As we all know, our temperature will change contingent upon our emotion. The mood jewelry comes with a thermotropic liquid that are quite sensitive.

When exposed to a sudden change in temperature, the liquid will twist and move that will change its color. Mood ring colors and their meanings will help you understand the personality of the wearer.

A Quick History of Mood Ring Colors and Their Meanings

While most of the younger audiences will look at the mood rings as a cheap item that are included in the standard gumball machine, you will be surprised to know that it is simply a way to lower the quality of its origin.

There are some ambiguities regarding the innovation of the mood ring. According to the accepted history, this was first introduced in 1975 by Josh Reynolds and Maris Ambats.

Compared to the plastic models that we commonly see these days; the mood rings back then are actually well crafted. This also comes with a matching price that are suitable for the base metal used.

The cost of the silver mood rings is about $45, and the average cost of the gold mood ring is around $250.

The mood ring was marketed by the giant in the retailing market, Bonwit Teller. The move of the retailing business back then would be considered as genius.

It quickly amassed a huge following and became a best seller after only three months. The success of mood rings can be attributed to the popularity of the mood jewelries among the celebrities such as Sophia Lauren, Muhammad Ali, and Barbra Streisand.

Unfortunately, the popularity of mood jewelry also leads to the rise of the competitors. Other renowned retail businesses and jewelers also jump into this latest fad.

There are also other jewelers who created the cheaper variants of mood ring that is made from plastic. By 1980, this variant has overshadowed the prestige of the original mood rings.

How it Works?

While there are groups of people who are skeptical about the efficacy of mood rings on how it can determine your mood and emotion accurately, these jewelries are made based on a strong scientific background.

The colors that you might get when the ring comes in contact with your skin will not be random.

It may be true that some scientist will not be confident about the capacity of the ring to predict your emotion and state of mind. However, it can still be considered as a good barometer for the reaction of your body.

Mood rings can be manufactured into two manners. One method utilizes a glass shell that will be filled with a thermotropic liquid.

The other method comes with small crystal sheets that will then be covered with the glass stone. The capacity of the crystal to change color has become the basis of the LCD TV today.

Even on the presence of a very miniscule change in temperature can change the molecular condition of the liquid. The light of wavelength that is absorbed will differ thus changing the color displayed by the crystal.

Colors of the Mood Rings and Their Meanings

Once you purchase a mood ring, it will usually come with a color chart that will help you decipher the meaning behind the change in the color of the jewelry.

BlackWhen the ring is not worn; the default color of the jewelry will be black. However, there are also instances when the color will turn black while you are wearing the ring. This can mean that you are filled with negative emotions. It can also be a sign that you are feeling stressed, harassed, tired, and exhausted.

White – This color can be a sign of confusion. The wearer can also have a feeling of frustration and boredom.

Grey – This is a shade that is not often seen while wearing the mood ring. However, when your ring change into this color, this may imply that you are feeling anxious. You can also be sad or afraid.

Green – Available in a range of shades that comes with different meanings. If you are active but still feeling relaxed, the ring may display this color. This is known as the normal reading and your temperature is considered normal. Different shades of green may mean wandering, relaxed, energetic, calm, and peaceful.

Simple Green – Peaceful and Calm

Dark Green – The person is pretty occupied but is still aware of his surroundings.

Bright Green – It proves that you have a wandering and energetic nature.

Amber This can indicate a complex emotion.

Blue Green – You may show a relaxed physical state but your inner state is pretty confused.

Blue – This is considered as the color related with joy and optimism. If the blue is displayed on the crystal, this can mean that you are at peace and happy. Just like green, this is also available in an array of shades that can showcase your romantic feeling, passion, love, calm, flirty, and deep-thinking behavior.

Aquamarine Blue – Upbeat and flirty

Deep Teal – It will make you motivated and it will help you with your deep-thinking.

Cobalt Blue – Happy

Dark Blue – Extreme happiness and love

Pleasing Blue – This keeps you calm and relaxed

Purple – Once this manifest on your mood jewelry, it can imply that the person is sensual but still has clear mind. The wearer is also calm and tranquil. He is currently satisfied and has a balanced well-being. However, it can also signify that the person is romantic, sensual, and passionate. Purple with a shade of red can indicate desperation and anger. If it appears pink, this can be a symbolism of relaxed and calm feeling.

Bright Pink – You are affectionate, happy, and lovable.

Deep Purple – Romantic and sensual mood.

Indigo – Feeling of satisfaction.

Red – The red is also available in a variety of shades. This is commonly associated with your passion and your powerful emotion. It can show adventure, energy, and excitement. In case it is showing a deeper tone of red, this may mean that the person is feeling aroused or showing a heightened level of emotion.

Red Orange – This can imply that the person wearing the mood ring is confused and stressed.

Bright Red -This can indicate that you are terrified, adventurous, excited, or angry.

Yellow – Once the color transform into a yellow shade, this can signify that you have an imaginative behavior. It can also mean that your mind is often wandering. It also highlights your optimistic behavior. However, at the same time, this can also be a sign that you are feeling nervous.

Bright Yellow – The brighter shade of yellow reflects your observant nature. You probably have the urge to be poetic.

Yellow Orange – Yellow with a hint of orange shows your anxious and upset behavior.

Brown – You are probably being overwhelmed with a feeling of restlessness. You might also be highly anticipating something. If a person wearing the mood ring is being conquered with his nervous behavior, the color will transform to brown.

Taupe – Feeling aggravated, stressed, and confused.

Brownish Yellow – You are experiencing a mixture of powerful emotions.

Lifespan of the Mood Ring

Understand that your mood ring will not last a lifetime. The power of this device is exhaustible.

As time passes by, you will notice that the jewelry will gradually lose its efficacy. Even if your mood ring is well-crafted, it will soon assume a permanent black hue.

Lifespan of the mood ring will vary depending upon the quality and the frequency of its usage.

Mood ring that is regularly being used will expectedly last for about 5 years. Most of the mood rings that have been manufactured in the 1970s are no longer working these days.

External Factors

A lot of people are skeptical about the capacity of the mood ring to predict the mood of the wearer. This is since the mood ring is also affected by other factors.

For instance, someone that is infected with the cold virus will have a lower temperature and those who have fever will have higher temperature. In addition, the result can also be affected by the weather.

The mood ring can also be damaged by water, so it is important to take care of it properly. A small amount of moisture can disrupt the function of the mood ring.

Exposing it on extreme heat can also cause damage the product. Therefore, it is essential to leave your mood jewelry in a dry room with a stable temperature.


Mood rings are created as a form of entertainment. Seeing its color change when there is a sudden spike in temperature is quite fun.

Apart from that, the changes in the color can also give us a hint on our behavior that will allow us to understand our self more.

Learning about the mood ring colors and their meanings will help you to be in sync with your personality.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article !