The energetic field that is being released by our body is known as aura. If you want to know how to see your aura, you need to have a profound understanding on how energies are moving throughout the person’s body.

Essential Guide on How to See Your Aura

It is highly likely that you have already experienced and felt the aura from other people. If you are being affected by the presence of others emotionally, then you have been influenced by their aura.

It is possible that your own energy field as well as your chakra has picked the energy field of the others. In this article, we will discuss some of the ways that you can perceive aura.

Feeling the Aura

Some people are considered as kinesthetic. They have heightened senses that allows them to feel the aura of other people.

With regards to psychic ability, it is technically referred as clairsentience. This is known as the capacity to perceive and feel things that are beyond the physical realm.

If you want to feel the subtle energies of humans, your hands would be the most effective tool. You may require some quite place and an undisturbed time to complete this aura exercise.


Start by looking at a solemn place and sit on your most comfortable position. Preferably, your feet should be touching the ground and your back will have to be supported by the chair.

Your eyes should be closed and focus on your breathing.  Feel how the air enters your system and move all through the body. You should be able to sense when the air left your body. You should do this for a few moments.


While keeping your eyes closed, rub your palms together in a rapid motion. This should last for about 30 seconds.


Extend your hand in front while your elbows are in a relatively bent position. The palm should face each other in a distant of around 1ft.


Slowly move the palm closer to each other. Be certain that the two palms will not come into contact. Once this is done, move them away from each other once more.

You should separate them slowly while paying attention on what you are feeling in the space between your palm.


Repeat the process multiple times. Remember to keep your eyes shut. If there are times that you will be distracted, simply concentrate on your breathing to keep you focused. This will help you keep your attention stable.


Eventually you will notice that there are thoughts, images, and sensations that will cross your mind. You will also notice some changes in the void space between your two hands.

Now that you can feel the energy, you need to feel how these sensations are changing as your palm are being pulled away from each other.

Understand that the vibrations that you are feelings are part of reality. This is your subtle perception towards the energy that your body is releasing. By practicing often, you will be able to feel the aura even if you keep your eyes open.

Seeing the Auras

Just like how you feel auras, seeing auras can also be accomplished through regular practice. To start, you should learn how to see the energy that you radiate.

You may only see the superficial layer of your aura. As you practice diligently, you will develop the capacity to see the higher layer of other people’s aura. Here’s how you do it.


For this particular aura exercise, you will need to find a quiet room that is surrounded by a white wall.

You should also perform the procedure at dusk when there is a low level of light and your eyes will have to be adjusted to view things better.


Start by sitting in the middle of the white room. Your back should be supported by the chair and feet needs to be levelled on the ground. Take some time to relax by focusing on your breathing.


Extend one of your hands and let your palm face the wall. Keep the fingers together. Look at your hand in a subtle manner.

Maintain this gaze for at least 30 seconds. After this, you should be able to see some soft energy vibration that is covering your hand.


Once you see this, slowly move those fingers apart. Maintain the soft look on your hand as you do this. Now tell, us what do you notice?

By being dedicated to this practice, you will start to notice the aura that outlines your fingers and hand.

This may look like a heatwave at the beginning. The field will be colorless. Eventually, you will see that the aura can appear in a range of colors.

You should be patient in doing this since this will not be completed overnight. With consistent practice, you will be able to perform this during daylight or in different conditions.

As you become more proficient, you will discover that you will not necessarily have to be surrounded with white walls to do this.

Seeing the Aura of Other People

When doing this exercise, you will need the help of a partner. Just like the previous exercise, you also must be surrounded with white walls. Here’s how to properly see the aura of your partner.


Ask your partner to stand next to the wall. Instruct them to avoid touching it. They should simply stand close to the white wall.


Move away from your partner. Make sure that you will have a good perspective of the entire body. You should also have a better view of the white wall on their background.


Stand and feel your feet that is touching the ground. Keep your eyes closed for a few moments and start to focus on your breathing.


Once you feel relaxed, open your eyes and softly gaze at your partner’s whole body. You should be passive when noticing the changes around the body.

You should not force yourself and maintain your calm demeanor. Allow everything to transpire normally.


After a while, you should be able to see an aura around the head of your partner. This is the area where the aura is easiest to perceive.

During the start, this will look colorless. As you become more adept in this practice, various color will start to appear. By that time, you will no longer need a white backdrop to see their aura.

Reading the Aura

Reading other people’s aura may have to be the toughest part. Understanding and accurately interpreting the aura will require a higher level of awareness.

The basic way to read the aura of other people is to understand the meaning of different aura colors. However, humans are complex creatures.

The things that we will see is usually manipulated by the societal and cultural influence, defense mechanism, experience, knowledge, and personal perception.

It can also be inspired by our view towards spirituality, reality, and how we perceive our world.

When you are reading the aura of others, you should always take these things into consideration. You will need to be separated from yourself when you are reading their auras.

You must be in a consciousness that is not attached to your personal identification. When in this state, there will be no ‘you’ or ‘‘me’’. You will only be interpreting their aura according to what is presented during that moment.

Color of the Aura Matters

When you are just exploring this practice, all auras might appear colorless. Being aware on the presence of other colors will help you develop your ability to read and perceive more colors.

When you plan to expand your view, it is important to be in the room that comes with a neutral color. Remember that this requires a lot of patience. To speed up the process, try asking the colors to reveal themselves.

You should also pay attention to the placement of these aura colors. Their location will pertain to some interesting information.

For example, if the red aura is being radiated close to the chest of the person, this may indicate that the person is very frustrated. If the red is found near the crown, this may relate to a heightened level of spiritual awareness.

Be sure that you will practice with extreme caution when you want to interpret the meaning of the aura.

Remember that the way you perceive the aura and energy wavelength will be different from others.  Two peoples can look at the same people and energy and the interpretation will vary.

After following the procedures above and with regular practice, you will be able to learn how to see your aura and interpret it appropriately without forcing yourself or trying too hard.

Once you were able to see these auras without focusing consciously, be sure that you will treat the aura of the person with the highest level of respect.

Their aura will divulge their personality and secrets that they’ve been hiding. Never disclose their aura especially if they were not asking you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article !