Research have proven that colors are playing key role in influencing our personality and our well-being. The colors that surrounds us can have a direct influence on our way of thinking. Understanding the hidden meanings of colors and art will help us achieve a higher form of artistry.

Using the Hidden Meanings of Colors and Art

With regards to the designs and arts, color can help us attain individuality. Advertisers, graphic designers, and interior decorators have been utilizing the power of color to enhance the efficiency and the result of their work.

Colors have the power to evoke emotions and convey a message that is relatable to the audience. If you are an artist, it is essential to learn about the profound attributes and meanings of colors.

How to Understand the Hidden Meaning of Colors?

Commonly, the dark colors will be conveying dangerous or dark energy. On the contrary, the lighter colors will be emanating a sense of light and happy mood.

For instance, black is being used for ages to symbolizes an omen such as death. On the contrary it can also depict power and strength. Pink is the embodiment of femininity.

However, it may also refer to romance and gullibility. Blue indicates peace and coolness, but it also denotes to sadness and depression. Here’s a more comprehensive look on how people tend to react on these colors.

Meaning of Cool Colors

  • Green is the symbol of nature and is known for being natural. Therefore, companies will often use it for their outdoor products.
  • Dark green can help improve the ambiance on your study room and office environment. Green walls that are traditionally found in theater can calm the nerves of the actors.
  • Green and Blue are excellent to use on health care and medicinal products.
  • Dark blue is known for their dominating effect and sense of respect. Therefore, you will often see them worn by high officials and police officers.
  • Blue also symbolizes reliability. It is the staple in the uniform of corporate workers.
  • Blue can reduce appetite and slow down your heartrate.
  • Colors that belong in the spectrum of blue are known for their relaxing effect.

Meaning of Warm Colors

  • Red has the power to attract. It can excite people and increase their heartbeat. This is perhaps the reason why it is prevalent on the logo of Coke and Red Bull.
  • Warm colors can stimulate the appetite of the person and will make them hungry. Therefore, it is ideal to use on restaurant business. For example, the businesses in the fast food industry such as McDonalds, Burger King and Wendy’s.
  • Yellow can trigger happiness, but it can also emanate a powerful emotion such as violence.

Understanding how the colors affect people can help us in deciphering the hidden meaning of the colors. This will help you know how to effectively use them in your art.

How to Use It in Your Art

There are various ways on how you can use these colors in your art. you can utilize them to magnify the emotion that you want your audience to experience. Here are more ways to use colors in your art.

Using Colors to Suggest Emotion

If you are creating a conceptual art, you need to know the proper way to place the colors. You can utilize the colors to define the texture, softness, or hardness of the art.

This can increase the visual impact of your art. It can also help you develop a lasting impression. For those who are developing an abstract art, colors can help you define the atmosphere and invoke a range of sensations.

Colors Can Help You Create Setting

Choosing a color that you will use as the backdrop of your creation can make or break your art. For instance, if you want a color that will add brilliance to the other colors, the neutral shade would be the best choice.

However, it does not necessarily mean that the brighter colors are of lesser importance. For instance, if you are depicting happiness in your art, yellow can help you convey joy.

However, yellow can also deliver a sense of cowardice. If you are using a dark yellow, combining it with red can create a setting of adventure. Black mixed with bright yellow gives a hint of power and confidence.

Attracting Customers

Apart from stimulating the emotion of your audience, hidden meanings of colors can also be used to improve your business. For instance, we mentioned above how warm colors can affect the appetite of a person.

Therefore, it is advisable to use this on food chains and restaurants. Greens can create a feeling of cleanliness and freshness.

Greens and blues are known for their comfort and dependability, this makes them the excellent choice when you are marketing household items.

Create a Point 

For those artists who want to spread their idea to the different corners of the globe, the right combination of colors can help them fulfil their goals. They may utilize colors to create an impact that differs from the mood that they want to imply.

For instance, in case you want to convey the importance of water conversation, orange, blue, brown, and yellow can help you develop a setting that depicts a beautiful summer. At a different perspective, it will help people understand how important it is to save water.

An Overview on the Hidden Meanings of Colors

Here’s a quick overview on the different meanings that each color can convey. This will make it easier for the artist to introduce the right color to their creation.


Red is impulsive and ambitious. It is the symbol of physical power and vitality. It has the power to excite and increase people’s passion. With regards to art, red is a good color for the skin, and it can also be a powerful backdrop.

The deeper shades of red can help you create an ambiance of power and retrained opulence. In addition, red can also be a sign of danger.


It is a lively, cheerful, and a flamboyant color. Orange is known for its spontaneous, dynamic, and assertive behavior. This also refers to fearlessness and youthfulness.

Orange have the power to trigger the production of different brain chemicals. It increases the oxygen and stimulate mental activities.

For those who ware opting for a dark orange, this can help them depict distrust and deceit. Red orange is a good color for creating a setting of action, domination, and aggression.


This is the representation of light and sunshine. It delivers a feeling of happiness and joy and it encourages people to seek a higher form of knowledge. It inspires people to remain positive. It is atmospheric, radiant, and airy.

Yellow can give you an assurance that everything will be alright. During the early form of art, yellow is used on Luminism.

This is done by the early landscape painters who want to depict light in a more realistic manner. Nonetheless, yellow can be a complex color. Although it denotes intellect, it can also emanate cowardice.


Green refers to security, balance, and harmony. Just like blue, green can also calm our nerves. Apart from that, it also symbolizes peace and hope. It is civilized, refined, and soothing.

Furthermore, it is believed to carry healing powers. Nonetheless, it also carries some negative connotation such as the lack of experience, and greed. Paler shades of green have a more calming effect. Dark greens are associated with money and wealth. Yellow green is a sign of jealousy and discord within the family.


This is the color of the sky and the sea. It is known for its openness and expansive qualities. It is compassionate, soothing, and caring. Blue is also the color that represents a steady character.

You might notice that most male superheroes are wearing this shade since it depicts masculinity. Additionally, this is also the color that you will often encounter in the corporate world. However, the quiet and unassuming color of blue can also be a symbol of resignation and melancholy.


This is created by mixing the equal portion of blue and red. It is a regal and a dignified shade. The purple on the lighter spectrum conveys a feeling of serenity. For the art enthusiasts, you need to be cautious in using this color since too much of it puts strain on our eyes. This can then lead to frustration.


Hidden meanings of colors and art can allow the artists to spread his idea and convey the message to his audience. For the advertisers, it allows them to choose the color that will resonate to their targeted customers.

Interior decorator and web developer can choose the right shade that will please their clients. Understanding the profound meanings of colors can greatly improve the result and help you reach your goal.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article !