The pearl color meanings & symbolism is usually associated with its calming properties. Pearl has the power to balance a person’s karma and strengthen your personal relationship. Parents should also consider giving it to their kids to protect them.

A Comprehensive Guide on Pearl Color Meanings & Symbolism

Pearl is the symbolism of purity, loyalty, integrity, and generosity. On the ancient myths and legends, pearls have been associated with magical things and mystical beings.

Chinese Civilization

During the early civilization in China, the black pearl is considered as the symbolism of wisdom. They believed that this can be formed in the head of a true dragon.

Once the pearl has reached its maturity, this will then be carried through the teeth of the dragon. Based on the legend, you will have to kill a dragon in order to get a black pearl.

Ancient Japanese

In the early history of Japan, they have a similar belief to the Chinese people. They also believe that it came from mythical creatures.

However, instead of forming in the head of the dragon, they believed that it came from the tears of the angels, nymphs, and mermaids.

Persian Legend

There was a legend in Persia that states that a pearl will be created once the rainbow touches the earth after a devastating storm.

The imperfections that can be found on the appearance of the pearl is considered the cause of the thunder and lighting.

Ancient Egyptian

Pearls are one of the most prized possessions of the early Egyptians. In fact, there have been instances when pearls have been found in their tomb.

Cleopatra allegedly dissolved pearls in the glass of vinegar or wine and drank it. According to the story, she did this to let Mark Anthony know that she has the power to devour the wealth of the entire nation in a single gulp.


The early Greeks believed that the pearl comes from the tears of Gods. They also think that this will ensure that the women will not cry during their wedding day.


Based on the myth, Oro, the God of fertility and peace will visit the earth when a rainbow manifest in order to give a mystical oyster known as Ufi.

He then discovered a pearl inside the oyster. Oro offered the black pearl to the princess to profess her undying love.


In a folklore in India, it states that the pearl comes from the dew that fell in the moonlit sea. Perhaps one of the earliest accounts that associates pearl to the wedding would be the story that pertains to Krishna.

It was said that Vishnu plucked the pearl on the deepest part of the ocean to give it to his daughter during her wedding day.

Religious Meaning of Pearl

Pearl has also been used as a symbol in different religions. One of the most popular accounts would be found on the Christian bible.

In the story of Adam and Eve, the book states that they both cried until a lake of pearl has been created when they were casted out of the Garden of Eden.

The black pearl is believed to be the tears of Adam while the white pearls came from Eve. Since men has a better emotional control that led to the lesser tears of Adam, black pearls are rarer compared to the white pearls.

Hinduism and Christianity

Both Hindu and Christians have associated pearl with purity. Up to this day, some of the brides still follows the tradition of wearing pearls during their wedding day.

During the Middle Age, Christians viewed pearl as a sacred item. According to the early Christians, the pearl that cover the Holy Grails is meant to purify the water.

Islam- According to Koran, pearl is considered as the greatest reward that you will discover in paradise. Gem has now been considered as a sign of perfection.

9 Different Types of Pearls and Their Meanings

When someone thinks of pearl, they will usually associate it with iridescent white. However, pearl is actually available in different hues.

You may want to choose the pearl that reflects your personality and mood. Here are some of the meanings and symbolism of the different types of pearl.

White Pearls

The white pearl is a sign of new beginning, sincerity, purity, innocence, and beauty. Therefore, this has traditionally been considered as the jewel of the bride to indicate the bride’s purity and innocence. Today, this is the most common type of pearl that you will see in the market.

Black Pearl

Of all the different hues of pearl, black pearl is considered as the most mysterious. This is a representation of wealth, strength, independence, and mystery. This is the excellent choice for women who want to have an edgier fashion style.

Pink Pearl

The pink pearl is the symbol of good fortune, romance, fame, energy, and success. Just like red, they also emanate a sense of passion, but it is more on the romantic side.

It has a soft feature that makes it an excellent gift especially during graduation since you are wishing someone a promising future.

Purple Pearl

This type of pearl represents passion, nobility, complexities, artistry, and wisdom. This is an ideal gift for those in the profession of philosophy and teaching where sharing knowledge and education is the main objective.

Blue Pearl

The blue pearl indicates courage, trust, truth, and tranquility. You can give this as a gift to someone who is going through tough times and needs some strength. It is also an excellent gift to individuals who prefer calm and serene life.

Green Pearls

This pearl is known for its unique color and beauty. Green is the sign of balance, growth, hope, and nature. It is also an indication of birth and renewal.

Give this to someone who is ready to open a new chapter of her life. Those who are seeking a path of growth can also be inspired by the green pearl.

Yellow Pearl

Yellow pearl stands for happiness, clarity, optimism, and creativity. It is a warm and lively color that is the perfect healing stone for those who want to experience life at its fullest.

Gold Pearl

Just like any gold items, gold pearl is also a symbolism of prosperity and wealth.

Chocolate Pearl

This pearl has a luxurious and rich appearance. It represents dependability and harmony. It is also a healing stone that provides protection, security, and comfort. If there is a person that you’ve always rely on, this is an ideal gift to them.

Birthstone of June: Pearl

Pearl is known as the birthstone of June, though in other countries it will be replaced by Alexandrite and Moonstone. Pearl is also the gemstone that represent the 30th and 3rd anniversary. It has long been related with femininity.

The round shape of the pearl symbolizes its connection with the moon. It has also originated from water that depicts purity.

Pearl has a healing property that targets the heart of the wearer.  Here are some of its powerful healing effect on a person’s life.

Relationship and Love

  • Pearl can enhance the sympathetic ability of a person.
  • It helps in capturing the interest of a gentle partner.
  • It improves the person’s passion and can also boost the wearer’s charm.
  • It can encourage the development of affection.
  • Using pearl will allow you to have a better understanding about yourself. Pearl will help you awaken the real you. If you are ready to be honest to yourself, then being on the presence of this healing stone can be beneficial to you.

Business and Money

  • The purity of the pearl is known to have the ability to relieve the stress of a person.
  • It inspires people to get the support from the people surrounding them.
  • It can reassure you that you will be able to reap the rewards as long as you follow things until the end.
  • It boosts your aesthetic senses.
  • It helps you find a suitable job or support you in advancing to your career path.

Other Healing Properties of Pearl

  • It increases the person’s defense mechanism.
  • It can heal the emotional wound that you acquired in the past. This makes it an ideal healing stone for people who cannot move on due to a traumatic experience.
  • It helps you calm your nerves and stabilize your emotion.
  • It promotes youthfulness.
  • It is not only designed to protect your kids. It is also believed that it can increase your children’s luck.


People believe that wearing this gemstone can make them as beautiful as the pearl. The beauty and the elegance of pearl is unmatched. Wearing pearl will increase your beauty luck and make you more popular.

If the nature of your work or business involves interacting with different people, you should understand the pearl color meaning & symbolism. It is known for boosting a person’s outer and inner beauty.

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