The Spiritual meaning of blue and its symbolism was based on what the color symbolizes in the bible. It is the color of the skies and the sea, which represents freedom, open spaces, vastness, intuition, inspiration, and sensitivity. These meanings illicit emotions that are serene and sedate. However, this isn’t true at all times. Some shades of blue exude eccentricity and brilliance which in turn, articulates vivaciousness. Moreover, there also exists such shade that may express indifference and coldness and can even dampen spirits.

Symbolism of shades and tints of blue

  1. Dark blue: Trust, intelligence, authority, dignity, lack of emotion

Darker shades of blue represent authority, conservatism, as well as responsibility. In spite of its calm and cool appearance, it symbolizes non-emotional kind of worry and repressed feelings. It can also embody pessimism and hypocrisy. Dark blue can at times represent compassion but often comes unnoticed as its emotions run deep. It is a serious masculine colour that  characterizes power, integrity, knowledge and authority which is why it is often used in the corporate world.

  1. Bright blue: strength, dependability, coolness, cleaniliness

Blue has always been related to the color of the spirit and devotion. It inspires reflection, prayer, and contemplation. It also represents devotion not only to a specific religious study but may also be to passion, work, family, etc. Bright blue also symbolizes help and rescue. This particular shade is a giver, and not a taker. It likes to build trust for a sturdier relationship. Once betrayed, bright blue becomes too deeply hurt as this is a very trusting color. This shade also embodies true contentment as of the azure blue. Azure promotes determination and perseverance to achieve goals.  It reminds us of one’s sense of purpose.

  1. Sky blue: calmness, relaxation, peace, serenity

Blue is a color that seeks placidity and peace above all else, stimulating all physical, mental, and emotional relaxation. The shade of sky blue reduces stress, in turn creating a sense of calmness and tranquility. It gives off the feeling of relaxation and order as how it would make anyone feel if we lay down on our backs and watch the bright cloudless blue sky. Sky blue inspires self-love and promotes loyalty. This cool shade is non-threatening and suggests a helpful encouraging nature that can overcome impediments. It is technically, the universal healer of colors.

  1. Light blue: spiritual, infinity, ethereal

Light blue or sometimes coined as pale blue instigates creativity and freedom. It inspired breaking free and just letting it all out. Generally, blue is idealistic. It motivates self-expression and communication. It inspires higher ideals. Light blue’s wisdom comes from a higher form of intelligence – one that is aligned with a spiritual perspective. It also relates to a one-to-one communication like that of a mentor-student kind as light blue is also all for truth, expression, and public speaking.

Blue in the Chakra System:

In the Indian Chakra system, the color blue is associated to the 5th chakra which is more generally referred to as the “throat chakra”. Throat chakra, as expected, governs the neck, esophagus, vocal cords, mouth, teeth, spine, cervical vertebrae as well as the shoulders and arms. Consequently, it is the center of communication. If this particular chakra gets out of balance, problems in the body parts mentioned above may arise. One may experience sore throat, laryngitis swollen glands, jaw and neck pains, hearing issues, ear infections, and thyroid imbalances. All these consume the energy of the color blue. In the Chakran perspective, it is thought that blue-colored energy help the body fight against infection.

Too much blue energy is manifested through your tendency to be tactless and/or overshare. If you are unable to drop your point without beating around the bush, or has a tendency to gossip or talk too much, it could also be a signification of an excess of the blue-colored energy. Lacking of such shows the opposite. If you have trouble speaking, especially publicly…or too timid to share and express your thoughts, you might need more of the blue energy. Blue energy overload could be fixed by adding red-colored energy into your life. This may be through carrying a red gemstone in your pocket, or accentuating your home with red – whatever works for you.

Adding Blue color to your life:

  1. To help you communicate better – Adding blue energy might just give you the strength to actually voice out your thoughts and ideas.
  2. If you have throat, ears, eyes, nose, and neck issues – This also pertains to blue as the color of the throat chakra. Adding blue might be able to reenergize the body parts you are having a trouble with.
  3. If you are having a problem getting a good sleep – Since blue represents calmness and tranquility, a little more blue might just solve your case.
  4. If you’ve had a shock or otherwise need to calm down – Given that blue embodies coolness and placidity, blue should do the trick.
  5. To aid you in remembering what you’ve studied for exams – As a color of wisdom and intelligence, no color is more fit for situations like these.

The color blue is considered to be one of the most favorite colors by many. Its spiritual meaning and symbolism give justice to this. Blue has more complicated and contradictory meanings than any other color. Its positive aspects include loyalty, affection, creativity, intelligence, honesty, wisdom, conservatism, and calmness. It’s negative traits, on the other hand, are ambition, emotional instability, and apathy.

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