These symbols of colors can also be applied to our dream. There are times that we don’t realize that we are dreaming of white and black, especially when our subconscious mind uses colors to symbolically represent our emotions.

The meaning of colors in dreams can be used to keep your emotions in check and help you reach better decisions.

A Comprehensive Guide on the Meaning of Colors in Dreams

Let us start exploring the interpretation of the colors in our dreams by looking at some of the basic colors.

We will also try to uncover the message that these colors are trying to convey.

Hopefully, you will have a better understanding of how this color relates to your spirituality, emotion, health, and psyche transformation.

Red in Your Dreams Can be A Provocative Color

Red can be a controversial color if you encounter them in your dreams. The symbolism of this color can be disparate and deep, especially when you consider the cultural differences.

For instance, in India and China, the preferred color of the wedding dress is red while on the western side, white is more prevalent.

If you dream of something red in the dreamland, it can carry various interpretations. Here are some of its possible meanings.

Vitality and Energy

Red has always been the color of vitality since this is the color of our blood. The blood serves as our life source and it is directly linked to our energy.

When you dream about this color, it is essential to pay attention to the other details associated with it.

If the red fluid has been leaking in your dream, this can mean that your energy is being drained. Your work or someone close to you is taking away your life force.


For those who are feeling depressed and anxious, dreaming of something red is an indication that your interest in life is returning.

You are starting to view things from a more positive perspective. It is a period of healing and your passion for life is rejuvenating.


Some people may think that change and transformation are not related to red. However, it should be remembered that red is also the color of fire; and fire denotes transformation.

If you have been involved in a challenging situation, dreaming of red may be an indication that your life is being forged. All your impurities are being eliminated.


Red is also meant to warn the dreamer. It is suggesting that you have to temporarily stop your activities. Otherwise, you will find yourself in a serious issue.

Strong Emotion

Red can be related to anger and passion. If you feel angry during your dream, you should determine the source of your hostility.

On the contrary, if this is about love, this can be a representation of your overwhelming feelings.

Orange Pertains to Positive Transformation

Orange is a warm color and it also pertains to something positive. Dreaming about orange can imply that you are going through a phase of growth.

It can also pertain to creativity and cultivation since this is the color that represents the sun.


It is the color of positive creativity. You are expressive but will never be obsessive. The fire may not be as vibrant as the red flame, which makes it warm and lovely.

It means that you are expressing yourself without being consumed by the fire.


The message that your dream is trying to convey may be related to your health whether it is on a spiritual, emotional, or physical level.


Orange has the same passion as the red and the sagacity of yellow.

Yellow Relates to the Dreamer’s Spirituality

Yellow in your dreams, can be related to something complicated. It is important to pay attention to your feeling and the surrounding during your dream.

Yellow is often viewed as something positive since it is the color of happiness. It is nurturing and warm.

It is the light of the dawn that can be symbolically viewed as chasing the darkness away.

Positive Color

As we mentioned, yellow is the color of happiness. At the same time, it can be associated with the dreamer’s creativity, optimism, health, and energy.

Negative meaning

Yellow can also pertain to something negative such as jealousy.

Green is the Color of Hope and Youth

Green can be related to the dreamer’s youthfulness and hope. Your dream can mean that there is a promise lying at the frozen ground.

The fortune and luck will start to burst as soon as the spring comes. The long dark night is over and it is time to welcome a period of prosperity.

Christian Meaning

As aforementioned, the meaning of the color in your dream may vary depending on the culture, which also includes Religion.

Green in Christianism denotes the beginning of life. You can encounter this color in the Nativity of Christ and Annunciation. It can also pertain to the Pentecost.

Positive Development

It is related to growth and progress. It may also mean serenity, renewal, and happiness.

There is a Reason Why Everyone Loves Blue

Lots of people are attracted to the color of blue. While it may be associated with sadness and depression, the color usually depicts a positive meaning. The positive meaning can also be applied to our dreams.


Blue can be an indication that the dreamer has gained enlightenment in some areas of life. There is also a chance that the dreamer is yearning for wisdom.

Contentment and Tranquility

Since blue can be related to the sea and the sky, and places that we find comforting, this can be a sign that the dreamer is enjoying a calm period in his life.


Most experts will advise you to wear something blue during your job interview. Blue can convey your loyalty to the institution or a person.


It is the color of your deep spirituality.

Violet in Your Dream Can Indicate Fortune

Violet in walking life is related to royalty. In our dream, this vibrant shade may also be related to richness.


Violet is probably the need for the dreamer to find inspiration. It will usually be encountered by the painters and poets in their dream.

It can also be a sign that your subconscious is daring you to step outside of conventionality. Try to interpret things using your own creativity.


Violet or purple is an enigmatic color and can be related to your spirituality. You are probably contemplating your life choices and your spiritual life.


Dreaming of violet can be a symbolism of wealth. However, wealth should not be limited to material things. It can also imply spiritual gains, emotional growth, and knowledge.

Brown Can be a Comforting Color

Since brown is the color of earth, most people will feel comfortable when they dream about this.

It reminds us of the hot chocolate that invigorates us during a cold morning. It can suggest that the dreamer is seeking for comfort.


In terms of spirituality, brown relates to the dreamer’s humility. It is probably warning you that you need to remain humble during some situations.

The Basis of Things

Brown is a representation of the Earth that sustains life and encourages growth. This is the symbolism of the foundation that supports human beings.

You are probably thinking about living a simpler life or you probably wish that you can return to the time when things are simple.

Black Can Be Related to Mourning and Depression

In our walking life, black can be associated with grief and depression. Dreaming about it can be a sign that your subconscious mind is trying to communicate with your soul.

Here are some of its possible meaning.


You will usually encounter black in your dreams when you dream about death. Death is a sign of a new beginning and a phase of transformation.

Nonetheless, while a new beginning denotes a positive meaning, the dreamer will have to endure a period of loneliness to complete the transformation process.

Suffering and Death

Black in our dreams can be an indication that the dreamer is feeling abandoned by the people close to him.

The people you trust are nowhere to be found now that you are dealing with your problems.


The meaning of colors in dreams can vary. You may find it difficult to accurately interpret your dream.

To understand the message that it is trying to convey, pay attention to your feelings. It is probably giving you a clue on the precise meaning of your dream.

If your dream left you with a bad feeling, it will probably have a negative meaning.

On the other hand, if it gives you a feeling of joy or hope, expect that something positive will come your way.

You should also consider the image that it carries. For instance, dreaming of a green church may be related to the dreamer’s spirituality.

The green bike may pertain to your memories during your childhood years.

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