For instance, there is a concept known as the butterfly effect wherein the insignificant flap of its wings can cause a devastating tornado in a distant location.

Additionally, the butterfly color meanings and symbolism may also play an important role in a person’s life.

A Comprehensive Guide on Butterfly Color Meanings and Symbolism

The butterfly can be a symbol of change, romance, transformation, rebirth, inner beauty, and your true essence. The different colors found on its body and wings can also carry important meaning.

The color of butterflies is a result of their evolutionary process. Their colors can be used to blend in their environment and hide from the predator.

The Biblical Meaning of Butterfly

The butterfly will not usually be seen in Egyptian paintings and artifacts. Even the Bible did not directly refer to these beautiful creatures.

By the time of the Mycenaean painting, the landscape of art and the human psyche has been revolutionized. It is pretty normal for the butterfly to be depicted alongside the Death Goddess.

According to art experts, it is a symbol of resurrection since a butterfly can be linked to rebirth. Furthermore, butterflies can also be associated with matters related to love.

With regard to Christianity, the butterfly may be a symbol of two things; it can be a representation of worldly things and vanity due to its relatively short life and a pure soul since the butterfly will need to be hatched from a pupa.

It depicts a soul that is being freed from the material things and encourages you to understand the higher form of happiness.

Butterflies can also be seen in Christian art. Caterpillar means life, the chrysalis represents death, and the butterfly symbolizes resurrection. Christ’s renaissance images also come with a butterfly resting on His hand.

Symbolism of Butterfly

Generally, the butterfly is a symbol of the soul and immortality on different cultures all over the world.

It has the color, the beauty, and the grace that makes it appear like an ethereal creature that is ready to rise to the spiritual dominion.

Nonetheless, butterflies can also have different meanings depending on the local traditions and cultures.


The swarm of these insects is often viewed as divine grace and approbation. In the victory of Joan of arc, this scene is believed to be a blessing from God.


Butterflies can also warn the Bwa tribe that the rainy season is coming.

Southwest US

Petroglyphs found in the southwest portion of the US will usually show butterflies. It can also be found in the Navajo rugs, jewelry, and pottery. In this region, butterflies will represent fertility.


In any arts inspired by the Mexican culture, butterflies will be the spirits of those warriors who died on the battle.

New Mexico

For the members of the Zuni tribe, butterflies with multiple colors embody beauty and life.


The aborigines of Australia have the same belief as to the Mexican culture regarding the butterflies. They think that these are the souls of their dearly departed loved ones.


Chinese people believe that the butterfly is the sign of longevity. It is not unusual to gift someone with a jade butterfly to wish them, eternal love.

This would be the perfect gift of the groom to his bride. The Chinese art that depicts butterflies may deliver a variety of meanings.

For instance, a butterfly that is collecting nectar from the flower will mean that a man is deeply in love. If this is combined with plum, it pertains to beauty and longevity.


This creature is the symbol of the geisha which represents womanhood, feminine beauty, and transient joy. The pair of butterflies is a mark of a harmonious relationship.


White butterflies are the spirits of the dead. It also pertains to immortality. The number of butterflies can also alter the meaning.

For instance, three butterflies mean lucky while four butterflies relate to the witches. The color of the butterfly can affect its symbolism. Red is the symbolism of evil.

Early Cultures

The butterfly being the symbol of the soul’s immortality first emerged during the Neolithic Age. It was around the period of 5000 BCE when the idea of the Butterfly Goddess was formed which is also known as the Rebirth Goddess.

The Meaning of the Colors of Butterfly

As aforementioned, the meaning of the butterfly can change dramatically depending on the color of the butterfly. Here’s a quick overview of the different colors of butterflies and their corresponding meaning.

Black Butterfly

The black butterfly will usually be the harbinger of a bad omen. They are depicted as the messenger of death.

According to the belief of the eastern countries, when an ill person is visited by a black butterfly, this can be a sign of imminent death.

Orange and Black

The Viceroy and Monarch butterfly have a mixture of orange and black shade on their wings. According to some, the Viceroy will mimic the appearance of the Monarch butterfly.

Therefore, they symbolize those people who are trying to be a different person. They are people who will be doing everything just to survive.

People who will dream about the Monarch and the Viceroy butterfly should understand the message that their subconscious mind is trying to convey.

In some instances, this can mean that the energy flow has been blocked or that you are unhealthy.

There is also a possibility that you are focusing too much on negative things such as grief and fear. The orange is a sign that you should try to be more happy, enthusiastic, stimulated, and optimistic.

Red Butterfly

During the early times, butterflies are depicted as mythical creatures. They can be the soul of the dead. They also believe that witches can transform into a butterfly.

In the Northern part of England, the red butterflies will usually be killed since people believed that they have an evil origin. Red butterflies can also be a symbol of beauty and readiness.

When it is combined with resurrection, which is the symbol of butterfly, this can mean that the person is ready for his death.

Dreams about red butterflies can be related to various stuff. On the physical aspect, it may increase your blood pressure, heart rate, and metabolic rate.

On the emotional terms, this can be related to being a romantic lover, passionate, angry and vengeful. It is also a sign that you have to find a balance between safety and passion.

Brown Butterfly

A brown butterfly can be a sign that your body is filled with toxins. You will have to consider decontaminating your body and eliminating the wastes.

You are probably feeling emotionally drained and depressed. You need to keep your emotions and mind stable. Your mind is probably too muddled due to your distorted thinking.

You are also going through a phase of change. The brown butterfly is a sign that you will need to be gentler and graceful.

Try to lighten up. It also suggests that you are involved in a superficial type of relationship. It is a representation of the essence of the person’s soul.

Blue Butterfly

The blue type of butterfly has breathtaking beauty. It is not common to encounter them. With the beauty of this butterfly, experts believe that it carries an important meaning. People who encountered this butterfly will be very fortunate.

In another situation, this can be their dead loved ones who are trying to communicate with them. Sometimes, this is a sign of divine intervention and the blessing coming from a higher power.

Green Butterfly

Green is another rare color of the butterfly. If you encounter a green butterfly flying over the grasses and the flowers is a symbol of fair achievements and prosperity.

It is also a symbol of a friend or a loved one who is living in a distant place. It can also imply growth, luck, and love.  It will be an abundant period for you.

It is a great time for you to invest your money and open a new business venture. It is also time to harvest the profit of your hard work.

Yellow Butterfly

Seeing a yellow butterfly is a sign of guidance and hope. It is the color of a sunny and bright summer.

Encountering this butterfly may mean that you will experience affluence and happiness soon. It can also indicate the soul of a child. It is a sign that the soul of the child is at peace.


Butterfly color meanings and symbolism can vary. The symbol that it will carry in your dreams may have a different meaning on the butterfly depicted in the arts.

We hope that this article will help you understand more the meaning related to the different colors of the butterfly. May this answer some of your questions about the meanings and symbolism of their color.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article !