It can be a romantic, energizing space when the color scheme is uplifting and vibrant. Colors that surround you differ in the impact they have on your mood and behavior.

Lighter colors look pleasing and harmonious; they make a room look fresh, roomy and brighter. Darker shades look stylish and modern.

The colors good for bedrooms are the ones that create the look and ambience you want to for your room.

From a tranquil haven you love retreating to or a space with an ultra-modern, minimalistic look, you can create a bedroom that pleases your aesthetics and reflects your personality with eye-catching paint colors.

Colors That Create Serene Spaces

  • Aqua
  • Lavender
  • Sky blue
  • Lilac
  • Platinum

Colors That Energize

  • Reddish-orange
  • Peach
  • Gold
  • Yellow
  • Honey

Colors That Create A Romantic Ambience

  • Burgundy
  • Blush
  • Mauve
  • Raspberry
  • Caramel

Play With Color Power

Colors have the intrinsic power to change your mood and influence your behavior. According to color psychology, softer tints de-stress and relax you, while red, orange and yellow revitalize.

Tranquil, muted shades and color combinations that soothe your senses create the perfect bedroom atmosphere.

Your bedroom can have a serene vibe with cool blue, pale green, soft gray or other colors that promote tranquil feelings.

It can be bright, welcoming and warm with yellow or gold paint. It can look spectacular and luxurious with silver or purple.

The Colors Most Conducive To Sleep

If you find yourself wide awake and counting sheep, when what you really want is to fall asleep, the colors of your bedroom could be contributing to the insomnia you may be experiencing.

Blue paint in the bedroom is one of the colors most conducive to sleep. You can sleep like a log and wake up refreshed in a bedroom predominantly painted in the softer shades of blue.

Silver evokes the silvery sheen of moonlight and helps you fall asleep. Yellow is a happy color that creates a comforting atmosphere in your bedroom, making the room a comfortable and happy place to sleep and wake up in.

Colors That Fuel Creativity

Your bedroom could be a space you use for working, writing, completing assignments and studying. The room colors can create an environment of harmony and balance, making it an ideal place to get work done.

The energy of green is pure; it represents the colors you see outdoors and in nature. Green clears your mind and thinking, putting you in a creative state of mind.

Blue is the color of trust and communication. It evokes the clear blue sky and sparkling clear water. It can make creative ideas burn brighter, flooding your mind with creative, new ideas.

The Funky Vibe

Your bedroom can have a cool and funky vibe with colorful retro colors on the walls. You can create a glamorous, fun and funky ambience from an era gone by with your paint choices and by adding retro accents to the decor.

Earthy browns, mauve, yellow and orange represent retro chic and are timeless in appeal.

Passion, Love & Romance

Transform your bedroom into a space where passion and romance can thrive with color choices that create the perfect romantic atmosphere.

Sweet romance is the vibe of the room when the bedroom is painted in raspberry hues. Pink, purple, lavender, mauve and plum are colors that look plush and are enchanting to look at.

Red is high on sultry appeal, paired with silver or gold, it creates a bedroom that is red-hot and tantalizing. A black and white bedroom looks stylish, ultra-chic and romantic.

The Vibe Of Colors

Paint colors can relax and soothe you with their harmonious and soothing look. They can make you feel vibrantly alive, boost your energy levels and inspire creativity.

The colors can make a spacious room look elegant and intimate when you have darker shades on the walls. Every color has a particular vibe; the energy of each color can influence, alter and transform your mood.


Purple looks luxurious and sophisticated. It is linked to creative energy and luxury. Lilac and lavender are softer shades of purple that bring tranquil energy to a room.


Green is linked to nature and forest colors. Its energy is fresh and refreshing. It de-stesses you, helping you unwind and relax.


Powder blue, azure and sky blue are soothing colors that are some of the ideal choices for a bedroom. They are lower stress levels, slow down breathing and lower blood pressure.


White is a neutral color that brightens up a space. It can be used with a bold color to liven up a room. Ivory combined with teal, green, purple, red or orange creates a look that is chic and contemporary.


Brown is associated with comfort, nature and warmth. Darker shades of brown can make a room look smaller and gloomy. Paired with soft gray, ivory, pale green or cream, it looks soothing and modern.


Red is the fiery color of love, energy and passion. It is a stimulating color that energizes. The overpowering influence of red can be toned down by combining it with pink, ivory, soft gray or pale green.


The vibe of gray is calming and serene. A room predominantly painted in gray can look dull. Pairing it with darker hues can bring more color to a room.


Pink is a great choice when looking for a serene color with a romantic vibe. Rose, raspberry and blush are colors that create a romantic ambience. When paired with navy, brown or gray, it creates a harmonious and attractive look.

Good, Better, Best

The bedroom is your place to relax. It is a space you step into to unwind and let your hair down. You can achieve a tranquil and cozy atmosphere in your bedroom with the colors you choose.

Cool colors de-stress and reduce anxiety. They are ideal choices that promote calm, contentment and relaxation. Create the serene and peaceful oasis you want with these 5 best colors that have the most soothing vibe.


Blue and tints of blue are top picks for the bedroom. They have a cool look that creates placid environments. Azure describes the blue sky on a clear day. It is a great choice for peace, relaxation and tranquility.


Gray and soft gray variations have calming energy. Soft gray looks pleasing and subtle. It pairs well with dark colored decor.

Dark Blue

Deep, rich blue evokes water and ocean colors. It is deeply soothing and relaxing. When paired with subtle shades and neutrals, dark blue looks luxurious without being too overpowering.


Lilac is a softer shade of purple that looks equally regal. It is cooling color that brings more cool and serenity to your bedroom.

Pale Green

Green is a color with both cool and warm elements. The palest of green looks fresh and elegant when paired with darker hues and neutrals. Pale green promotes feelings of happiness and serenity.

Hone In On The Perfect Choice

Colors can change the appearance of a room. A fresh lick of paint can make a dull and dingy room look warm, bright and inviting.

The right hue can make a large room look intimate or a smaller room look roomier. Colors can look different once they are painted and are on the walls.

This can make choosing the colors and deciding the color combinations seem like a little bit of a challenge.

To hone in on the colors that are just perfect for the vision you have in mind and for your room, you can utilize the energy and meaning attached to each hue to create the look and energy you want for your bedroom.

These pointers can help you hone in on the perfect hues:

  • Decide the look and atmosphere you want to create
  • Utilize color psychology and the energy of the colors to get to the perfect ambience.
  • When choosing the wall colors, the furnishing, accents and carpeting can be a guide while you decide the paint colors.


The colors of a room have the power to influence your thoughts, emotions and behavior. Colors impact people in myriad ways.

You can use this potent color power to your advantage. Colors good for bedrooms enable you to create the energy, vibe and atmosphere you want for your bedroom.

Paint colors can transform a room quickly and easily. A room can go from gloomy to bright, beautiful and roomy with a fresh coat of paint that creates this look.

Cool blues, neutral grays and fresh greens surround you with tranquil energy. Red and orange spark creative flair, while fuchsia, raspberry, red and plum bring romantic energy to the room.

Your bedroom can look as fantastic as you want, when you pick the perfect colors for the walls.

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