A Short Guide on What Color is Taupe

Taupe is a classic color. It is not trendy yet it will never be out of style. It is modest, organic, basic, practical and authentic. Thanks to its timelessness, taupe has a versatility that allows you to incorporate it on different areas.

Taupe Hex Code : #71645B
Taupe RGB : 113 100 91
Light Taupe Code : #998C831
Light Taupe RGB : 153 140 131


In case taupe is your favorite color, there is a possibility that your personality is also influenced by this color.

  • People depends on you. You are classic and a humble person.
  • You are modest and you prefer not to attract too much attention.
  • You are known for your warmth and sympathy towards others. It will not be difficult for others to create a connection with you.
  • You are sometimes yearning for adventure.
  • You can also be perceived as someone boring, dull, conservative, and cautious.

A Short History of Taupe

The term Taupe comes from the Talpa, a Latin word which literally means mole. This word is used to indicate moleskin. As years go by, different shades of taupe have been introduced. During the most recent year, the warm taupe has been featured on the color palette of Fall 2016. Due to its neutral tint, taupe can serve as an excellent backdrop that will complement the brighter colors.

Application of Taupe

As we mentioned before, taupe is a pretty versatile color. It can be utilized in different aspects of design and the arts. You will normally encounter this color on architecture, interior design, fashion, and branding.  Here are some of its popular application.

  • Subtle Foundation – Having a taupe wall will create a warm and subtle foundation that is excellent for every living room. The room will not be too light and not excessively dark. It is a perfectly neutral tint that will complement the bright colors in your house.
  • Traditional Interior Design – Taupe can also be introduced in a traditional home setting. You may also add some wide-ranging philosophical elements on your space that will not hamper this color.
  • On the Flooring – having a flooring that is made from natural wood can complement the modern settings. Mixing the wooden floor with white walls will make it appear like they are united. When your setting is laid out in neutral shade, you may add colorful and bright decoration that will make them pop-up. Ceramic flooring and stone flooring also comes with taupe shade.
  • Delicate Fabrics – Adding the taupe shade on delicate fabrics will highlight the comfort that it brings. Since this color conveys the feeling of comfort, it is often used on furniture and wool blanket.

When taupe is utilized on home design, it would be nice to pair this with complementary colors. You may refer to the color wheel to identify the colors that it complements. This will prevent the tone from looking dull and dry.

Taupe is also a mute color that is essential in creating the color of the flesh. If you want a subtler mode of a brighter color, simply mixing them with the taupe color will help you generate an amazing color. You will have the original color but with a lesser intensity.

How Taupe Can Affect Your Personality

Taupe is known for its calming and relaxing color and will help you reach you stability.  This is important when you need to reach an important decision. Here are other ways on how it can affect your personality.

  • Since this is a neutral color, some people may think that you are boring and dull.
  • This color will also refer to pleasantness. It may encourage people to look at you in a pleasant manner.
  • It will also make you appear elegant but without the effort to stand out from the crowd.

How this color can affect one’s personality will still be contingent upon personal experiences. Other factors may also affect its influence such as the significance of the color on cultures. By learning what color is taupe based on color psychology, you will be able to understand how it can stimulate certain feelings.

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