Most of spiritual guides and psychics are emitting this aura. Nonetheless, it is also possible for a person to have a purple aura while not being psychic.

Learning about the purple aura meaning and personality will give you a profound understanding about your aura.

Guide on Purple Aura Meaning and Personality

Your purple aura pertains to enlightenment, creativity, and ideas. Apart from that, this is also an indication of your innate healing ability and your capacity to soothe the souls.

They also have charismatic and powerful personality. Manifestation of these qualities is due to the person’s natural spiritual connection.

Traits and Personality of People with Purple Aura

People with purple aura has the power to absorb different information from the people around them. Due to their extra sensitivity, they can feel the thoughts, fears, and other emotions that other people radiate.

Just like the other type of aura, purple aura may have varying personalities. Sometimes they may experience a high amount of empathy, other times they may consider themselves a psychic or an empath.

Usually, they will have an astute understanding about their skills and abilities. While they may be sensitive, they can still suppress their emotion and make sure that it will remain undetected to other people except for those who have the same purple aura.

Loving and Kind

Your loving and kind personality might lead you to some pitfalls. You are willing to give your trust to individuals who have manipulative behavior even on the off chance that you are aware of their ulterior motives. Your actions are for the greater good even though not everyone will be able to see it.

Strong Attraction to Emotions

You will oftentimes feel cursed and lonely rather than feeling blessed. However, your loneliness can easily be dissipated once you met a needy soul.

To some you are an open book. This makes it challenging to put a restrain on yourself. You do not know the best time to remain quiet and the proper time to share your insights.

You Prefer Simplicity and Peace

Due to your preference to peace, you are somewhat attracted to nature. This is perhaps due to the inability of nature to be malicious or spiteful.


You as an explorer will not necessarily manifest in the most traditional manner. It can also be applied on your metaphysical and spiritual plane.

With your enhanced sensitivity, you will be able to know which direction and action you should take.

You can either flee and ignore those suffering people in order to avoid being overwhelmed or affected with their emotion or you can devote your entire energy and effort in helping them.

Social Creature

It is easy for you to establish friendship with others. Nonetheless, ensuring that your friendship with them will last can be a challenge.

You have the habit of expressing your detected emotion freely and abruptly. Your friend may start to avoid you due to this behavior.

You Can Appear Naïve

For someone who has a higher understanding on his spiritual aspect, some people will perceive you as someone vulnerable and naïve. However, this is far from your true personality.

Some people will think that they can easily manipulate or trick you. Fortunately, you will be able to determine their intention before they even approach you.


Your mind is always curious about many things. This is a personality that can expose you to troubles.

Your line of questioning can sometimes offend others and will think that you are nosy. In truth, you simply want to have a better understanding of the things that you encounter.

You Are a Teacher

While some colors of aura will need a guide that will help them explore their spiritual nature, purple aura are gurus when it comes to anything related to spiritual subjects.

The things that you seek can be found within you and is simply waiting to be uncovered.

Friendship and Romance of Purple Aura

Individuals who radiate this purple aura will often find maintaining their relationship a challenge regardless if it is platonic or romantic. Other people will find purple aura super attractive at the beginning of the relationship.

However, due to their enigmatic energy, their partner may find them intimidating. They have this intuition and psychic ability that allows them to know almost all things related to their partner.

Humans value privacy. They will usually hide emotions due to guilt, shame, weakness, and fear.

With regards to friendship, it will not be surprising for them to have a small circle of friends.  Their friends that have stayed with them will be treated as part of their family.

You Are Loyal

You know the amount of pain people can feel once you hurt them. Therefore, it will be rare for purple people to be disloyal.

Every important person in your life will be treated like a valuable treasure. You will also not scold them for the failures.

You Are Keen in Maintaining Balance

As someone with a purple aura, you want to make sure that the matters of your heart and mind is in balance. This is quite essential when you are deciding on a crucial subject.

Problematic Relationship

Certain shades of purple will mean that there is a problem in your relationship that you need to overcome.

This is not necessarily an unfortunate situation. You will soon realize that these things will be necessary to strengthen your relationship and keep things in balance.

Deep Feeling

You don’t look at love in a superficial manner. You believe that this is something deep that should be nurtured overtime.

You Are a Dreamer

Purple is also the color associated with the dreamer. This means that you are a person who like to do creative things for your friends or partner. You also believe in a happily ever after ending.

Career and Wealth of Purple Aura

People with purple aura have the natural desire to help others. This will make them an irreplaceable asset to their workplace.

It is also not shocking to know that they will excel in jobs related to humanitarian. They love helping the community and saving animals.

In case they do not want to pursue a career in this industry, their success can be determined by their skills and their traits.

While working individually will ensure that the result will be top notch, do not expect that it will be game changing.

You Have That Vision

If you have that purple aura, this can mean that you have the vision and you will be persistent in turning this vision into reality.

Starting your own business may lead you to financial stability. This is since you are quite aggressive with regards to opportunities. You will not hesitate to try new approach and methods especially if this will lead you to your success.


People who have this aura are known for their dynamic and bold personality. When they dream, they dream big.

They will also have a bigger plan to ensure that their dream will come into fruition. They have a very wild imagination. They are also excellent in judging the true character of the person.


You can be motivated and inspired by your quest to perfection. You will never allow any setback that might affect your plan.

You are resourceful and capable. You will be able to see the bigger picture and is willing to try new things to improve your job.


For them, idleness is a grave sin. They find ways to make themselves always busy. They are constantly looking for viable ways that will increase their cash flow.

They will be more productive when they are working independently. This makes them more energized and focused. It is also easier for them to determine the problematic area.

How to Determine if You Have Purple Aura

If you believe that you were in this world to fulfil a unique purpose, you most probably have a purple aura. You are destined to accomplish something wonderful and innovative.

While you were simply in the process of discovering your purpose, you will not stop working until you accomplish it.

Your healing ability may not necessarily allow you to heal physical wounds, but it can calm the soul and spirit of others.

You also have the intuition that allows you to know several things that not most people do. In addition, you believe that you are born to help those who are in need and to create a better world.


Understand that your aura can change overtime. Depending on the emotions and your thoughts, your aura may become clearer or darker.

Once you think that there is a blockage in your aura, learning about the purple aura meaning and personality will help you regain the flow of your aura.

You should also learn to relax your mind and body and to expose your body to a generous amount of sunlight to keep it in balanced state.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article !