{Turquoise Color Meaning} – Turquoise… is the color of alluring sapphires and the roaring oceans. It is a color that, even in its appearance, provides calming vibes and is the most refreshing color of all.

If you had the chance to witness a sunset, while standing at the deck of a ferry boat seeing the sunlight being absorbed by the clear turquoise waters, I could guarantee that you have felt the calmness and serenity at its peak.

“A turquoise given by a loving hand carries with it, happiness and good fortune.” Arabic proverb

The color is insanely favorite among general in its different forms and shades. In every group of men or women, no matter which region you belong to, you will always see at least one person wearing something Turquoise.

Whether it be clothes, makeup, and a little bracelet on the wrist and if not the previously mentioned items… there has got to be a turquoise ring for sure.

Let us explore the significance, meanings, and personalities associated with this unique color and how this color changes its meaning as we move across various parts of the globe.

Turquoise – What Does It Mean?

In its meaning and significance, the color holds extreme importance in the astrological world. It is a color that is most widely worn and used in accessories.

Its significance varies culturally and so do its benefits. When associated with people this color represents calmness, spirituality, depth, and sophistication.

Like other secondary colors, it is also a blend of many including mainly white, blue with the hints of green in it. Its composition, of course, as a result, affects its meanings and properties.

Turquoise – The Color Of Aqua

Water, the most unique liquid, ever to exist in this whole universe, when spread across the surface of the earth with sunrays kissing it gently, possess the color turquoise or more precisely aquamarine.

It radiates calmness, inner peace and provides the best aesthetics for human minds to cherish.

Turquoise Blend of meanings

The white in Turquoise introduces the purity in its essence, green helps in grounding your thoughts and emotions whereas blue provides you with the clarity and open-mindedness.

When putting together, all these positive traits join as one containing a link for the body towards the soul.

Turquoise – The Gemstone

This valuable mineral is a symbol of friendship and fortune. It is worn globally and is believed to bring wealth and good luck to the wearer.

It is commonly worn as an amulet, a ring, embedded in a pendant or as a bracelet, thus one of the most popular stone for jewelry items. The alluring sapphires are integrated into such intricate designs that it amazes the mind.

Turquoise Personalities

Turquoise As Observant

They are the most observant people of the all with active, creative skills. They have a unique outlook towards life and can bring out new ideas from the simplest of the things.

They are the type of people to see a rebirth in autumn’s fall, to observe the concept of death in a rain-drop and the silent screams of the wind as it passes by.

Turquoise As Rational

The unique characteristics of the color to provide mental clarity and balance, these people are the most intelligent of all. They are calm and collected thinking from the brain and not from the heart.

They are not blinded by their emotions instead analyze the situation logically. They don’t blame fate if some tragedy happens to them. Instead, they struggle to find rational solutions to get out of that misery.

If you are the person to look for answers rather than moping around actively, you are, a turquoise personality.

Turquoise As Independent

These people usually prefer to remain independent. They are selfrelying and consider themselves capable enough to find the solutions.

Their self-reliance attitude might give them off as selfish or proud people, but they are more comfortable working on their own. They show their best individually rather than in group work.

 Turquoise As Adaptive

They can quickly get comfortable in any situation. Like most of the people, they don’t have to struggle in a new environment. They like to travel a lot and explore different places.

The idea of sticking to one place or one work is suffocating for them, and they tend to explore their abilities more than anyone.

You will always find them trying out new jobs, professions and before you know it… they are already thriving in their new work-space.

Turquoise As Responsible

They are highly aware of their sense of responsibility and often make good parents and leaders.

Their exterior might be cold and distant due to their calm and collected personality, but they are not the one to shy away from their responsibilities.

Turquoise As Non-Emotional

They might appear insensitive and cold-hearted at times because of their inability to properly communicate their emotions.

They are shy and fearful of exposing their inner self in front of others. They are highly conscious of their vulnerability so if a Turquoise personality shares their personal concerns with you, know for sure that you mean the world to them.

Turquoise As Pessimistic

Too much Turquoise can lead to overdriving of their rational and logical nature which can drive them towards pessimism.

Their desire to do everything by themselves can lead them to have a negative outlook towards fate and happiness in general.

Overall, Turquoise personalities are calm, spiritual and rational with an objective outlook towards life but too much indulgence in Turquoise can lead them to appear insensitive, selfish and a proud person.

Psychological Meaning Of The Color Turquoise

In color Psychology, it functions as a healer and a joiner of soul and body. It does not have just the spiritual benefits, but in some cultures, it also believed to be a cure for many diseases.

Thus, wearing the stone as a jewelry item is common across the globe. Let us explore, what mind science has to say more about this color.

Turquoise- A Color Of Meditation

Have you ever wondered why the monks find it better to mediate by the ocean or under the clear skies?

Being surrounded with the color induce a sense of serenity and peace where one finds it easy to connect with the inner soul. Ultimately, it helps you to get closer to your inner self.

Turquoise- A Color Of Balance

Existing just between blue, white and green; the color possesses the unique quality of balance. It causes the stability of mind and soul and to be one with your self.

Turquoise- A Color Of Creativity

It goes without saying that human minds work the best when clear in mind. We are the most productive and creative when there is a sense of balance and clarity within our soul, and this can be achieved by surrounding yourself with this color. I think you just found the new color to paint your room in!

Turquoise- A Physical Healer

It is believed to have unlimited effects on not only the human mind but the human body as well. It is found to help neutralize acidity, improving muscular strength, curing rheumatoid arthritis, aiding in stomach infections and fighting against viral infections. It is also believed to help enhance one’s sense of hearing and sight.

Turquoise- Astrological View

The color holds extreme importance when talking of Turquoise stones and their effects on the human body. Astrologers have associated the Turquoise gemstones with Sagittarius constellation.

It is believed to have healing properties helping the body get rid of spiritual and emotional stress. It is also associated with throat chakra of the spirit known for its ability to purify.

Cultural Symbolism And Meanings Associated With Turquoise


In most of the Asian countries, from China to Turkey, the color is believed to protect from Evil eye. This is the principal reason that the amulets made to provide immunity against the evil are colored Turquoise.

In Tibetan and Chinese circles, the color means the complete circle of life from the time of birth to death. In south-east Asia, it was thought to provide protection to horseriders.


In ancient Persian empire, the Turquoise stone was massively favorite among the royals for it represented victory. The name, “Ferozah” was used to refer Sapphire which literally stands for “victorious” in Persian.

It was believed to bring good luck to the owner when the light of a new moon was reflected from it. This stone is still worn tucked safely in the center of a bead necklace and is believed to improve one’s focus while praying.

America and Europe

In Native Americans, it was common to associate the color with the tombstone carvings as it was believed to help the dead find peace.

The thought was centered around its blend of colors, with green as the color of the earth and blue as the color of the sky attracting good spirits from heaven and earth.


In Russian tradition, a bride is offered a silver ring with Turquoise embedded in it.  It is believed to Bering fortune, prosperity, peace and health to the couple after their marriage.

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