The meaning associated with the color is as sensitive as the pigment itself reflecting gentleness, delicacy and most importantly conveying the feelings of love.

“I adore pink; it’s compelling. It makes you feel sweet and sexy, also if you are a man” (Alessandro Michele)

The color is usually affiliated with females for the nurturing vibe it provides. It resonates motherly vibes but… Hey! Why only associate these colors to female only when Men are equally found to be in love with this color? Why limit the meanings, properties, characteristics to female only when we can all enjoy the color with equal passion?

The color is an insane representative of sweetness with almost all the candies and sweets hijacking this color.

From bubble gums to cotton candies to delicious doughnuts to high-end delicate desserts… everything is dripping with Pink color.

Let’s us dive deep into the meaning of Pink and find out what the color means in its true essence and how does it affects us shaping our personalities and molding our emotions.

Ideas Associated With Pink Colors

Pink – A Blend Of Meanings

The color pink is the mixture of white, red and blues thus extremely diverse in its visuals as well in its essence.

Being a blend of colors, it encompasses a combination of personalities thus making it one of the most unique colors.

It takes its purity from white, drives its passion from red, and extracts its depth from blue thus forming a pigment that is desired by all. It not only compliments all and but is relatively compatible with every personality.

Pink – A Color That Never Fails To Surprise

A perfect blend results in an ideal range of personalities. When pink and red joins, you get passion mixed with compassion, combine white and pink and you will get honest yet a playful nature, have pink and blue mixed, and you get a desire filled with passion and euphoric feelings.

Psychological Ideas Associated With Pink Colors

Pink- A Color Of Calmness

It has been proven and demonstrated through psychological studies that exposure to the color induces a sense of calmness and tranquility inside a person.

The experiments conducted on a group of prisoners, by initially exposing them to pink color showed visible signs of patience and friendliness among them.

Pink – An Alternative Color To Express Love

While red is famous for its aggressive representation of passion, love and romantic feelings, Pink falls just behind the line in representing the same emotions but a bit toned down.

The expression of emotions by the color falls mostly on the softer and sweeter side compared to red. It is the representative of the love that is not just passionate but deep, compassionate and thoughtful.

The love it reflects is more lasting, more enduring and more complete, thus the principal reason why the color holds a dominant theme in a wedding.

Pink – It Is Not Just A Color But An Attitude

When it comes to funky colors, pink never loses the battleground. From pastels to deep magenta, the color rules the world with the broadest shade range it provides.

This surely is considered a massive advantage in the make-up world as they have produced an insane variety of pink products from highlighters, to lipsticks to various eye shadows.

The uniqueness lies in the fact that every one of the shade manages to stand on its own without overpowering or subsiding the other.

It is guaranteed that it will make you feel more confident, sexy and attractive as soon as you wear pink lipstick… so hurry up sisters and rummage through your closet now and find your shade of pink.

Pink – A Color Of Innocence

The color is usually associated with childishness for the softness it carries. It encapsulates the most innocent and the purest of feelings.

Ever wondered why we get pink hues around our cheeks when we feel giddy, or when we are overly embarrassed for something we did or while standing by your crush?

Yes, the pink flush itself represents the rawest of our emotions that come out; naturally, that isn’t forced or developed. They just exist.

Cultural Significance Of The Color Pink

Pink is perhaps the most controversial colors amongst all with its cultural significance and meaning varying diversely across the globe.

From ancient traditions this color has dominated the society somewhere because of its association with Virgin Mary and elsewhere because of its inferior status, to be associated with females in ancient times.

  • Western Cultures

The color is often associated with females in western cultures. It is a feminine color known for its softness and submissiveness.

The birth of a female child is usually celebrated by using pink color as a dominant theme, in her clothing, her room, her toys, etc.

The color has gone an extreme shift regarding its popularity in West starting from the Eighteenth century where the Pastel-loving bourgeoisie class helped enormously in popularizing in the fashion industry.

Now from residential buildings to magazine covers to rose gold iPhone…Pink dominates it all.

  • Japanese Culture

Where Pink is a color of femininity in the west, in Japan the meaning takes a whole 180-degree shift where it is a symbol of masculinity.

The color was often used as a mournful color to grieve over the loss of the young Japanese warriors dying on the battlefield while they were in their full bloom, meant to enjoy the delicacies of life.

pink color meaning in japan culture


A theory states that the sexual orientation of the pink color was derived from the ancient Chinese cultures where the pink dyes were quite ordinary compared to blue ones.

Since the blue lacked in their quantity, it was held fair for boys to be dressed in blue attire for their “superior” social status. However, despite its abundance, it’s significance wasn’t recognized in China for centuries.

  • Korea

In Korea, the color is often associated with trust and loyalty.

Pink Personalities

Pink- The Most Sensitive Of All

With their gentleness and pure nature combined, you get an individual that is extremely sensitive.

Since they are the most genuine people of all, they expect the best in return when they provide their maximum. They need to be dealt with care and love.

A little setback and you get waterworks going down all the way. Their sensitive nature doesn’t mean that they are weak. These are the individuals with purest of the hearts who need to be cherished the most.

Pink As Romantics

Eliciting their love from red and purity from white, they are hopeless romantics who are willing to risk it all for love.

Being kind at heart and innocent of minds they give their maximum in a relationship which might cost them a lot sometimes since the expectations for their significant ones are very high which might sometimes not come true. But in a thriving relationship, they are always the ones to take the wheel.

Pink As Nurturers

Those who are associated with having a pink personality are the “mothers” of the group. Irrespective of the gender, they are the kindest and caring souls one could ever find on this planet.

They will always be the ones to make sure if you have eaten well or if you have safely arrived back home? The next time your friend starts acting up like your mother, know that they are a pink personality for sure.

Pink- The Most Vulnerable Of All

It goes without saying, that they are the most susceptible to deceptions in real life. Their innocence and pure nature can sometimes become their curse as people could get the advantage of their forgiving nature and reasonable minds.

Pink- A Color Of Youth

The ones with their liking to pink color are youthful, both apparently and internally. They are in deep and active connection with their younger side no matter how grey their hair becomes.

They are the charmers of the group always ready to crack a joke or to lighten the atmosphere. They hate gloominess and would instead prefer to shy away from hard-talk and prefer to be more carefree and joyous.

Pink – A Desire To Be Loved

Despite their easy-going personalities, they lack selfconfidence and are needed to be assured of their worth. They could easily fall for self-loathing and self-hatred and find it most challenging to love themselves.

They subconsciously rely on others to be reminded of their importance and significance. They desire to be loved and appreciated by the people around them.

pink color meaning charak

Pink – Healers Of The Soul

In the spiritual world, the colors hold the extreme significance as it is associated with their strong psychic abilities, giving nature and self-disciplined nature.

They are the natural healers capable of aiding one’s soul. They mostly come out as artists, musicians, and painters sketching life on a paper.

To conclude, they are the best of the humans, but their caring nature might backfire on them sometimes. They are carefree but they need to be extremely cautious of the surroundings in which they move.

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