A Comprehensive Guide on Purple Color Meaning, Personality and Psychology

Purple symbolizes wealth and royalty. During the early civilization, the manufacturing of the dye that is used in coloring the fabric will need a great deal of resources and time. As aforementioned, purple will rarely occur in nature. Therefore, the manufacturer will require more expenses and time in producing this. Usually, only the affluent people can afford this type of fabric. Apart from that, purple also stands for spirituality and intelligence, since it is often linked with something divine and unknown.

People with Purple Personality Have Interesting Traits

While it is impossible for a person to exhibit all the personality associated with purple, they will still realize that they will fit the general description. They may also show some of the negative personality especially when they feel stressed.

  • Compassionate and Sensitive – If your favorite color is purple, it often means that you are supportive and understanding. You often think about how your decision will affect others. People reach out to you for help and this serves as your motivation. Unfortunately, people tend to take advantage of your kindness.
  • Free-spirit – Purple is gentle. People with this personality possess a quiet dignity. They have the quality of being tranquil and peaceful.
  • Charismatic – People can easily be drawn to your alluring dynamism.
  • Introvert Sometimes – While this is not usually the case, some people will think that you are timid.
  • Creative – You like to do things your own way especially with regards to decoration and your dress. You do not want to be restricted to the conventional matters.
  • Idealistic – You have a great imagination though they are sometimes impractical. You often dream that the future will become your beautiful fantasy. Sadly, you will shun the ugly part of society. People will commonly view you as eccentric since you will be spending most of your time in your world of fantasy.
  • Inspiring – Some people will be inspired by your creative thinking. You also tend to look at the positive side despite of facing some adversities.
  • Interested on Achieving Spiritual Growth – You are yearning for something that will help you attain spiritual fulfillment.
  • Generous – You ask nothing in return.
  • Unique – You love individuality and you do not want to be one of the crowds. You are unique and you don’t like people copying you.
  • Love to Travel – Since you are free-spirit, you adore travelling and meeting new people. You also find joy in learning new culture.

Positive Traits of Purple

  • Dignified – Purple relates to self-respect and dignity.
  • Compassionate – It influences people to show love and sympathy.
  • Calming – It help people remain calm and collected. They grant people with wisdom that enable them to see things in different perspective when making a crucial decision.

Negative Traits of Purple

Irrational – The beliefs on the unknown will lead to your irrational thinking.

Suppression of Feeling – This can accumulate your stress and will lead to an emotional outburst.

Purple and Its Different Forms of Symbolism

Purple holds a great deal of symbolism and meaning. For instance, in the military service, receiving the purple badge is perhaps the highest form of achievement. Here are more symbolisms of purple.

  • It can be exotic –  Since it will not occur naturally, purple is commonly associated with something that is artificial. Therefore, people can either love or hate this color.
  • It is unique – Purple is known to possess a high amount of electromagnetic wavelength. It will usually be utilized on visual illusion.
  • It is regal – It is elegant and beautiful.
  • It is sensual – Purple has a musky aroma that evokes sensuality.

Different Shades of Purple and Their Meaning

The meaning and psychology behind purple will change depending on the intensity. Just like the color of purple, the feeling that it is trying to evoke can vary depending on its cultural association.

Tyrian Purple

This shades of purple is linked with royalty. In the ancient time, they started producing this dye by pulverizing the shell of a sea snail. It was so popular back then that it was even mentioned in Aeneid and Iliad. The pharaohs of Egypt and Alexander the Great will also wear clothing with this shade.

Han Purple

This is an ancient pigment that originated in China 2,800 years ago. This color will require extreme precision to manufacture. This shade is usually related to something unusual and unknown. In early Chinese civilization, Han purple will be used on Terracotta Warriors.


This tone of purple is something neutral with a shade of gray. This pertains to something regal and elegant and will commonly be used in interior designs to mimic the appearance of sunlight. It also highlights femininity and antiquity.

Dark purple

This symbolizes depression and loneliness. People should be cautious when surrounding themselves with too much dark purple.


The color that gravitates towards elegant and beautiful things. It is fragile and sensitive.


This is linked to immaturity. It is enthusiastic, vain, and romantic.


The color of mystique. The color of the soul’s evolution.


The shade of purple that pertains to the old culture and tradition of the family.

Purple Psychology on Business

When using purple in various business applications, it is vital to comprehend the qualities that this color is trying to emanate. It is necessary to understand the messages that it is trying to convey to your targeted market since it can play a key role in the viability of your business. Purple is linked with extravagance and wealth. It can lead to spiritual enlightenment.

  • On Fashion Industry and Cosmetics – the purple is known to heighten the beauty and glamour of people. It also enhances the reaction of people towards creativity. Purple will be used in cosmetics to define their quality.
  • On Service Providers – Using the purple business on your business that provides service often denotes excellence in quality.
  • Creative Fields – Business that are catering to young audiences will realize that using purple will be beneficial to the profitability of their business. Cosmetic manufacturers and the designers will be using this.

Positive Traits in Relation to Business

  • Futuristic, imaginative, and mysterious
  • Unlimited and selfless
  • Intuitive
  • Unique and individual

Negative Traits in Relation to Business

  • Corrupt and fraudulent
  • Having a delusion of grandeur
  • Arrogant and cynical
  • Impractical
  • Immature

Using Purple on Marketing

Purple is suitable to use on websites and products that targets children and women. Nonetheless, the younger male audience are growing more used to it. If you are running an academic page, purple can increase the prestige of your site since it denotes wisdom and intellect. They can also inspire people to achieve more.

When combined with other colors such as gold, purple can pertain to extravagance and richness. However, it will be challenging to employ this tactic on your website since gold may appear like a dull yellow when combined with purple shade. This will not have a positive message towards your audience. Nonetheless, this can work on your print marketing and packaging.

Teenagers and young audiences are also gravitated towards this color. You should think about introducing this on your marketing strategy if your targeted markets belong to the younger age bracket. The lighter shades, on the other hand, are excellent for advertising services and product particularly if you are dealing with the female audience. The lavender color will suggest memories and nostalgia which is perfect for business selling handcrafted items, memorabilia, antiques, and old lace.

Terms Associated with Purple Color

Various words have been coined with ‘purple’ to create a distinct meaning. Here are some of them:

  • Purple Haze – This may refer to the feeling of euphoria or a state of confusion. Usually, this can be drug related.
  • Purple Speech – this is used to describe profane language.
  • Purple Prose – It pertains to exaggerated lies and may sometimes relates to creative writings.
  • Purple Cow – This denotes something that is incredible.

Violet or Purple: How They Are Different

While the terms are interchangeable, violet and purple have their differences especially on the light spectrum. Violet will appear more visible in the visible spectrum while purple is simply a mixture of blue and red. Violet will not appear as intense as the shade of purple. Nonetheless, both will hold the same meaning with regards to color psychology. Both refers to power that demands respect. It can refer to the nobility of the royalty and at the same time the heart of the humanitarian. It is powerful yet humble towards the people in need.

You may not be aware of it, but color psychology is a part of our daily life. Understanding the purple color meaning, personality and psychology will help you determine how this color will affect your personality. You can also identify the messages that it is trying to convey to the people.

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