Their mind is filled with various concepts such as angels, fairies, spiritual beings, dreams, myths, fantasy, and charms.

Learning about the lavender aura color meaning and personality will help you understand how to keep your aura in a balanced state.

A Comprehensive Guide on Lavender Aura Color Meaning and Personality

Lavender people will focus their attention on the colorful image of the world. They will rather concentrate their energy on nymphs, flowers, butterflies, rainbows, and clouds, rather than to look at the dust and dirt of the city.

City life can drain their energy; therefore, they would rather stay inside. They will only choose to wander around if the place is covered with greeneries and flowers.

Traits and Personality of Lavender Aura Color

People who are radiating this aura color will usually have a childish nature. They may spend their entire day observing the changes in the image of the cloud.

They can also be creating their magical world. They have a gentle and free spirit. They will not be restricted with society’s rules. They can be very emotional and entertaining.


During our childhood days, it is common for us to be fanciful. It is not surprising for us to play the role of robbers and cops or wizards in our garden.

Those who have this aura will surely leave their childhood but not their childish behavior. They will still have an imaginative world where they will spend most of their time.

They love to daydream and play. They will even disregard their adult responsibilities just to be in their fantasy world. At times, they will appear irresponsible. They may find it challenging to hold down their job.


For them, the responsibilities of adults are pointless and silly. This is since they exist in a different world and will be very occupied in living in the fantasy realm that they created.

Nonetheless, this still has some positive sides. They are natural-born entertainers and artists. People with a care-free nature may find the lavender people endearing.

Spiritual and Intuitive

They have a very powerful intuition that helps them reach a better decision in life. This strong intuition is caused by their synchronized spirituality.

Therefore, it would be common to find a lavender person with a kind and caring personality. They can be your excellent friend especially if you are looking for someone who will share your pain.

Unfortunately, if you are seeking a ‘tangible’ help, then you will probably be disappointed. They have an intuitive nature that makes it possible to have a seamless connection with their guides.

However, it can still cause damage to their careers because they heavily rely on their intuition and will never analyze things.

Free and Gentle

Lavender people have gentle and free personality. They can be good and innocent. They are non-conformist, non-confrontational, and non-violent. Society cannot put restrictions on them. This is why they tend to suffer during their teenage years since they do not fit well in a common group.

Compared to other auras who will demand liberty to the point of harming others, lavender people will not achieve their freedom at the cost of others.

Relationship and Love of Lavender People

If you are planning to go into a serious relationship with a lavender person, there are different things that you need to keep in mind.

They are whimsical creatures who can be sensitive yet lovely at the same time. They can be childish and innocent. They are explorers of the fantastical world that they created.

They find it a pleasure to spend their time inside their dream world and they believe in the concept of happily ever after. They will find it tricky to follow the natural course of nature.

They can be fragile, so you must take care of them properly. They are looking for someone who can give them the environment that they’ve always dreamed of.

They want a place that is stress-free and beautiful. You should not force them to change. Instead, you should appreciate their gentle souls.

Lavender people will be at their happiest state if they found a partner who is willing to handle all the daily responsibilities especially the financial matters.

They will prefer to be fanciful, rather than spend their day dealing with the tough reality. They want someone who will make them feel nourished and keep them safe and secured.

Those who emanate a lavender aura will not usually be committed to a long-term relationship. They always treat their families and partner in a casual manner.

This is because they will spend most of their time daydreaming rather than forging a strong relationship with them. The mundane things can easily bore them causing them to forget anniversaries and dates.

They will get along well with people who emanate yellow, magenta, and orange aura. People with these colors of aura have a playful nature.

They are independent and will not be tied with emotions. They will not be a good partner for red-aura people since red people are focused on taking actions rather than just dreaming about it.

Career and Wealth of Lavender People

People with this aura will find it difficult to realize their goals related to wealth. They believe that money should be used to obtain fanciful objects such as jewelry, gorgeous clothes, and crystals.

They are friendly and pleasant. They will excel in a working environment that comes with a minimum amount of stress. It should also give them enough room and time to daydream and exercise their creativity.

They will not be productive in a standard type of office environment since it will require a high level of mental concentration.

Jobs that require analyzing too many details is not for them. You cannot expect them to be organized with their work.

It would also be difficult for them to pay attention to the order of their customers. They do not want to handle too much work responsibilities.

Nonetheless, they will never be pressured or rushed. They can show their true abilities when working at the theaters or on art-related jobs since it gives them a lot of opportunities to explore their creativity and showcase their imagination.

Some of the jobs that will be attractive to them are writer, artist, teacher, mime, educator, actor, costume designer, interior decorator, graphic designer, dancer, storyteller, and set designer.

Dealing with financial obligation is a burden to them. They found money, physically dirty and unappealing.

With their childish personality, they’d rather spend their time in the dream world rather than reality since their fantasy world will help them manifest everything.

They abhor the idea of working and earning income just to deal with the house and car mortgage. Most people will struggle and work hard just to pay for their necessities, but this is not the living condition of the lavender people.

They also know little about investments, financial planning, and budget. It will not be uncommon for them to be in financial trouble.

They will be spending the money as soon as they get their hands on it. In order to effectively manage their money, they need a fun and imaginative ways to learn financial management.

They also have a different definition of success. This means that they should be living a life of liberty. They prefer to stay away from individuals who will force them to live in a standard dictated by society.

They want a fanciful and simple world that will allow them to freely exercise their imagination. The goal of these people is to be supported financially.

Lavender is the opposite of green aura since green aura prefers to work hard and to be accomplished.

The Health of Lavender People

Since Lavender people will not really pay attention to the condition of their body, they will be suffering from various health issues frequently.

Their life energy has always been used for daydreaming and will not be sent to the critical parts of their bodies.

Therefore, their organs and skeletal system will suffer tremendously. When they are feeling discomfort and pain, they can simply leave their reality rather than deal with the health signs.

With the dramatic reduction of their life energy, it is not impossible for their whole body to deteriorate.

However, if the lavender people decided to focus their energy on the health of their body, their capacity to heal their body using their imagination can be astounding.

They can imagine that their cancer cells are like dragons that can be killed by magic knights, which is their white blood cells. They should always remember that they have a physical body that they need to take care of.


After learning about the lavender aura color meaning and personality, it is no longer surprising that they have been referred to as the ‘peaceful driver’ of the aura. They may appear to be irresponsible and lazy, but they can still excel in a perfect environment.

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