According to the 2003 game version of Star Wars, the color of the light saber will depend upon the personality of the wielder.

However, the lightsaber colors meaning has become more complex after Disney acquired the rights to the franchise.

A Complete List of the Lightsaber Colors Meaning

As Pablo Hidalgo of Lucas Film stated, Kyber crystal, which is found in the core of the saber that influence the color of the saber, is actually colorless at the beginning.

During the rite of the passage of a Jedi, he will build a connection with the crystal. That is the time when the color of the saber will change.

While it is still not clear if the color is indeed influenced by the wielder’s personality, the fact that the crystal color will change once it creates a connection with the Jedi means that personality can influence its color to a certain degree.

Red Lightsaber Pertains to Power and Evil

Red lightsaber is being wielded by one of the most notorious characters in Star Wars, the Sith. Those who carry red lightsaber will usually have the same goal, to get rid of the Order and to control the galaxy.

The characteristics that are often shared by the wielders of red lightsabers include high level of narcissism, vanity, desire for control, and being hasty.

They are brave and they refused to be tied down. They are also related to wildness and instability. While most of the users of red lightsabers are eccentric, they are still adamant in executing their plan.

They will implement a comprehensive and systematic strategy that will help them accomplish their ultimate goal.

They tend to show frantic behavior.

They have trouble in controlling their emotion and will usually settle things with violence and brutality.

They are highly persistent and will be willing to stop at nothing just to put their plan into fruition.

They are ready to destroy all things if this means that this will help them fulfill their deepest desire.

Users of red lightsabers are known for having insane level of strength and mental capacity.

Green Lightsaber Indicates Peace

The green lightsaber has fascinated fans of the Star Wars series. Green is one of the most common colors of lightsabers apart from blue.

According to the movie, this color signifies peace. Perhaps the most popular wielder of the green lightsaber would be Yoda. He highly values concord and that all beings will share the universe harmoniously.

He can demonstrate a high amount of kindness. He is also known for having a friendly, cooperative, and helpful demeanor. This type of lightsaber has a strong association with nature.

Green is the representation of regeneration and growth. Those who are brandishing this lightsaber will often live their lives with that kind of perspective.

They are often in harmony with nature and all creatures that are inhabiting it.

It is relatively common for the wielders of green lightsaber to be spiritual. They will also strive hard to learn all matters related with the universe.

Those who use this lightsaber have strong Force, but they prefer to stay away from combat as much as possible.

Blue Lightsaber is a Symbol of Protection and Justice

Blue lightsabers can be commonly seen among the members of the Jedi Order. It is also one of the two original colors.

If you watch the battle of the Jedi and Sith, it will appear like a clash of two original colors; the blue and red.  This is also a reference to the never-ending battle between the light side and the dark side.

The Sith is basically fighting in order to gain control over the galaxy, while the ‘blue’ aims to prevent destruction and tyranny. They also use the power of justice and hope when suppresing violence.

Those who brandish the blue lightsabers have high affinity towards lightsaber combats. They are also not that skillful in using the Force. They are better in showcasing sword movements and will not hesitate to retaliate to their attackers.

Those who brandish this color of lightsaber act as a gatekeeper and protector. They aim to keep you safe from the evil.

They are highly determined in vanquishing evil and ensures that all inhabitants of the universe will be enjoying harmony and peace.

Courage can sometimes become their downfall that will lead to their death or a serious injury. All their actions will depend upon their feelings. They are sometimes blinded by their strong surge of emotions.

Purple Stands for Moral Ambiguity

Purple is the most mysterious lightsabers in the Star Wars universe. They are not as common as the yellow, green, blue, and red lightsabers.

The mystery of this lightsaber is probably associated to its ambiguous origin. Purple is a mixture of red and blue; red is the color that signifies violence and tyranny while blue is for justice.

Therefore, the purple relates to moral uncertainty. It can also pertain to recovery and reconstruction. Those who are brandishing this color of lightsaber will have an affinity with the light and dark faction.

They will be demonstrating characteristics of both red and blue such as the persistence in attaining their goal, high-energy, and instability.

Other attributes that can be seen among wielders of the purple lightsabers are sympathy, compassion, and isolation. They prefer to wake alone rather than to associate themselves with others.

They have an excellent perception and can often confront dangers with meaningful and forceful strikes.

They tend to lose control and can be overwhelmed with their temper and emotion.

White Lightsaber Represents the Wielder’s Freedom

This is one of the lightsabers that debuted on Star Wars-Expanded Universe. This has been greatly associated with Ahsoka Tano.

The first appearance of this saber was during the time that Ahsoka appears to be supporting Anakin by leading the clone army of Republic.

Later, it was revealed that Ahsoka was actually wielding a pair of green lightsabers. When Ahsoka was disaffiliated with the Jedi, it means that she no longer has the rights to wield a blue lightsaber.

The light white saber is the opposite of the purple lightsaber. The wielder of this saber does not have the attributes of the blue and the red faction. He is not corrupted by the dark side and is also not associated with the Jedi.

This can also mean independence. While she is free from any responsibilities of both sides, she is still sympathetic towards the goal of the Jedi.

This represents the force of good and at the same time the freedom from the restriction and burden of the bureaucracy.

Black Lightsaber Relates to Self-Obsession

We only know one black lightsaber in the series; the Darksaber. This is an ancient weapon that has been stolen by the Mandalorians hundreds of years before Clone Wars.

Apart form its unique color, the blade also has a distinct form that separates it from the rest of the lightsaber. It is interesting to note that most characters who wield the dark saber are not users of Force.

This is usually used by those who are being controlled by their deep self-obsession.

After the death of the maker of the darksaber, this has become the symbol of leadership and conflict.

Yellow Lightsaber Means Strength on the Lighter Side

Yellow lightsaber is being brandished by the Jedi Temple Guards. They have devoted their entire life attempting to attain balance between their scholarly pursuits and combat.

This color is very rare and appears to be exclusive among the Jedi Sentinels. However, we later discovered that Asajj Ventress was able to acquire a yellow lightsaber in the black market.

Having a yellow lightsaber can indicate emotional detachment. They are also free from the mundane issues of the universe. They do not care about fame and fortune.

Other Colors of Light Saber

There are also other colors of lightsaber that appeared in the Star Wars Expanded Universe. Here are some of them.

Grey – The wielders of the grey lightsabers indicates a calm and clear mind. Tera Sinube is one of the most renowned users of this weapon.

Bronze – Those who are brandishing this type of weapon will not be proficient in using the Force. However, they are better in terms of their physical strength and abilities.

Rose – A lot of fans will confuse the rose lightsaber to the weapon of Sith. Those who are using this lightsaber prefer negotiation over confrontation.


You are probably wondering if the lightsaber colors meaning carry some significance. This is actually difficult to say since expanded universe is no longer canonical.

Nonetheless, the original colors still carry concrete symbolical guides towards the personality of the wielders.

As more lightsaber colors will be introduced, the initial choices of colors and how it is associated with the user of the weapon will have to be considered.

The colors we mentioned are simply the known colors. We should not assume that these are only the colors of the blades of the lightsabers.

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