire; it was worn to funerals and by the family of the deceased for an extended period. In poetry from the same period, death is called the black hour. In Victorian times, black crepe and Parramatta were worn for the first year to express deep mourning.

Black crystals for self-love

Black onyx, black agate, jet and obsidian bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants and rings are dark crystal jewelry that enhance and encourage self-love and self-acceptance. The energy of these crystals is grounding and it strengthens the connection with the physical world. In color therapy, the energy of black protects and shields from negativity by deflecting and purging negative energies.

In Dream Interpretation

Black in dream interpretation represents change, mystery and the unknown. It describes the subconscious mind, secrecy, gloom, fear, obscurity and indifference.

  • Dreams of dark depths

A dream that features a dark cellar, deep depths or a dark well may represent the subconscious mind. If light appears in the darkness, it can mean that a difficult situation is set to ease and light waits at the end of the tunnel.

  • Repressed thoughts and emotions

A repressed memory or emotion can surface as a black animal in a dream. If the animal is aggressive, it can signify that the repressed thought, experience or emotion requires conscious attention and expression in conscious hours. Seeing black in dreams may also symbolize sadness, unhappiness or depression.

Black In Western Astrology

Western astrology assigns different characteristics to the 12 signs of the zodiac. The color black resonates with Scorpio and Capricorn.


Scorpios live their lives and experiences with great intensity. Those from this sun sign radiate power and authority. They have a strong will-power and are independent minded. Tuesday is their lucky day and opal is their lucky stone.


Capricorns are reliable and practical. They have a no-nonsense outlook and tend to favor more traditional values. The reach and attain whatever goals they set for themselves with determination and hard work. Their lucky day is Saturday and lucky stone is topaz.

Ideal Professions For Black Color Meaning, Personality & Psychology

Black is associated with authority, strength and power. Black color meaning, personality & psychology has passion, intensity, self-control and will power at its core. The personality it describes is passionate about work, especially so when they believe it is their true calling in life. They immerse themselves in their work and achieve great heights through grit and commitment, when they enjoy their work and careers. The professions that are the ideal choices include research, education, travel, police, business, technology, politics, fashion, entertainment, childcare, sales and advertising.

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