All these alterations in your thoughts and life will help you on your journey to become wealthier, happier, and healthier.

Step by Step Guide on How to Change Your Aura Color to Change Your Life

Before you even start on the path to change your aura, you will have to believe in this concept first. Your aura refers to your energy.

If you have a low energy, your creativity will also be reduced and will tend to attract negative energy. On the contrary, when you have a positive aura, you feel livelier and happier.

By transforming your aura, you will be changing your thoughts, energy, and the quality of your life.

Step 1: Your Body Should be Ready

The first step is to ensure that your body is prepared to receive the right energy that can alter the color of your aura.

Make it a habit to practice a cleansing bath ritual at least once per week. You can use a sea salt, a Himalayan salt or baking soda to cleanse your body. You must also clean your aura.

A good material to remove the negativities in your aura would be the incense of white sage. Let the smoke of the incense waft all over your body.

  • Crystals can also aid you in clearing your aura. Simply hold the crystal when you are meditating.
  • Furthermore, there are various ways on how you can purify your chakra center. You may use yoga, mantra, reiki, or the tapping technique.
  • If you can, consult a reiki master that can help you in opening and cleansing chakra point.

Once this is done, you should also start changing your diet and lifestyle. You will have to keep your health at its optimum state.

This should include a comprehensive exercise and diet program, and enough time to rest and relax. We understand how difficult it is to remove your old habits.

To make this possible, you should start on small things. For instance, you can take a walk at least 10 minutes per day or reduce your daily sugar intake. Eventually, you will be able to improve the other areas of your life.

Step 2: Fortify Your Connection to Your Spiritual Energy

Energy governs all forces of life in this world. The eastern countries refer to this energy as chi while on some religion they refer to this as a God.

Regardless of what you believe, you will experience all the benefits once you connect with your spiritual energy.

  • Meditate regularly. You can start by meditating for a few minutes and slowly extend the time as become more accustomed to this practice.
  • When meditating, it would be recommended to start this at the same time every day.
  • After your meditation practice has been established, you should incorporate yoga in your daily habit.
  • Participate on activities that aims to strengthen your connection to the spiritual realm.
  • Contingent upon your beliefs, read materials and books that reinforces your faith.
  • Choose a set of positive and powerful mantras that you will recite several times each day.
  • Visualization technique can also help you in visualizing your ideal color of aura.
  • Always think positive; this manner of thinking can be trained. Whenever negative things cross your mind, you will have to see the beauty in it and focus more on the positive things that comes with it.

Step 3: Learning How to Program the Color of Your Aura

Once you successfully integrated the lifestyle changes, it is now time to program the color of your aura by meditating.

Choose the color that you want to replace your current aura. Try to wear this color on your aura as frequent as it can be possible.

Paint your meditation room with this color. In case the color of this aura represents a specific chakra point, focus on this energy and the things that it can control.

  • Colors of Aura that are Challenging to Change- Black colored aura may be challenging to alter. The negativity incorporated with this type of aura is a result of a long years of suffering and trauma. It is deeply rooted in your personality. Reversing this type of aura can be a struggle but it is still possible. There are some things that you may need to keep in check such as:
  • Be sure that your dark aura is not caused by an underlying medical condition.
  • Psychic attack has the power to turn your aura into a dark pigment. Learn some techniques that can help you protect yourself from this type of attacks.
  • If health condition and psychic attack is not the cause of your dark aura, it is time to analyze your emotion. You must overcome the emotional trauma if you want to change your dark aura.

Step 4: Imagining and Believing

If you want to attract things, you will have to visualize this first. Whether you are dreaming of a happy relationship, a successful career, fancy car, or a big house, you will have to imagine and believe that it will happen to you.

Be sure to pay attention even on the smallest details. This is essential in clearing the negativity in your mind and will be essential in attracting opportunities that will help you in changing the color of your aura.

  • Stay Away from Environment that can Drain Your Emotion – It is necessary to avoid places that are too busy. You should also keep away from hospitals and other places that have sick people. It is important to keep yourself protected. Instead, imagine positive things that will encourage the transformation of your aura.
  • Talking to Your Angels – If necessary, you can also seek divine intervention or seek guide from your angel to change the color of your aura. In case you are not sure if you are taking the right path, do not hesitate to seek help from your angel. They will leave small clues and signs that you can follow. You will be able to see the clues on the things that you least expect. You just have to pay attention to the signs that they will leave behind.

How to Know the Color of Your Aura

Before you even attempt to change the color of your aura, you will need to know first the type of your aura. There are some techniques that you can use to look at your aura.

Peripheral vision strategy can help you train to see the people’s aura. You should know which type of technique works best for your situation

Aura is often misspelled as ‘Ora’. It refers to the electromagnetic energy that is radiating all over your body.

This has the property similar to the heat that emanates from the hot metallic surface. The outline of your aura can be seen in your body. This is also referred as halo.

Aura Color Test

This type of test can help you identify the color of your aura. There are instances, when your aura will be comprised of multiple colors.

Multi-colored type of aura is more common compared to the uniformed aura colors. You will be able to understand more about this test by learning about the meaning of different aura colors.

  • Your chakra will be emitting a certain color. These is called the auric bodies that can emanate the layers of auric energy in your body. These can combine to form the color of rainbow or it may radiate one solid color.
  • Most people will have the whitish aura in their body. However, this can also change and be a mixture of two or several colors.

The Colors of Aura Can Change

If you don’t know how to determine the color of your aura, you can ask other people to read your aura for you. All living things will radiate different types of energies that produce a range of auric field.

This also means that the aura that you release can be changed. Since all things related with life is about constant change, it should not be surprising that the color of your aura can change.

Your aura can be affected by your thoughts, feelings, and the physical stress that you experience.

  • For instance, when a person wakes up, the prominent aura that they radiate can be blue that signifies peace and that they have well-rested. However, at the end of the day, their aura can change into red that indicates the feeling of stress and worries.
  • For those who have ill intentions, their color can change into dark.


Changing the color of your aura is entirely possible by introducing simple changes in your lifestyle, feelings, and your way of thinking.

Learning how to change your aura color to change your life is necessary to enjoy your life at its fullest. For those who will follow the steps above, you will realize how to maintain a positive color for a longer period.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article !