It describes competitiveness, particularly, fierce competition in sports, at the work place or in business. It is the color of orange blossoms and autumn leaves.

It stands for the fire of inspiration and the creative spirit. It describes passion and the flames that fuel original ideas.

Every color has a deeper symbolism and meaning attached to it. When a color is a preferred color or a hot favorite, the core meaning linked to the color reveals personality traits and behaviors.

Orange describes a personality that is outgoing, fun-loving and affectionate. When this is the color that inspires you and brings out your best, this is what it reveals about you.

Orange Color Personality Traits

  • Sociable
  • Adventurous
  • Flirty
  • Lively
  • Popular
  • Unpredictable
  • Brave
  • Unconventional
  • Optimistic
  • Enthusiastic

The Symbolism Of Orange

Orange is linked to spontaneity, optimism and generosity. It is the color of happiness, well-being, creativity, opulence, luxury and success.

It describes fun, freedom and good health. It refers to sexuality and lust. The symbolic meaning of the orange fruit is linked to fertility.

In the context of paradise, when the orange fruit is presented as the forbidden fruit, instead of the apple, it represents the fruit that caused the fall.

More about the orange color personality 

Popular And Fun

You have a larger-than-life personality that turns heads and gets you lots of attention. Your charm works like a powerful magnet that attracts people to you. You are used to being the life of any party and the center of attention.

You are a win-win kind of person. You play to win at work and in love and wish everyone else the same. You love to enjoy life and party hard every opportunity you get.

Unconventional And Adventurous

You are a free spirit; you make your own rules and live by them. You are the type that will try anything once to see if it works for you. You are game for adventures of almost any kind.

You need the freedom to be yourself in your relationships. You tend to feel footloose and fancy free even when in a relationship. Your fashion style tends to be flamboyant.

Talented And Complex

You are creative and have many talents. You enjoy learning new skills to add to what you already know. There are many layers and dimensions to your personality. One part of you is carefree and fun loving.

Another is moody and temperamental. If people let you down or life makes you feel blue, you sulk or scream and shout to vent. Then you bounce back to being your boisterous and happy self once again.

Unpredictable And Spontaneous

You like to do things spontaneously and on the spur of the moment. You tend to change your mind ever so often. You are reluctant to look ahead and plan too far into the future as things may change meanwhile.

You want to live, want to enjoy life to the fullest and get the maximum out of each and every day.

Lively and flirty

You love to look well-groomed and take great care of your appearance. You flirt as you find it great fun and revel in the attention when people flirt with you.

You may flirt and be open to options even when you are in a committed relationship. You may expect your partner to be true to you, even though you may be discreetly applying different rules for yourself.

Taste For The Best Of Best

You love, enjoy and relish the pleasures of life. You have a taste for material comforts, the finest of everything and the best of the best.

Luxurious and flamboyant are the ways you prefer to live your life. You look for, find ways and put in the work to fund your lifestyle.

From Yellow Red To Orange

The origins of the word orange can be traced back to the vintage French word pomme d’orange. Prior to that, the color had no name attached to it and was simply referred to as yellow red.

The origins of the name can also be traced to the Italian word arancia, the Arabic word nāranj, the Persian nārang, the Spanish naranja and the Sanskrit word naranga.

Medieval Usage

In medieval times, artists used orange to color manuscripts. In Egypt, the color was used for painting tombs.

Orange pigments made from orpiment were used in Chinese medicine and for trade in Roman times. Alchemists used it to make gold and it was used to poison the tips of arrows.

Greek Gods And Mythology

Dionysus, the geek god of ecstasy and wine, is attired in orange in mythological art. He was known for his helpful nature and lightheartedness. Yellow and red blended together create the color orange.

The hue stands for transformations. Yellow represents nobility and perfection. Red is rage, power and passion. Orange describes desire, pride and happiness.

Orange Blossoms And Roses

Orange is the color of friendship, warmth, enthusiasm and enjoyment. It describes joy, eagerness and fascination. Orange flowers evoke the warmth and companionship of friendship.

Orange blossoms represent innocence and purity. Orange roses carry the message of friendship and gratitude. They are offered to express thanks and appreciation.

Autumn Leaves And Sunset symbolism

Autumn describes change, maturity and melancholy. It symbolizes decline or the end of a season of life. The orange colors of fall signify that change is inevitable.

It is a time to reflect on times past and accept change. Sunsets represent the glory of life and the mysteries that surround it.

Dream A Little Dream

The color orange in dream interpretation represents the fulfillment of hopes and wishes. When you see the color in a dream it can signify marriage. It also can mean that a treasured wish will come true for you.

  • Autumn dreams

Dreams related to autumn represent the re-dawning of hope and new beginnings. A Dream of autumn leaves refers to shedding of emotional baggage to make way for new experiences. 

  • Orange fruit dreams

The orange fruit is linked to feelings of well-being. Seeing the fruit in a dream can mean the person you see in the dream will become very important to you. If you see yourself buying oranges in the marketplace, this too signifies that a wish you have will be fulfilled.

Social Butterfly

Wearing orange can make you feel sociable, active, alive and energetic. The color is both energizing and stimulating.

Being in a space with the color on the walls or as the predominant color of the decor can make people more talkative. It also stimulates you appetite and can make you feel hungry.

It is the color of comfort and good times. Orange is utilized in restaurants to create a relaxed and comfortable ambience where people can talk, relax, eat and have a fantastic time.

Color Of Rejuvenation

Orange is associated with self respect and confidence in healing and color therapy. On the positive side, it is a hue that represents independence and optimism.

On the negative side, it stands for negative thinking, unsociability, destructive behavior and arrogance. The energy of the color in healing is cleansing and rejuvenating.

It enhances sociableness and boosts emotional health. Wearing orange encourages constructive behaviors, boosts creativity and uplifts your spirits.

Rich In Flavors

Apricots, peaches, oranges, mangoes, tangerines, orange peppers, pumpkins and carrots are in varying shades of orange.

Pumpkins are linked to Halloween. The pumpkin pie is an indispensible part of a traditional thanksgiving dinner in the US.

The Orange Of Sun Signs

Western astrology harks back to ancient Mesopotamia times. The star gazing was and is used to track celestial movements to decipher their influence of the different star signs. Orange is linked to the zodiac signs of Gemini and Virgo.

The Gemini Personality

Geminis love to lead a busy, sociable and exciting life. They do this while focusing on their long-term wishes and goals. They are always interested in learning a new skill or honing a talent they already have.

Their lucky colors are orange and yellow. Their lucky gemstone is the garnet. The Gemini personality is one that looks for variety to spice up life.

The Virgo Personality

Virgos are great company and fun to be around. They are clever and very witty. They like to experiment with life and lifestyle to find one that pleases them and suits them best. Their lucky colors are navy blue and orange. Their lucky stone is agate.

Perfect Careers For Orange Color Personality

Orange color meaning, personality & psychology has energy, warmth and creativity at its core. The personality it describes is extroverted, generous, bold and spontaneous.

The professions that match their personality type are sales, fashion, entertainment, sports and politics.

Their outgoing nature and people skills make them ideal for careers in diplomacy, advertising, business, beauty and journalism.

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