The colors of the workout room and your clothes should depend upon the result that you want. The theory requires additional supporting studies, but you can still choose to apply it in your exercise.

Learning how colors can influence your workout will help you achieve the outcome that you want.

Ultimate Guide on How Colors Can Influence Your Workout

Color psychology is no longer a new concept. It is being utilized in the industry of design and marketing.

Recently, fitness enthusiasts have discovered how colors can help them improve the level of energy and motivation. It can also boost their concentration and productivity.

Green is a Mood Booster

Green is a color associated with nature and organic things. When you are strolling in the environment, you will notice that your mood will significantly improve.

Spending a lot of time outside and being surrounded by nature can uplift your spirit. Therefore, wearing green clothes or painting the gym room with green colors can improve the efficiency of your workout routine.

Green can also represent growth like seedlings. It encourages people to be the better version of themselves. It is a good option for the walls of martial arts club such as taekwondo, karate, and others.

Additionally, green also has a healing effect that can rejuvenate your energy and ease your tired muscles. You will have the necessary strength to complete your reps.

Purple Calms Your Mind

Purple belongs in the cool section of the color spectrum; it relaxes your mind and calms your spirit. This feature makes it an ideal choice for a yoga room.

It also encourages you to focus on your breathing and have a centred mind that will give you the best result while you are on the class.

For those who choose to exercise at night, purple will also be an excellent choice since the effect of this color will help you achieve a night of better sleep.

Red Encourages Intense Exercise

Based on the article at Men’s Health, red is an ideal color on rooms intended for conducting strength exercises; this includes all forms of powerlifting.

Red also has the power to increase the person’s heart rate and blood pressure making it an excellent choice when performing cardiovascular exercises.

However, it may increase your frustration and stress. Nonetheless, red will be a decent color for your high-intensity workout routine.

If you are someone who will do intense exercises, the first thing in the morning, be sure to wear something red. It will activate your adrenaline and will make sure that you will be sweating profusely.

Blue Keeps Your Nerves in Check

Blue can be a suitable color for weight lifting. Blue can make things appear lighter than their original weight. Therefore, you may incorporate blue lighting in this room.

Color psychology experts also believe that just like green, blue also has a calming effect. It keeps your nerves relaxed, which may be a good effect if you are competing for a 5k marathon.

Wearing something blue will keep you focused and calm. It will help you gain recognition on the race and improve the outcome of your exercise.

Yellow Motivates You

If you are finding it hard to complete your daily workout routine due to the lack of interest or motivation, yellow can help you.

This color can boost a person’s mood and can get them excited over something. Yellow also has the power to improve your concentration and enhance your metabolism.

To some, this may sound ludicrous, but there exist anecdotal pieces of evidence related to this theory. Nonetheless, more studies are necessary to prove the impact of yellow on your workout. Yellow is the color of the sunshine, which makes it the right choice when the days are gloomy.

Orange Excites You

Orange, just like yellow, is an exciting color. It makes you look forward to the activities that you will do for the day.

If you are trying something new for the very first time, for instance, a new workout program, orange can be an excellent choice.

Some people may hate this color, but you should still consider how it makes you feel. Orange has the same effect of red and yellow, but it is more subtle. So if you want the intensity of red and the motivation that yellow can give you, orange is the best option for you.

The Different Effects of Colors on Your Workout

It has been proven that some people can draw their energy from external stimuli. It is not uncommon to see people in the gym listening to loud and lively music when lifting heavyweights.

Colors can also be a powerful visual stimulus. Choosing the most suitable color will rely upon the exercises that you are performing.  Consider some of these effects when looking for the color of clothes to wear.

Reducing Your Anxiety

People who are participating in all sorts of competitive sports will often experience varying levels of anxiety. Even the low-level of stress can have a significant impact on your performance.

Therefore, you need to look for colors that promote relaxation. As mentioned above, green and blue would be a suitable color since they have a calming effect. Also, consider using a neutral color like grey, taupe, and beige, since they have an impartial influence.

Colors That Will Make You Feel Warm

For those who want to keep sweating and warm even during cold weather, yellow, orange, or red would be an ideal choice. Also, it makes you feel optimistic.

Some people may think that this concept is shallow, but once you consider that your objective when exercising is to sweat, wearing these colors will be rational.

Looking Presentable

While it will be hard to look at your best when you are sweating non-stop in the gym, some people are still conscious of how they look. Don’t fret since some colors can help you look good while doing your intense workout routine.

Colors to Avoid When Working Out

Now that you know that colors can positively affect the outcome of your workout routine understand that there are also colors that will have a negative impact.

Depending on the nature of your exercises and the results that you are targeting, it would be best to avoid these colors.


While purple may be an excellent option to exercises with low dynamic, such as tai-chi or yoga, you might want to avoid it when performing high-dynamic activities such as weight lifting.

You want a color that will motivate and increase your energy and not a color that will keep you calm. If you want to avoid colors that give you a sense of restfulness, stay away from anything with shades of purple.


Since you want to feel motivated, it would be best to stay away from dark colors like black. Black may be a symbol of power, but it will make the entire room look dingy that will affect your motivation.

Additionally, you want the light inside the gym to be well-distributed. Therefore, you want a color that reflects light and not absorbs them.

Black can also be depressing, which is not the emotion that you want to convey when you are doing your workout routine.

The Best Color for Workout Room According to Feng Shui

In feng shui, the location will determine the right color. It will help you avoid distractions, which is good since you want to increase your concentration and motivation. It will also encourage excellent airflow and allow the natural light to come in.

Red for the Southern Section of the Gym

Red has always been associated with the energy of boldness, aggression, and passion that makes it the right choice for your gym room.

You should incorporate this in the direction of the fire element, which is the south or the southwest portion of the room.

Gray and White on the Northwest or West Part of the Gym

In the west, white has always been the preferred color. You will need to introduce this in the direction of the metal element.

During the summer season, working out in this area will be good since you will not feel the intensity of the heat during the summer in this zone.

Blue at the Northeast and North

The northern part of the room is usually the coolest since it will receive the lowest amount of sunshine. Water is the element that rules this direction, but you may also incorporate a metallic element that will activate water.

Purple and Green for East and Southeast

This section is for the wood element. The energy that you can find here indicates new life and growth. By adding some items of wood in this area, you can take advantage of the power here.


For those who want to maximize the result of their workout routine, do not be afraid to mix and match the different colors we listed above. Also do not overdo things since it can cause a lot of stress.

Learning how colors can influence your workout will help you choose the most suitable color based on your program, and the result that you need to achieve.

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