In US, jewelry has also become a popular token of love. In other part of the globe, any items that are wrapped in Valentine Day colors is acceptable. Each color comes with symbolism and meaning that pertains to this deep tradition.

A Guide on the Meaning and Symbolism of Valentine Day Colors

The colors of Valentine’s will often be reflected on the gifts given to their partner such as the flowers and boxes of chocolates and the clothes that you will wear. This allows people to convey messages without the need to say a word.

Red Stands for Love and Passion

The traditional color of love, regardless if it is Valentine’s or not, would be red. This is undoubtedly the most popular shade during this season of love.

Red is the symbolism of deep love, passion, and energy. Usually, this color will be reserved among couples with an intimate relationship.

During the early times, giving red rose is being valued due to its fragrance and beauty. Giving this to a close friend or colleague during Valentines can lead to awkward situations.

Sending something red in this month is a way to express your love to someone.

Red pertains to passion, courage, respect, and sincere love.

Pink Shows Your Appreciation

If you are looking for the color intended for your friends or family members, pink will be the ideal one. This color indicates affection, understanding, and sweetness.

Other people consider pink as the symbol of virginity and innocence. The light tone of pink can convey messages pertaining to friendship, admiration, gentility, and grace.

The color that belongs in the darker spectrum of pink relates to gratitude and appreciation.

Pale pink is a good gift for your mothers and grandmothers saying that you are thankful for the things that they are doing for you.

Deep pink on the other hand should be intended for your friends. This indicates happiness and that you appreciate their presence in your life.

White is a Symbol of Purity

White is a sign of a spiritual type of love. It is also an indication of humility, reverence, and purity. Apart from that, it can also relate to faithfulness.

It shows aspect that are very essential in keeping a strong romantic relationship. In other cultures, white stands for a budding love or a young love.

If your love relationship with your partner is just fresh, white flowers would be the best gift for her.

White rose is traditionally given as a symbol of fresh beginning.

White is also the traditional color of the wedding. This is a proclamation of love and commitment.

Giving someone a bouquet of white rose is a promise that you will remain loyal to your partner.

Purple Means That You Have Been Enchanted

Purple has always been associated to something enigmatic and mystical. Apart from that, purple is a bold way to say that you have been enchanted at first sight.

In addition, purple is also the color of royalty. This means that you are ready to treat the girl like a queen. The rarity of purple can also represent the uniqueness of your partner.

Purple is often given to someone that you love but you are not necessarily involved in a relationship with her.

It is the symbolism of romance, admiration, and attraction.

If you want to confess your love to someone but you can’t say it, you can give her purple roses instead.

Yellow Pertains to Freedom and Friendship

Yellow is a sign of friendship. This is the appropriate Valentine’s color especially if you look at your relationship in a platonic way.

We discourage you from giving someone a yellow rose during Valentines if you do not plan on pursuing a long-term relationship with her.

In some cases, this can lead to miscommunication. Yellow would be the perfect color if you are simply extending your congratulations to a couple, to your friends, or to your parents.

Yellow is also an indication of happiness but not in a romantic way.

Yellow rose is often given to someone to show their support. It can also be gifted to your friends if you want to cheer them up.

You should never give it to your romantic partner since it can also mean infidelity.

Blue Is about Intrigue and Mystery

Since blue is related to mystery, this can be the best gift for the person that you secretly admire. Wearing blue during Valentine’s can mean that you are now tired of staying single.

Blue can indicate that you are waiting for that special person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

If there are someone interested with you, this encourages them to approach you. Blue means that you are open in accepting love proposals.

Orange Shows Your Passion

This is a warm color that expresses your desires and enthusiasm. This means that you are attracted on the recipient and that you admire her personality.

Apart from that it also shows a spicier and more exciting type of love and passion. If you want to tell your friend that you want to elevate your relationship to new heights, this can be a good color to give them during the season of love.

This is an energetic color that gives a hint of curiosity.

It is highly likely to receive orange rose during Valentine’s if someone has a deep desire to be close to you.

For those who feel attracted to someone, gift them with an orange rose.

Peach Is Associated with Memory

If you want to have lasting memory with someone, peach can be the perfect color for you during the love season. Peach is the symbol of intimacy and sincerity.

In some cultures, peach can be a sign of gratitude. If you do not want to send a thank you note, a peach rose can be a good alternative. You can also send it to your friends if you miss them.

Peach is not necessarily related to romance. This can often mean gratitude and appreciation and a sign that you want to continue creating happy memories with your friends or partner.

This is a good color that will brighten the day of your friends.

Green is Yearning for Her Expected Love

Wearing green during Valentines day means that you are waiting for your true love. Waiting is not necessarily a bad thing.

In fact, some people consider this as the most romantic thing that can occur in their life. Waiting for all the romantic and cute things to happen together is simply exciting.

Green can also mean that you are patiently waiting for the reply of your date regarding your love proposal.

Green can also pertain to growth and renewal.

This can imply that you want your relationship to grow further.

It is not necessarily related with the renewal of vows. It pertains to the rejuvenation of our spirit.

Other Colors During Valentine


This is orange with a pink shade. It is also darker compared to the peach. This suggests excitement and desire. This is another good color for a new relationship.


It may appear like white but, it bears different meaning. This appears like an ivory color that conveys the meaning of thoughtfulness and charm.


This may not appear as conspicuous as red. This represents the unconscious type of beauty.


Kaleidoscope roses are also being given during Valentines Day due to its unique look. However, you might want to think twice if you plan to give it to your partner this season. Others will take it as a joke or insult since this is not an expression of real love.


Some people will choose black during this season. This is a sign that their proposal of love has been rejected. This can tell the other party that you are not happy with her rejection.

This can also be a way to announce to the world that you have been rejected. This is not necessarily a way to gain sympathy but a way to let them know that you are ready to make or accept a new proposal.

Combining the Colors

Combining the different colors during the Valentine’s season can help you convey the right message to your partner, friend, or family.

Red and White

This is an indication of harmony and bonding. This can be a perfect color to represent a romantic relationship that starts from friendship.

Red and Yellow

These two colors both belong in the warm spectrum. Combining these colors allows you to showcase the happiness in your relationship. It can also be an excellent color for the celebration of love.

White and Yellow

Just like the combination of white and red, this can also pertain to harmony.


Now that you know what each Valentine day colors represent; you can pick the right color that can help you deliver the right message.

Valentine’s Day should be a memorable occasion for everyone. By choosing the best color either for the flowers, the gifts, or for the clothes that you will wear, you’ll definitely remember it for the years to come.

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