On the other hand, blue has a calming energy. Colors played an integral part in human’s life whether we are meditating or doing some creative works.

If you want to be more focused on your intention, burning candles will help. Candle color meanings are linked with our individual energies depending on the color of the chakra.

A Complete Guide on Candle Color Meanings

Candle colors are based upon the concept of color psychology. Colors will carry different frequencies that can affect the human behavior and personality.

By knowing which of the candles have positive impact, you will be able to improve the power of your mind. In addition, the odor that it releases that can calm your emotion and feelings.

In case you are not sure the meaning that each candle color holds, this article will serve as your guide.

The Red Candles is for Passion

The red candles are mainly used for vigor, vitality, health, and energy. Red is being used to represent the element of fire. Red grants energy, passion, love, and physical desire.

This color also has the power to arouse your anger, physical gratification, and lust. It focuses more on passion rather than romance. Red can also assist in removing negative feelings and will provide you strength against your enemies.

How Red Candles Are Used

Red candles can be used to promote strength, stamina, sexuality, lust, exercise, desire, competition, assertiveness, and ambition. It can also be utilized as a protection against evil spirit.

The Power of Red Candle

The red has the power to stimulate your inner strength and fertility. It is the color that represents the God of war. It is also the color that is associated with potency, sexual passion, determination, and courage.

The red incense or candles will be burned hoping that it can increase the person’s pleasure, physical health, survival, and life force.

Orange Candles Increases Confidence

Orange candle or incense is the mixture of red that represents energy and action and yellow that pertains to mental agility. The energy that the orange candle will release will help build your stamina, energy, and vitality.

By lighting an orange candle, you will be able to attract success, good fortune, and prosperity. Orange will encourage you to stay fun and lively and stop being lazy. It simply energizes your whole system.

How Orange Candles are Used

Orange candles are basically utilized for confidence, encouragement, self-esteem, courage, weight loss, health, kindness, control and power. It can also be used for career-related purposes especially if the nature of your work requires interacting with people and creativity.

What Orange Incense Represents

Orange is a symbolism of things that are associated with justice and law. It can also indicate enterprise, trade, property deals and business deals. It is linked with ambition, kinship, courage, heroism, and pride.

When to Use Orange Candles- If you lack the motivation and vitality or if you are having trouble on setting your goal, orange candle can be a perfect source of willpower and stimulation.

Yellow Candles Improves Your Happiness

Yellow candles are originally used as a symbol of learning, logic, creativity, concentration, intellect, and focus. You can light yellow incense or candle to improve your memory.

You should also use it to enhance your persuasion, charm, and confidence. It is also meant for wisdom, knowledge, and inspiration.

Anyone who is lighting a yellow candle is searching for enlightenment and hope to gain better control. This is also believed to improve your performance during exams.

How Yellow Candles Are Used

This is used to improve our concentration and enhance our mind. It can also advance our learning capacity, writing, and speech.

Yellow is a representation of success. In addition, yellow is intended for media, communication, and business concerns.

Yellow can also be used to overcome your mental blocks, to wish luck when someone is going to a long journey and remove obstacles.

Power of Yellow Incense

Yellow incense and candle can repel gossip, slander, and jealousy. In spiritual terms, it can help on astral travels. It also has the power to break poor habits and stop addiction. Yellow is a symbol of a positive and sunny attitude. It will encourage you to maintain an open communication.

Green Candles Have Healing Properties

The green candles are usually intended for the spells related with fertility, nature, growth, and beginning. It has a healing property that will help you retain your good health and regain your financial success, money, goals, and youthful appearance. When you light a green candle, this means that you want to meditate on the nature, healing, and growth.

The Power of Green Candles

Green candles are related with anything associated with fertility and growth. Green incense or candles is the representation of the element of earth.

It can be used to promote emotional and physical healing. Green is the opposite of red since it influences affection rather than passion.

How Green Candles are Used

Green candles are commonly used for rituals intended to thwart greed and jealousy. It also helps you communicate with nature. If you plan to use green candles on rituals related to wealth, it will attract profit and success.

Blue Candles Promotes Peace

The blue candles are essential when performing rituals about healing, meditation, and spiritual wellness. It also encourages wisdom, loyalty, sincerity, peace, inner calm, kindness, serenity, and patience.

Blue candles can encourage harmony inside the house, spiritual protection, and increasing power and wisdom. This should also be used in case you are lacking courage, hope, and faith. If you want to overcome your fear to travel or flying, you should burn a blue candle.

Power of Blue Candles

This has the power to transform hate, anger, and violence into harmony, peace, and satisfaction. Blue is the shade related with the West and emotional work.

It is a color that belongs in the cooler spectrum that clear communication and provides inspiration. Blue should be used as the color of success in your business.

How Blue Candles are Used

Different shades of blue will release different energies. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the color that can influence your behavior and energy on the way you want.

For instance, royal blue is associated with masculine energy. Pale and light blue is for your spirituality. They are in-tune with your meditation, communication, and intuition. People who are lighting blue candle or incense are searching for peace, truth, and harmony

Purple Candles is Linked with Mysticism

The purple candles are burned to help people with their meditation. It is the color related with mysticism and can enhance the psychic ability of the person.

It is also common to see purple candles on fortune telling, divination, and other spiritual activities. If you want to make a contact with the spiritual realm, lighting purple incense or candle might help you reach a higher spiritual enlightenment.

It can also provide you with spiritual protection against evil energies. Once you combine the purple candle with blue candle, this can be used for any rituals related with healings.

The Power of Purple Candle

Purple is the symbol of the hidden knowledge and the wise teacher. It is the unconscious wisdom that once you attain, you will be able to reach a higher knowledge.

Those who have a purple aura are aware and sensitive. Purple candles have the power to make things clear when the facts are vague.

How Purple Candles are Used

Those who want to accomplish things in a huge way should use this candle. Purples candles or incense are burned if you want to expand the things that you already possessed. Purple will definitely bring more things than what you currently have.

White Candles are for Purification

White candles are designed for purification, cleansing, blessing, healing, protection, and enlightenment. The white candle also has the capacity to heal our emotion and repel any negative energy.

If you are having problem in meditating or if you simply want to relieve some of the tension, then lighting white candle might help.

With regards to the spirit, white candle pertains to harmony, unity, and truth. Users who are lighting this candle are hoping to receive the energy of the moon.

How White Candles Are Used

It is generally used for rituals pertaining to cleansing, consecration, and protection. It can also be used for matters relating to the spiritual realms.

White candle is the symbol of the clear and light vision. Therefore, it can be essential to people who are hoping to have a fresh start in life. White candles are also used for ceremonies such as wedding, christening, birth rituals, etc.

The Power of White Candles

Whenever you are in a state of confusion or doubt, white candles might offer some help. It is the mark of innocence and purity.


Depending upon the color of the candles, you can perhaps attract affection and love, prosperity, good fortune, positive energy, and power.

It can also help you improve your rate of success, enhance your spiritual energy, and have peace and harmony in your business or home. Learning about the candle color meanings is essential to attract the right energy.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article !