Sometimes this can be called as a spirit or soul. Others refer to this as chi or chakra. Knowing what color is your chakra and what does it mean can help you gain a profound understanding about yourself.

You will also learn if your aura needs to be healed through spiritual practices and meditation.

Learning What Color is Your Aura and What Does it Mean

When you want to know how to read the color of the aura of the person, all you have to do is to gaze at him. Allow your eyes and mind to reach a relaxed state.

Stare at the person until you start to notice the colors that emanates out of his body. This color is the aura of the person that carries several meanings.

Willing and Adventurous People Have Red Aura

Red is the color that represents our root chakra or also known as the ground chakra. People who emit this type of aura are known for being adventurous.

They are willing to try new things and to associate themselves to new people. They are also ready to test their boundaries. They are known for their defiant attitude and will easily lose their control.

They have trouble in controlling their emotion and will usually feel that they are not safe and threatened. It can also mean that they are self-fulfilled, direct, and strong.

  • They are intense and fiery people that can easily be overwhelmed with their emotion.
  • They love being competitive and they are sporty.
  • One of the downsides of having this type of aura is that they have a destructive nature with regards to their relationship.

Social and Outgoing People Have Orange Aura

Orange is the color of our sacral chakra. If a person is emanating this type of aura, this can imply that he is people oriented.

Some of them may sometimes display the characteristic of introversion but they are still outgoing. They are thoughtful and they can easily perceive the needs of others.

They also have the charm to attract other people when they meet them. They are very sensitive but can also forgive people easily. Orange people tend to overreact on things and they also depend too much to others.

  • They are good actors.
  • They are funny, charismatic, and can easily associate themselves to other people.
  • People who have this aura are known for their confidence, but they tend to make rash decision.

Independent and Hardworking Individuals Have Yellow Aura

Yellow refers to our solar plexus. If you are radiating a yellow aura, this can mean that you are analytical, intelligent, and hardworking.

You may also have a skill in communicating and you can also discern the behavior of the human that people will not commonly recognize.

You are friendly and have an optimistic nature. There are also times that you can be silly and funny.

  • Yellow aura can also mean that a person is quick-witted and smart.
  • They can be headstrong and will often ignore their emotion.
  • You can spend your time reading a good book while enjoying a velvety wine.
  • There are times that you can be judgmental.

Loving People Have Green Aura

Green is associated with our heart chakra. People with this color of aura are generous and giving. They have a deep connection to the people that surrounds them.

They will also not hesitate to express their unconditional kindness to others. Sadly, they can also be overwhelmed with their feelings of jealousy, envy, and inferiority.

  • Green people have a deep affinity to nature.
  • They are grounded and they have a higher level of awareness.
  • They are good in adapting to the situation though they do not like changes.

Individuals who Love Peace Have Blue Aura

Blue is related with our throat chakra.  If you have this type of aura, you are someone who prefers peace. You are also self-reflective and calm.

You know about the extreme power of words and how it can affect the people around you. People with blue aura tend to be very careful with the things that they say.

They can be spiritually curious and wise. They are willing to extend their help to others whenever they can. They excel in the field that requires creativity and artistry.

  • Blue is a rare aura that can be found among people who are highly eloquent and calm.
  • If you have this type of aura, you tend to work too much but pay little attention to your romantic life.

Mysterious and Wise People Have Purple Aura

Purple is a symbol of the unknown and mysticism. It is associated with our third-eye chakra. They are the people who have achieved a higher spiritual awareness.

They have better intuition and will often be a step ahead in terms of their personal development.

They also have a profound connection with wisdom and will usually seek ways on how to use it to improve humanity. They are idealistic and are future-oriented.

  • They are natural psychics.
  • Quiet and mysterious.
  • Due to the mystery that surrounds them, they are often misunderstood.

Talented People Have White Aura

People who are radiating a white aura are known for their incredible talent and their flexibility. Having a white aura can have several meanings.

For instance, it can imply that you are a new soul. You do not have enough experience. On the contrary, old souls can also have this type of aura too.

They are those who managed to achieve a state of balance in their life and are in perfect harmony with themselves.

  • White aura is divine, and it is the purest kind of aura.
  • This can indicate that the person is intuitive.
  • They can be angelic and transcendent.

People Who Have Difficulties of Letting Go Have Gray Aura

It is quite ordinary to see some hints of grey on people’s aura. This can be a sign that the energy of the person is being blocked. It can sometimes be related to a health condition.

However, the common cause of a grey aura is the difficulty of the person to let go of something he/she has experienced.

Therefore, their reaction towards this is to disconnect from this experience and move far away from it. Avoiding this can affect our energy.

You can never disconnect into this experience until you face it. It will still be connected to your energy and will have a detrimental impact towards it.

  • If you want to overcome your grey aura, you will have to accept that your past experiences are parts of who you are.
  • You should look for opportunities that allow you to merge and unify your past and present.

Brown Aura Represents Envy

Grey aura can change into brown. This is another type of muddied aura that is common among people who are envious.

They can also be present among people who will weaken their energy field in order to appear more pleasing to those who are abusive. Keep in mind that these people have no intention to accept your regardless of what you do.

Black Aura Appear to Those Individuals Who Have Long-Standing Issues

Once you radiate a dark grey or a black aura, this can indicate that you are feeling an accumulation of fear. You are being overwhelmed with grief and your emotional debris.

You may have a long-standing issue with other people during this life or on your past life. If you are releasing hint of dark aura, this can be a sign of a serious health condition.

The darker the aura is, the more dangerous the situation is. Dark aura means that you need to go through healing to clear the obstruction on the flow of energy.

Other Colors of Aura

Apart from the colors that we mentioned above, there are also some cases when a person will radiate a gold aura. They are those people who are attracted to beautiful and elegant things.

They have an active social life and they prefer to be the center of everyone’s attention. They are also independent and will hate to listen to the advice of others.

For those who have a pink aura, you are kind, sweet and at times generous. You are not afraid to give love to others even if you don’t receive love from them.

You are in touch with your emotion and femininity. Sometimes, this can also be a sign that you have to be independent.  You must be firm with your decision.


It is not uncommon to see a person that emits different types of aura. The aura that they will radiate can also change depending on the experiences that they go through.

Knowing what color is your aura and what does it mean can help you understand if you need healing. Some practice such as concentration exercise and meditation can amplify the person aura and stabilize their emotion. You can also match your aura with your environment to stabilize the color of your aura.