Rainbow will develop after rain shower or a storm. It is caused by the refraction of the sunlight that is hitting the raindrops.

While rainbow was developed through the complex process of nature, some philosophers have attached the meaning to it. Colors of rainbow meaning with regards to philosophy and spirituality can be vast.

A Complete Guide on the Colors of Rainbow Meaning

The sun will obviously shine after every storm or rain showers. However, the condition will not always be ideal that will prompt the rainbow to appear. Therefore, it has been considered special by different cultures and religions.

Significance of Rainbow on Cultures and Religions

Each color found in the rainbow is known for having a unique and magnificent beauty. They also have a special meaning and can invoke different beliefs and feelings.

In each culture, these colors may represent something or can be used to indicate an emotion, institution, organization, and tradition.

It is impossible to talk about the meaning of these colors without learning about the cultural and religious significance of the rainbow.


The rainbow has manifested after that Great Flood. According to the bible, the rainbow is the promise from the God that it will be the last time that a flood will be used to cleanse the world.

Rainbow is once again on the Revelation which is a sign of the second coming of the Christ. Noah has also used the rainbow to introduce the 7 Laws.

Native Americans

The meaning and the significance of rainbow may vary depending on the American tribe. Some tribes think that the rainbow serves as the bridge to the spiritual world.

Others believe that it is the indication of the healing from a goddess. There are also those Cherokee tribes who think that it is a representation of the hem on the coat of the Sun God.

The Mayan Indian on the other hand has a striking similarity on the belief of the Christians. They believe that it is a sign that God’s anger has already subsided.


The rainbow on the Islam faith is only comprised of four colors; yellow, red, green, and blue. This indicated the four elements such as air, earth, fire, and water.


The Buddhist think that the seven colors in the rainbow is the representation of seven continents.

Ancient Arabs

The majestic appearance of the rainbow is believed to be a present from the South wind.


In most culture, rainbow is treated as a symbol of prosperity and good luck. In Irelands, rainbow is related with leprechauns and their pot of gold.

Poland shares the same believe with Irish people with regards to the stash of gold at the end of rainbow. However, instead of leprechauns, they believe that the golds are gift from angels.

Roman Culture

In the ancient Roman culture, rainbow is believed to be the pathway that was taken by Mercury.

Norse Mythology

In the Norse mythology, rainbow is known as the pathway that the fallen warriors will take.

Most of the religions will have a positive view towards the presence of rainbow. Nonetheless, there are also instances when rainbow will be an omen.

In some cultures, they will associate rainbow to devils and demons. For instance, Nicaragua and Honduras believe that the rainbow is a representation of demon. A hex will be placed upon them if they look directly at the rainbow.

Red Signifies Vitality and Wisdom.

Red is the color on the top arc of rainbow. It is also considered as the shade with the longest color wavelength. With regards to Christianity, the red arc refers to the Archangel Uriel. This is a representation of knowledge and energy.

In terms of Hinduism and Buddhism, the spiritual meaning of this arc is related with the base chakra or also known as Muladhara chakra. This chakra works by keeping the humans grounded on their physical plane.

Colors of Rainbow Meaning

Orange is a Symbolism of Fertility

Orange is the shade of the rainbow’s second arc. The orange is created by combining red and yellow. The orange on the rainbow is an indication of creativity.

It is also a sign that a person needs to enjoy his life. With regards to the spirituality, this arc represents the Swadhisthana chakra. This is a chakra associated with creativity, sexuality, and fertility.

Yellow Represents the Sun’s Brilliance

The orange arc is then followed by the yellow arc. This is the arc associated with Archangel Jophiel that indicates the magnificence of your thoughts and wisdom.

The yellow is associated with the sun’s brilliance. With regards to our chakra system, this corresponds to our Manipura chakra.

This chakra relates to the human’s ego and power. This is somehow similar on how the sun delivers energy to the earth.

Green Has a Healing Energy

Green is the shade of the fourth arc of rainbow. It has been associated with the Archangel Raphael that is known for healing.

Green on the rainbow represents love, wealth, and health. In relation to the spiritual realm, this color of rainbow signifies the Anahata chakra.

This is the chakra related with our heart wherein the capacity of receiving and giving love is being processed.

Blue is the Symbol of Your Spirituality

Blue dominates the fifth arc and has been associated with Archangel Michael. He is known as the leader of the archangels and has been representing spirituality. The blue on the rainbow is a symbolism of the human beings’ connection to the spirit world and water.

This arc is also related with the Vishudda on our chakra system. This is also referred to as the throat chakra and delivers message related with purity.

Indigo is Your Connection Towards Your Subconscious Mind

The indigo in the rainbow serves as the connection between your conscious and subconscious mind. It helps in awakening our inner senses. In spiritual terms, the significance of indigo allows us to be in touch with the spiritual realm.

It is the color of the Ajna chakra that is related with the third eye or the extra sensory perception. This also allows you to see things that are not visible to the naked eye.

Violet Represents Mercy

Violet is the color on the seventh and final arc. It is related with Archangel Zadkiel that symbolizes mercy. Violet is created by mixing blue and red.

This color provides us an access to our imagination and creativity. This can also provide us with a Divine inspiration. In terms of the chakra system, this is related with Sahashara.

This is related with the way that our human consciousness will react with our spiritual and divine consciousness.

Colors of Rainbow Meaning in The Modern Philosophy

Nowadays, there has been a sudden increase in the study related with colors. Perhaps this is after they discover that colors can have a significant impact towards one’s attitude and personality. The seven colors found in the rainbow also have distinct impact on our mood.


It is a warm color that represents vitality. Red is a sign that you need to be cautious on something. Therefore, it can also mean security. In addition, it has also been related with enthusiasm and passion.


This is a light and warm color that may represent the vitality of red and the happiness of yellow. It is known for being dynamic and it can awaken our creative mind. Orange is also a symbol of control and equilibrium.


Yellow is the representation of the sun. It gives you a clear mind and orderliness that is necessary when you need to reach a crucial decision.


Apart from the healing power of this color of rainbow, green is also a sign of growth. It is a color that pertain to the wealth and health of individuals.


As we mentioned above, blue serves as your connection to the spiritual realm. It encourages us to seek answer to the things that are unknown. Blue can also prompt individuals to search for higher knowledge.


While the blue may have a calming effect, the indigo is known for having the sedating property. It is a mystical color and it eliminate the gap between infinite and finite.

Gemstone related with indigo are often used to enhance the person’s intuition. In addition, it can also increase self-awareness, psychic abilities, and spiritual enlightenment.


Violet can be referred to as the color of spirituality. It is beneficial to artists since it ignites their imagination and provides them with inspiration.

The darker violet at the end of the spectrum is associated with sorrow. Deeper pigments are known to help you attain spiritual mastery.


The rainbow should not be viewed limitedly as an environmental element that is known for its amazing beauty.

Colors of rainbow meaning, and their philosophical and biblical importance can provide us with their purpose and function.

Some people look at these colors as spiritual energies. It is interesting to note that these color wavelengths are vibrating in human bodies, and its surroundings. Therefore, it is essential to understand their meaning.

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