This color will have a positive effect on our eyes. The healing power of this color is believed to enhance our vision. This is because green tend to take greater space on spectrum that is visible to us.

Traditionally, green is also related to finance, ambition and money. In this article, we will interpret the various meaning associated with green.

An Overview of the Green Color Meaning, Personality and Psychology

People that have green personality is believed to be very loyal. They are an incredible partner and friend since they can be quite caring.

For those who have problem, they will find it relaxing to seek the help of a ‘green’ person since they are known to be good listeners.

They are caring towards all type of beings; unfortunately, they can forget about their own wellbeing for the sake of others.

Ability to View Things at Different Perspective

People with green personality are known for making good decisions since they can look at the bigger picture. Nonetheless, they do not prefer to deal with the details.

This makes them an efficient entrepreneur and business manager. They are also innovator since they love understanding and learning fresh concepts.

Emotional and Expressive

They do not prefer to hide their emotions. They are not pretenders and are known to be very sincere.

Tactful and Well Mannered

People love to be with them since they are pleasant. With their excellent socialization skill, they have a large circle of friends.

Friendly and Unassuming

They see the good in every people.

Passion for Foods

Since they love food, managing their weight can be extremely difficult.

People with green personality will have positive and negative influences and traits. We will discuss some of them in this article about green color meaning, personality and psychology.

Green Can Suggest Positive Things


Green has always been related to feeling secure and safe. Even on our surrounding, the green light means that it will be safe for you to cross the street.


The paramedics and the surgeon will usually be seen wearing green uniform. Perhaps, this is because it is associated with health and healing. You may also notice how health companies and services will feature green shade in their logo.


The green also signifies the thirst for learning and knowledge. Green is known as the color linked with wisdom.


Just like blue, green is also connected with peace and tranquility.

Green Can Also Encourage Negative Aspects


Green has been the color of money. Wealth is not necessarily a bad thing. Unfortunately, people with green personality has a deep desire towards obtaining wealth that may lead to obsession.


It is not uncommon to hear the term ‘green-eyed monster’ which pertains to the act of jealousy.

Green Color: It Can Make You Feel Variety of Emotions

In the perspective of psychology, green pertains to harmony and balance. This signifies a higher balance of one’s emotion and heart.  This will help you achieve a balance between the reasoning of your mind and the emotion of your heart.

Green is also linked with growth, rebirth, and renewal. It can help you restore your depleted energy. If you are feeling too much stress due to modern living, the color of green will serve as your sanctuary. This dominant color of nature will restore our sense of well-being.

Green is also considered the color that arouse our positive feelings. This permits us to show love to others unconditionally. Green people are observer and would love to contribute to the society. They are good Samaritan, caring neighbor, and excellent parents.

The Shade of Green Can Evoke and Affect Emotions

It is believed that green has certain effect towards our emotion. Below are some of the feelings and effect that can be stirred by this color.


This is a negative reaction toward the green color. It is common to associate this color to the feeling of envy.


The color will encourage us to yearn and possess things. This may help develop materialism.

Diplomatic and Dependable

This also prompt us to look at the situation in various perspective before coming up with a conclusion or decision.


Since the green relates to emotion and heart, it will inspire us to show care towards others.


This will help put our emotional and physical state in a relaxed state.

Meaning of Green Can Change Depending on the Intensity

Depending on the intensity of the green color, interpretation and meaning can change. Here is a quick rundown of different types of green as well as their personality.

Grass Green

This is associated with money and wealth. It is also the dominant color of the nature. People with this type of personality are self-confident, healthy, and secured.

Olive Green

Offering the olive branch is known as an act of peace during the early civilization. Nonetheless, olive green has always been related with treachery and deceit.


They a habit of blaming others for their problems. It also comes with positive traits such as character and strength that encourage them to overcome any type of adversities.

Yellow Green

This will suggest fear, cowardice, and conflict.


This is a greenish-blue shade. It can calm our spirit and to provide protection and healing

Dark Green

This is normally related with people who have desire or ambition to achieve more wealth. There is a great deal of resentment towards this green shade since it symbolizes selfishness and greed.

Jade Green

This highlights the trait of being generous. People with this personality will help without expecting anything in return.

It is the color of diplomacy and trust. It promotes understanding and wisdom. It will also assist you when you are pursuing enlightenment.

Lime Green

This shade of green pertains to youthfulness. Most people will like this color due to its playfulness and naivety. It also helps in eliminating any negative feeling.

Pale Green

this is the color of a new sprout which means that it is related with being inexperienced and immature. If you are looking for a new start, this color will assist you in looking at the bigger picture.

Emerald Green

An uplifting and inspiring color that affects wealth and abundance.

Green Can Enhance the Competitiveness of Your Business

Green has been correlated with several mental and visual aspects. The term has been coined on different expressions and phrases such as ‘going green’ and ‘the grass is greener’.

Since green is considered as a secondary color, it is a combination of two primary color namely yellow and blue. With its excellent balance that represents both warm and cool color, green is known to be stable and peaceful.

When you plan to use this color in business, you may need to comprehend the mood, qualities, and traits of the color. It is the color related with vitality, growth, and life. It is known to be beneficial if the niche of your business is about healing and health. It is also an excellent choice if you plan to promote an organic product.

Color psychology can be used in your business that will grant you advantage over your competitors. According to the experts, green can stimulate the creativity of your workforce. Not only it will encourage your employees to be more productive, but it will also inspire them to learn new things and to be in constant pursuit of knowledge.

Different businesses chose green to highlight something about their company. For instance, Spotify wants to show the vibrancy of the music industry.

It signifies that fresh music will be released daily. Starbucks is another business with a green logo since they want to promote a relaxing setting. H&R Block on the other hand, strives to show their trustworthiness.

The Color of Excitement

While it may be true that green is a color related with relaxation, some people can also experience excitement towards this color.

It gives them the feeling of rush and the urgency to buy the product. The feeling of excitement is associated with vibrant shade of green.

The Color of Being Natural

As we mentioned above, green is an excellent color to introduce in your logo if you are promoting something organic or natural.

It delivers a peaceful and calming feeling. This will remind people about their natural surrounding and will make them feel closer to our nature.

The Color of Being Optimistic

If you want your employees to remain energetic and optimistic towards their work, it would be wise to incorporate the shade of green in your office space.

The engagement of the workers highly affects the productivity of the business. It is also related with fresh start. This can motivate your workers if they are planning to achieve a new goal in their life.

Since this color is often connected with nature, people will often describe green as relaxing, rejuvenating, fresh, and organic.

Nonetheless, we would like to reiterate that the reaction of individuals towards color can be formed depending on the personal experience and cultural significance of the color.

In case you will encounter the green shade in a room or an image, think about the emotion that it is trying to evoke. This will help you further understand the green color meaning, personality, and psychology.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article !