Its high density is so durable that it is an excellent choice in crafting arts and furniture. It is the most common material used for piano keys and chess pieces.

According to history, Ebony was first used to describe a color in the 1590s. It has also been associated with Egyptian history and culture.

If you are interested in how this color may affect your personality and emotion, it is vital to understand the ebony color meaning and symbolism.

A Complete Guide on Ebony Color Meaning and Symbolism

Research shows that there are two types of Ebony; Hex #0A0502 and Hex #555D50. One of them resembles the black color with a brown tint, and the other has a green shade that resembles a gray color more. It slightly deviates from the pure dark color that is related to professionalism, power, and strength.

How Does Ebony Color Affect a Person’s Personality?

If your interest is being drawn toward Ebony color, there is an excellent chance that your personality closely mimics the influence of this color.

For instance, you can probably spend your entire time doing interior design since this shade is popular among people who seek material things and social status.

You are the type of person who will pay attention to what other people are doing. You cared so much about their status, professions, and wealth.

You are always comparing yourself to the achievements of your friends, colleagues, and even the members of the families.


People who have an ebony personality are very sharp that encourages their logical thinking. They gravitate towards the conventional and traditional things and way of life.

They will generally stick with the rules and will rarely go outside their comfort zone. They like to observe things that are happening in their surroundings. They particularly pay attention to the power and wealth of the people around them.


They are ambitious and have a strong desire to start their business venture. These people will not be afraid to make an investment and to take calculated risks.

They will never be careless in allotting their energy or resources to unproven concepts and unconventional business ideas.


Ebony is the color of premium furniture and ornaments. A lot of people want to have it inside their home.

Those attending social gatherings and elegant events will also wear this color to highlight their superiority and make sure that they stand out from the rest of the attendees.


Since it closely resembles the black color, it is no longer surprising that it also pertains to power and strength. It is common to see tuxedo and premium credit cards with this color. Different types of professions will wear uniforms with this shade.

Negative Emotions

Due to its relation to the black shade, Ebony is sometimes associated with death and grief. It is also related to fear, aggression, and anger. It can also evoke sadness.

The Symbolism of Ebony Color

To understand how Ebony affects a person’s mood and personality, you need to understand the symbolism of this color on culture and everyday life. You can also consider your personal experiences.

Hopefully, our short rundown of its representations will help you comprehend how it affects you. Just like the other colors, Ebony also has both negative and positive traits.

Ebony has conscientiously been used in literature, alchemy, art, and others; it symbolizes eternity, wisdom, and the world. It is also the representation of death, the unknown, and desolation.


Since Ebony has a close resemblance to black, it can also be used as a symbolism of chaos. It can be related to the sinister and ignorant act. It denotes the wicked part of a person’s heart, the underworld, and sorrow.


Ebony is the shade of wisdom, prudence, and constancy. It represents the dualism of the darkness and light/ the good and the evil.


For most people, anything with a shade of black is considered a color of mourning. It can also be the color of resurrection and rebirth.

How Do You Use Ebony on Marketing and Design?

Ebony is a relatively flexible color that you can use in different graphic designs and interior decoration. When using it on your marketing campaign, it can increase your product’s elegance, power, and exclusivity.

Additionally, it gives your business a sense of mystery that makes it an excellent choice for modern-day products.

Depending on the other contexts of the design, using Ebony will create a high-end design that appears cool and yet subdued and unapproachable. The neutral shade makes it an excellent choice to combine with other colors.

Selling Luxury Items

Ebony would be beneficial to those who are selling sophisticated and expensive items. If you target the professional and the high-end market, consider using Ebony for your branding campaign.

Apart from making it more elegant, it also makes your product appear heavier. It adds the classy and cultured value that inspires others to look at it with a higher value.

Selling Music-Related Products

Ebony color is also widely used in the music industry, perhaps due to its relation to piano tiles. Some people, especially the youth of today, look at it as something trendy and modern. The younger population is drawn towards its rebellious and sophisticated characteristics.

Selling Jewelry

When being exposed to bright light, Ebony can create the dramatic effect that you want. It is a perfect color that complements bright-colored pieces of jewelry such as cobalt, magenta, ruby, etc.

It is a better choice than black since the black color can appear overwhelming, unfriendly, and intimidating. Since it is a muted version of black, it pairs well with other colors without invoking that threatening feeling.

When to Avoid Using Ebony Colors

While we have highlighted some of the best practices in using ebony colors in your marketing and branding campaign, there are also situations when you must avoid it. Remind yourself about this when you are designing or marketing a product.

Avoid Using it in a Dark Design

Since the design is already too dark, it would be best to avoid ebony colors. It will not only create a depressing mood; it will also reduce readability.

It will create a less favorable and enjoyable feeling. When developing your website, it is always essential to guarantee accessibility. You can use Ebony as the background color and use a lighter color for the text.

Using contrasting colors is a powerful and effective method to capture the attention of your audience.

When utilizing Ebony as a background, you must be intentional about it. Reserve it for the essential sections, the CTA buttons, or any text you want your audience to notice.

Avoid Using it In Specific Industries

There are some industries when you must avoid using Ebony. Ebony is being used to invoke a raw type of emotion. However, there are instances when you need to avoid using it in massive doses.

For example, if you are operating a business related to weddings, birthdays, or kid’s products, it may be a good idea to avoid this color.

Consider Your Audiences

When you plan to use this on the design or marketing campaign, you need to think about your audiences.

Remember that there are cultures that will associate this with death or misfortune. It is necessary to ponder about the sentiments of your audience before choosing this color.

Additional Considerations When Using Ebony

While Ebony can be an asset in your design that will evoke a sense of class and sophistication, you still want to be conscious when using it in your plans. For instance, combining it with other colors may have a negative impact on your marketing.


You need to be careful when choosing the color that you will pair with Ebony. While Ebony can effectively highlight and enhance the colors, there are instances when it can be overwhelming. For example, pairing it with orange will give you a Halloween or spooky theme.


When using this in your design, you need to know how you’d use it. You already know the feelings you want to evoke and the influence of this color on your audience. You need to plan if you will use this as an accent or background color.


While Ebony evokes power, elegance, and sophistication, you need to make sure that you will use it sparingly. You want to make sure that the feelings that it will arouse will be according to your intentions.

You need to fully understand the ebony color meaning and symbolism to enhance the message you want to deliver to your audience.

Be sure that this color is the right choice in your industry and the product you are marketing. Guarantee that it will not negatively impact your customers. It is a powerful color, so be sure to use it appropriately.

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