It is aggressive and exciting. It emanates the feeling of comfort and adoration.  This color warrants attention which makes it a desired shade on marketing and important notifications.

An Overview of Red Color Meaning, Personality and Psychology

People with red personality may mean that they are extroverted.  They are not timid, and they love getting attention. In fact, they will seek attention.

Red may also indicate that they highly consider their physical appearance and they want to appear more aesthetically pleasing. They are also physically equipped and has a high level of energy.

It is Confident and Energetic- People always thought that red grants them the confidence. The red color will evoke a powerful feeling of excitement.

It is Powerful Red also relates to self-acceptance and power. People who love red are mostly in control of their lives.

It is Fun Red will not just be powerful and exciting, it also has a fun side. It enables people to create a unique environment.

It is Bold and Passionate Since red is linked to love, it is considered passionate and romantic. It evokes a powerful emotion related to desire. Red relates to the color of sexuality.

It Denotes Danger Because this color demand attention, it is easy to understand why it is being used on dangerous signs and notification.

Personality of Red People

While it may be impossible for red people to show all the qualities associated with their color, you will notice how it will fit the general description.  Here are the personalities of the people who love red.

Physically Active – You believe that your sex life is a necessity. You are known for your powerful survival instinct.

Craving for Attention – People with red personality wants to be the center of affection. You are craving for people’s attention. People can also be attracted towards you due to your excitement and vitality.

Energetic – You exhibited a great deal of energy.

Competitive and Ambitious You think that winning is everything. You are goal oriented.

How Red Will Make You Feel

Understand that red will make you feel a range of emotion. How it affects your emotion can be influenced by cultural significance and personal experience associated with red.

Red can lead to aggression. It can make people easily agitated and angered. This is the result of having too much energy and due to being impulsive.

Your desire for attention can be magnified. You will be getting the attention that you want due to your energy and drive.

This color will make you feel in control. For you, power is more important than life.

You seek excitement. Red will make you yearn for fresh challenges in your life. You prefer to travel and be amazed on the beauty of the world.

Red can evoke the feeling of being impulsive. You will act before you think. During this time, you will probably rely on your gut instinct.

You will feel impatient and hope that things will happen instantly.

Positive Influence of Red

Intimidation – Based on the study that was conducted in Turkey, the red uniform will have an influence towards the other team. Other team will feel intimidated due to the aggressiveness that the red color is trying to evoke. While this influence might not be substantial, researchers were convinced that team that are wearing the red uniform will enjoy the psychological benefits of red.

Passion – Red has always been associated with lust and desires. Women wearing red are believed to be more seductive.

Energy – Some people believe that being exposed to this color can suddenly increase their breathing and heart rate. In return, this can boost the energy of a person.

Negative Influence of Red

Dangers – We mentioned above how red will often be used as a warning sign. It serves as a warning to some people to maintain their distance from you.

Aggression – Since red is known for being attention grabber, it may stimulate the feeling of envy and anger of other people. Some people may seek revenge against you.

Red can also stimulate your narcissistic behavior. It is also connected to egoism, impulsiveness, adventurousness, and being impatient.

The Psychology of Red on Business and Marketing

Red is known for invigorating individual’s physical senses. This may include sexual desire, passion, and appetite. This is perhaps why it is being used by business in the food-related industry such as Red Lobster, Jack in the Box, and Coca Cola.

While red can be related to love, it is mostly associated with sexual passion. In reality, pink is the shade that is linked to love.

Red is also the color of Valentine’s Day and it can easily convey the feeling of sensuality and lust. Some of the businesses that want to evoke the image of sexiness include Ferrari, Essie, and Virgin.

It is also surprising to know that red also suggests masculine energy. This is related to humans’ primary physical needs. It is also linked with our survival instinct.

Red will emanate a bold and powerful masculine energy. Companies that target male audience who have red on their logos include Nintendo, Diesel and Cannon.

Positive Meaning of Red on Business

  • It is confident, exciting, assertive, warm, and spontaneous.
  • It is determined and driven.
  • It stimulates energy and it is an attention-grabber.
  • Courage and strength
  • Desire and passion
  • Speed, power and action

Negative Meaning of Red on Business

  • Brutal and resentful
  • Obstinate and rebellious
  • Intolerant and quick-tempered
  • Tiring and domineering
  • Anger and aggression

Using Red on Marketing

When using red on marketing, you will elicit passionate response towards your audience. However, the response of individuals can be positive and sometimes negative.

There is absolutely no possible way that you can control their response since this can be influenced by host of factors.

Red will prompt people to create action. You may use red on your marketing campaign that will tempt people to create an impulsive purchase.

Incorporating red on your website will indicate your deep passion towards your business. This may send a message to your audience that you are serious with your business.

When this color is the dominant shade of your website, it will be excellent in promoting services and product that is in the food industry. You may also use this on stuff related with passion, speed, and energy.

Nonetheless, it would be wise to understand that the red may have different impact on your business depending on the cultural significance. It is wise to learn how red is interpreted in other countries if you have plans to expand your business.

Thailand – In this country, the red is often connected with Sunday.

South Africa – The locals will associate this color with mourning.

Latin America – When red is combined with white, it is something that is linked to religion.

China Chinese believe that red is the color of luck and prosperity. This is the dominant color of celebration. This suggests that you are wishing the celebrant with happiness, long life and vitality. Chinese brides will wear red during their wedding day.

Russia – In Russia, the red is equivalent to beauty.

Nigeria – A red garment will be worn by the officiating chief during ceremonies.

North America – It signifies love.

Perfect Job for People with Red Personality

Red people are good in associating themselves with other people. Therefore, it is ideal for them to work in an environment where teamwork plays a crucial role in the success of the business.

The approval that they receive from other people will energize them. With their high amount of energy, they will be successful as entertainers or on other jobs related to the art industry.

However, if this is not an option, you should consider working on marketing and sales industry. You should avoid works that are too monotonous.

Variations of Red and Their Meaning

Red comes with different variations and the connotation behind these colors may vary. Here are some of them.

Dark Red – Dark red will denotes professionalism. It also evokes the feeling of luxury due to its commanding presence.

Bright Red – This is the color of blood that is a fuel of vitality. Therefore, this will represent something energetic and exciting. At the same time, this may also symbolize things that are economical.

Burgundy – This will be lighter compared to maroon. There are two variations of burgundy; old burgundy and vivid burgundy. This is commonly the color of the higher society. This color demands power that gives people the sense of ambition.

Crimson Red – This is a powerful red shade that inclined towards purple. This signifies power and determination. It also suggests sensual feelings.

Scarlet – This shade is a bright red color with a mixture of orange. This highlights the fun side of red. It can convey the loving and enthusiastic emotion.

Maroon – This is the deeper shade of red. It is strong and courageous. It can instruct people to have a better control of their lives.


If you have a red personality, you will realize that the red color meaning, personality and psychology will perfectly fit your description.

You are a dreamer, but you do not want your aspirations to remain just a dream. You are ready to work to achieve your goals in life.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article !