Indigo is a combination of violet and blue. It has been associated with magic rituals and New Age. Therefore, this color can indicate meanings related with spirituality.  Indigo may indicate perception and intuition. It is also necessary to achieve a higher spiritual awakening.  It awakens the most profound level of your consciousness. Since indigo color meaning is a symbolism of the New Age, it gives us the skills to utilize our higher mind and see things beyond its normal appearance.

An Overview of the Indigo Color Meaning

Since it is made by mixing blue and violet, this color holds properties of both colors. It holds different strengths such as its sincerity and integrity. It can also imply justice that is willing to defend people’s rights.

  • Intuition – Indigo encourages people to look at things at a different perspective. By being exposed to this color, we can reach a higher level of awareness. This can also stimulate our subconscious level. Therefore, you should surround yourself with this color if you are planning to meditate.
  • Integrity – This is a shade related to assisting others and devotion. It is about impartiality and fairness. It may also denote authority and wisdom.
  • Structure – Well-balanced indigo can signify organization. It is an indication of tradition and rituals. However, this can also lead to conformity since you are sticking to traditions and rules that are no longer applicable today. Apart from that, this can also be related to religious traditions.
  • Arts – This encourages people to be creative. This is closely associated with theaters. People who have this personality are known for their dramatic flairs. Unfortunately, they can also be quite dramatic.

How Indigo Can Influence Your Personality

Indigo will have one of the longest wavelengths in the color spectrum. You may not be aware of it, but we are surrounded by this color. It can be the color of the sky at night. It can also be reflected on grapes and blueberry. Here are some ways on how this color can affect your personality.

  • Since indigo is related to deep understanding and personal thoughts, this can encourage us to look deeply at our insights and inner communications. The color is known to be the ruler of our mind. It is a representation of dignity and knowledge.
  • On the physical aspect, the indigo governs our 5 senses, vision, taste, hearing, touch, and smell. It is also the color that affects our lungs and intestines. In this matter, this can directly affect the coordination and balance of a person.
  • It can help us understand the true meaning of our life. When the indigo energy of a person is more stable, we will understand that helping others will help unlock spiritual achievement.
  • Surrounding yourself with a lot of indigo may prompt individuals to think that they have higher spirituality than others.
  • Not enough indigo energy can make you become undisciplined, oversensitive, and fearful. You are a wishful thinker who gets things undone.

Positive Aspects of Indigo

  • Instinctive
  • Rational
  • Discerning
  • Engaging
  • Cheerful
  • Expansive Memory
  • Good Concentration
  • Good Reasoning Ability
  • Helping
  • Fearless
  • Fulfillment of Responsibilities

Negative Aspects of Indigo

  • Confrontational
  • Impulsive
  • Overly Thinking
  • Pessimistic
  • Cruel
  • Judgmental
  • Unreasonable
  • Intolerant
  • Fearful

Using Indigo on Business and Marketing

When using indigo on business and marketing, you will need to understand its traits and the message that it is trying to convey to the public. Its impact towards your customers can play a key role on your business success.

Indigo is an excellent color for the logo of your business if you are trying to deliver a sense of sincerity and integrity. For instance, if you are a funeral service who want to show your sincerity, then this color can provide a range of benefits.

As we mentioned above, the indigo can also signify tradition and rituals. If your business is heavily based on traditions and organization, then this may help you convey the right message to your audience. Some of the business that may find this beneficial includes financial institution, law firms, and educational institution. If you are a business that takes care of the future of people such as an insurance agency, this can also be an ideal choice. You may combine this with bright shade that will help balance the energy and the light.

The Indigo color meaning can be vast and can change depending on its cultural influence. Generally, it is something associated with a broad thinking that is free from inhibitions and fear. It is also a color that imparts high ideals and responsibilities.