According to some, feathers are a unique way that nature or the divine realm communicates with humans. For a starter, feathers can be a sign coming from your deceased loved ones, the spirit, or angels.

It is an indication that they are listening to you, supporting you, and guiding you. It can be as simple as saying hello or an acknowledgment of your existence or your thoughts.

If you want to interpret the message of it, it is essential to understand the different feather color meanings and symbolism.

A Comprehensive Guide on Feather Color Meanings and Symbolism

Native Americans have a profound understanding of the spiritual meanings of Feather. Depending on the color of the Feather, they will give it the highest amount of care and importance.

They believe that it can be a powerful talisman that can save your life in the battle, or it is a blessed gift from the spirits. When you want to interpret the meaning and symbolism of the feather color, it is essential to look within yourself.

You probably have a specific relation or association with the color. It would be best if you also considered how this color could make you feel.

White Feathers Indicate Purity

Perhaps the most common Feather that you will encounter will have the white hue. It usually denotes purity, which closely resembles the symbolism of angels.

It can be your guardian angel telling you that your loved ones who passed away are doing perfectly fine on the spirit realm. The divine being is probably feeling your anguish, and it wants to help you overcome your grief.

It is especially true if it appears like the Feather came out of nowhere and landed in front of you. Usually, this will be related to the person in your thought during that particular time. You should feel happy and not be anxious about this gift from heaven.

White can also be the symbolism of protection and faith.  The significance of the meaning that it wants to convey will differ depending on where you will find them.

You will feel reassured that your angel is right beside you, supporting you and providing solutions and answers to your prayers. It is a confirmation from them that you are taking the right path and doing your purpose in life.

Pink Feathers Relate to Unconditional Love

Pink is the shade that corresponds to the unconditional type of love. It is a kind of love that your angel will have for a person.

It reminds you that all things will be possible if you managed to be in sync with energy being released by love. It is a type of power that can heal all kinds of wounds.

Once the pink Feather presented itself to you, and you have some questions related to love, it is a sign that you will soon find the answer to your questions.

Pink Feather will give you an affirmative and concise response to your love concerns. When you’ve seen this Feather, and you are thinking of someone, this is a sign of profound adoration.

There are also instances when you will encounter this Feather when you are going through an emotional period. Pink Feather tells you that this period will soon pass, and you will come out stronger and smarter than before.

Red Feather Symbolizes Vitality and Energy

Red Feather pertains to the limitlessness of life force, courage, power, passion, strength, stability, and vitality. It can also indicate wealth and abundance.

If you are worried about your health, and you stumble upon a red feather, it is a sign that you are in great shape or that you are in the process of healing.

It is especially true if you have a circulatory or a blood health problem.  Red is a symbolism that your energy is being rejuvenated. You probably had an illness that depleted your strength, and it is currently on the process of renewal.

Red Feather tells you that you need to trust the procedure, and your basic needs will all be addressed. It will reinforce your belief that you are taking the right path in life.

It is like a confirmation for your latest conducted actions or decisions. If you are worried about the result of your project, discovering a feather with this color is assign that your project will succeed.

It is an indication that you are progressing steadily towards your dream. It is the shade of reassurance, confirmation, and triumph.

If the Feather has a deep red shade such as magenta, it will commonly be related to affection, passion, and romantic relationships.

Orange Conveys Creativity

Orange feathers are encouraging you to be creative. It tells you to listen and trust your inner senses and that having a positive mindset will help you reach success.

There may be different variations of the orange color, but all of them are nurturing shades. It carries messages that relate to expansion, growth, and emotional healing.

Orange tone can come in Coral, Tangerine, Peach, Amber, or Apricot, and their meaning may only differ slightly. All of them are telling you to go with the flow and allow things to occur naturally. You will have to enjoy the process and appreciate everything that will happen in your life.

Finding a feather with this color may bear a piece of positive news to those who are dealing with digestive and kidney disorders. It can be a sign that you are on your way to full recovery.

Additionally, it can be an indication of being cured of your depression, colds, or inflammation. It is associated with all emotional stuff, from having fun and being more spontaneous in your life to a deep passion for your creative ideas. It reminds you that life is more significant than what you think, and heaven has a grand plan for you.

Yellow Feather Reminds You to Remain Cheerful

Yellow Feather is reminding us to stay light-hearted and cheerful. It wants us to remain focused on the things that we desire the most, to be alert, and to be present at all times.

It teaches us the law of attraction, that if we keep on thinking about our goal, the things that we want will soon come to us.

Never be overwhelmed with the bad things that are happening in the world today. Be present and pay attention to some of the crucial details.

If you ask about an invention or a creative idea, the yellow Feather is an affirmation that it would be an excellent opportunity to turn your concept into reality.

The innovative approach to your business or a project will significantly contribute to your success. Do not be afraid to think out of the box and move out of your comfort zone.

Yellow is also used as a talisman to heal the toxicities in our bodies. So, if you have systemic illnesses such as diabetes, it can help you dramatically improve your condition.

Even your IBS or depression can be alleviated. It tells you to purify your mind and your body; you may do this by drinking enough water.

Green Feathers Suggest Prosperity

Green Feather is a symbol of money and abundance. It is a period of fertile opportunity and wealth. It will not only be limited to material stuff but also on the health of your love, health, and mentality.

This color also denotes balance and harmony. It encourages love and tranquility. If you come across a feather with this color, it tells you to take care of yourself.

If you have questions about your health, green feathers can show you the right way to heal. If you have concerns about money, it might be telling you to go forward with your plans.

Green Feather is an indication that it is the right time to implement an action to make your life a lot easier. It also has a calming and rejuvenating effect on your mind and body.

Blue Feathers Bring Peace and Tranquility

Finding a blue feather suggests that you need calming energy. Perhaps you are connected to your awareness and communication, and it is reminding you to listen carefully first and remain honest before making any judgment.

It can be telling you to ask your angels for the power of healing. You will have to go on a therapeutic journey that will strengthen your association and connection to the divine realm and boost your protection.

It is also indicating that you are close to discovering the truth. You are on the right path towards self-awareness, empowerment, and truth.

You are in the period that you have to make some critical decisions that can affect your entire life. Blue feathers will help release all the lingering doubts that you have and inspire you to take action. You will need to be more confident about these choices that you will make.


Feather Color Meaning and Symbolism is like a confirmation that you will receive the assistance and support of the divine realms. Regardless of its different meanings, it is telling you that you will never be alone in this journey.

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