It reflects our passions, our feelings, our emotions, our personality overall our whole existence.

Our everyday life is heavily surrounded with the color blue from the color of the heavenly skies to the denim we wear daily, getting ourselves ready for the next day.

Have you ever wondered what humans would behave like if there were no colors present around? What would life be like if Matte grey color takes over our daily lives?

Have you ever thought what would happen to human emotions if there are no colors to express love, to reflect sadness, to mourn over our loved ones?

A monotonous view that is taking over our lives, rendering us to mechanized beings with no way to express our emotions?

It is a known fact, in psychological studies, that colors play a significant role in shaping our personality and affecting our mood.

The more vibrancy we are surrounded with, the happier and fulfilled we are in our lives. Blue… the most dominating of all colors surely does, then, affects us in ways we have not ever thought off.


The azure waters that are covering more than 70% of the planet, the dawning skies, and dark aromatic hues of the dusk…

In fact, nature as a whole itself is reflective of the fact how important the color blue is, in our lives.

According to scientific studies, it decreases the retinal stress and reflects light more sharply and smoothly compared to other colors.

As a result of which we see the images without stressing our lens to a great extent. It helps us form clear, vibrant and sharp images that are not only a feast for our eyes but also for our mind.

This is the prime reason why nature is heavily laced with different forms of blue color.


Dominating our lives in every form is a blue color from our everyday clothing to most of our company logos to the infrastructure reflecting the serene blue all across the city.

As a whole, it is a color of spirituality that induces the calmness and tranquility in our bodies, and we feel more at peace.

Imagine a world with Pink, yellow or red dominating our significant part of the vision? The thought itself provokes anxiety in our brain contrary to the blue hues which are nothing but an image of calmness and continuity.


Blue is the representative color of Visuddha (derived from Sanskrit; meaning “Purification” or “pure”), also known as the throat Chakra.

Turquoise or Aquamarine blue are the usual blue forms to represent this spiritual element as these colors are universally associated with calmness and purification because of their association with water.



Among this one of the oldest civilizations of the world, they have cultural importance of color blue along with the red color that is massively dominant in Chinese traditions.

Blue is associated with wood, a symbol of immortality and progress. It is also reflective of positivity and prosperity in Chinese legends. It is also a symbolic representation of Spring, a season of Joy and love in Asian cultures.


One of the ancient cultures of South-East Asia, Hinduism associates the Blue color with their religious deity, Lord Krishna who they assume to have blue skin.

Thus, in Hindu Mythology blue represents divinity, power, and authority.


In Islamic traditions, blue is reflective of purity and worship. It is associated with mental cleanliness as well as protection of the mind from the evil.

A considerate number of mosques built around the world have blue color dominant in them including the famous Blue Mosque of Tabriz in Iran and Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Turkey.


In Greek mythology, the color blue holds religious importance. The color, deep blue is associated with Poseiden; diety of the sea whereas light blue is mostly associated with Athena; the goddess of Virtue.

It is also believed to defend against the “evil eye,” therefore the people believing in Greek superstition wear a blue charm or a blue amulet to seek protection against the evil forces.


The color does not hold any religious significance in most of the European and American countries. It is mostly a reflector of trust and security.

There are some negative connotations associated with blue color in western culture from a color of depression to a representative of isolation and loneliness.



Blue is the color that we usually associate with people who are caring and kind in general.

The first and foremost question that a person with a blue personality will ask when noticing even the slightest change in the other person will be, “Are you Okay?

They tend to be more sensitive in general and are more preceptive towards other people’s emotions. They are natural healers.

A blue color personality will surely be able to asses the mood changes in your character and will be one of the very first people you will find in time of need. If you need a shoulder to cry on… Blue personality is the one that you need to seek.


Being firmly in touch with their emotions and their ability to genuinely care for other people, they tend to be more emotional as a result. They often cry or get choked up on emotions compared to other people.

As a result of which they are usually labeled as “cry-babies” of the group where in reality they are sensitive people needing as much care as they tend to provide to the others.


Another particular trait associated with people having a liking to blue color is that fact that they tend to be quieter.

They have a soft touch of melancholy in their personality and do not wish to be associated with any violent acts. They are calmer and composed in general and would rather stick to traditions than to venture out new ideas.


The people who associated themselves with blue color are more orderly in nature as compared to other classes of personalities.

They prefer sticking to the rules, customs and ancient ideas. For this reason, they find themselves uncomfortable to set in a new environment or a new neighborhood.

Because of their obedient personalities and respect for rules, they are the prime candidates for being outstanding employees and office workers.


People belonging to this group are more conclusive in nature as compared to their fellow mates. Their decision-making abilities are stronger and quicker.

They are headstrong with strong leadership qualities who knows when to stand up and when to back down.

With their ability to follow the rules and the power to lead as well they serve equally good as managers as well as subordinates.


When it comes to a relationship, Blue is the most loyal and trust-worthy. With their caring nature combined with their peace-loving nature, they tend to be more honest, straight-forward and giving in a relationship.

They prefer stability and harmony. Therefore, they might have a lot of childhood friends around and close relationships with their families.


With their tendency to keep intact with traditions they might come across as inflexible and stubborn in some cases. They find comfort in the things they are more comfortable with and tend to resist any changes.

Once accustomed to the new ways they are fast-learners with a high capability to understand and process new ideas.

Overall, they are kind and loving in nature but admittedly not the ones to mess around with since with their caring nature, comes an aura of dominance and power that they appear to exert when the time requires.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article !