The positive chi allegedly provides significant benefits to the owners, such as improving health conditions, wealth, status, personal relationships, careers, etc.

With the beneficial effect of this principle, it is not surprising that most homeowners and business practitioners are employing this concept. In this article, we will highlight some of the best Feng Shui colors for office.

A Comprehensive Guide on the Best Feng Shui Colors for Office

Following our guide, you will be able to create a harmonious and productive working space that will increase the engagement and satisfaction rate of your employees and customers.

Perhaps an ideal way to look for the best color to designate on a particular space or industry is by looking at the different elements.

Add Green and Brown in the Southeastern/ Eastern Portion of Your Office

Wood elements will usually include the color of tan/light brown and green. It would be great to introduce them to the eastern section, which pertains to health.

You may also add them in the southeastern direction, which affects the wealth. When adding this in the southern portion, you need to be strict on implementing this.

You can also add blue (water element) since it can nurture the green color. Here are some pointers that you need to remember when adding wood elements to your office.

Wood elements invite the chi of expansion and growth. The colors associated with this element will be an excellent addition to the company office.

Green will give your space a calming and relaxing effect. It will be a great relief if the day in the office is too hectic or stressful. You can also choose to include this color in a fast-paced working environment.

All companies in the industry of opportunities and growth will capture the energy using tan or light brown as a prevalent color in their office space.

If your company is suffering from a slow increase or a decrease in revenue, adding green shades in the east will restore your business’s health.

Therefore, it would be an excellent idea to have some splash of green pigments if you are running an investment or financial firm. Combining it with a gold color will even improve the wealth in the office.

For those who have a nature-related business or selling an organic or natural product, brown and green would be an ideal combination for your office color.

Even those in the field of crafting furniture and handicrafts will find it beneficial to have these colors represent their company.

Have Some Red Shade in the Southern Section of Your Office

The fire element will usually involve the colors located from the lightest to the darkest spectrum of red.

The southern sector of your office will be influenced by the fire element that affects your business popularity and recognition.

When adding red pigments, you need to decide the intensity of the color that you will use. Avoid overdoing it since it will appear too overwhelming and may cause a negative psychological effect.

Red will be beneficial for businesses that want to attract fame. For instance, if you are running an entertainment or a management business, this will be a great color choice. It is a stimulating color that will boost the morale and productivity of the workers.

If you are managing a home-based business, the colors associated with the fire element will help you boost its recognition. It will also be a great addition to freelancers and remote workers targeting promotion in their ranking or status.

This color is also an excellent choice for those who have a marketing business. A talent agency or PR firm will increase its fame and reputation by tapping on the fire element’s chi.

Have Some Yellow in the Northeastern and Southeastern Area of Your Office

Yellow or Ochre is the color related to the earth element. It can affect the education/knowledge, love, and relationship. You can also use this color to enhance other factors such as wood (mainly brown).

The earth element will serve as the foundation of your structure. If the location of your office is in the center of the building, you should take advantage of the yellow color. You can decorate your walls with ochre shade and combine it with orange and red.

The earth element influences Ochre/Yellow. It can boost the knowledge and the status of your company if you place them in the Southeast or the Northeast direction of the office space.

If your office is intended for learning, for instance, a company that provides seminars or training, these colors will enhance the motivation of the participants and streamline the learning process.

You may also use this on sales-related businesses. It will help you increase the happiness or satisfaction of the customers.

You will improve your relationship with your clients, partners, and target customers. Therefore, it will bolster the company’s success rate, revenue, and status.

If your business focuses on relationship and love (marriage counseling, family-friendly recreational opportunities), you should take this opportunity to add yellow and Ochre in the southwest of your office.

University and college office should also have these colors either as a decoration or a background in their office space.

Metallic Colors Should be in the Northwest and West

Copper, silver, and gold represent the metal elements. Combining these colors can enhance the luck energy inside the workspace.

If your office is positioned in the West/Northwest of the building, having some metallic colors will improve the mentor and the descendant’s luck.

Therefore, if your business focuses more on mentoring or apprenticeship, add some decoration in your space with metallic shades.

If you are offering teaching products or you provide tutoring services, you can use one of the metallic pigments as a prominent color of your office or business space.

You can also find it beneficial if you are running a family-owned business. Eventually, you will likely pass it down to your descendants, and they will enjoy the luck and fortune brought by the metal colors.

If your business focuses more on kids such as food, clothing, and toys, you must also consider adding a decoration that invites the metal chi.

Black and Blue in the North Invites Positive Career Energy

The water element is ruling the black and blue shade. Adding these colors in the northern portion of your office will boost your luck in your career.

Additionally, you may also combine it with earth and metal elements that will improve its effectiveness. Combining white and blue can smoothen the productive cycle inside the office.

Bringing black and blue inside your office space will help you enhance the energy that influences your career luck. It will not only invite positive energy, but the combination of these colors can improve the aesthetics of your facility.

Those who are running a staffing agency will realize the beneficial effect of black and blue. Even businesses that are associated with the water industry can also take advantage of its positive chi.

You can either use it as an accent color or decoration. Liquid cosmetics, oil, and other related fluid industries need to capitalize on the water elements’ feng shui energy.

How Should I Choose the Right Color for My Office?

When choosing the best color for your office, there are specific points that you must always remember. It will ensure you that it will not only invite the positive chi but will create a refreshing ambiance that will enhance the productivity and satisfaction of your workers.

Do not Heavily Rely on White Color

Some office space will cover their walls with white paint since it looks conventional and clean. However, it also creates dull and negative energy. You need to add some warm tone to keep the chi balanced.

Water and Earth Colors Harmonize the Energy in the Workspace

The water encourages interaction among your employees and enhances the cash flow. Earth tones, on the other hand, fortifies the stability of your business.

Wood and Fire Element Neutralizes the Aggressive Energy of Metallic Colors

If you want to add vitality and boost your office’s energy, earth colors would be your best option. For accentuating the lighting, art, and beauty of the space, red would be an excellent choice. The warm energy that it carries neutralizes the chilly effect of metallic colors.

Keep it Balanced

Metal elements generally dominate office spaces. You already have the file cabinets, white walls, equipment, computers, and others.

It would be best to make sure that there will be an equal amount of yin and yang energy flowing inside the space by introducing other colors.


Whether you are working in a corporate office or running a family-based business, Feng Shui colors for office will help you enhance the work environment, wealth, and career.

Follow the principles of this practice to tap on the positive energy that each element and color release. It will ensure that your people will have a harmonious relationship and remain productive, motivated, and efficient.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article !