A Comprehensive Guide on What Your Favorite Color Say About You Sexually

The colors that we are drawn to will say things about our sexual personality. By learning about these things, you will understand more about your sexual preference and tendencies.

Black Is Sexy and Powerful

Black is an alluring color yet with a sense of elegance and power. Based on color psychology, those who love black are usually involved in secret love affairs. It is also an indication that a person can be stylish, mysterious and demanding.

  • You are probably drawn towards BDSM particularly on dominance and bondage. They love to be in control.
  • Obviously, there are things that you hide, and your romantic partner will need to exert effort in order to peel the layers and expose their true self.
  • People draw to black are known for their irresistible charm.
  • It should be noted that black is the preferred color of most sex offenders.

Red Pertains to Romance and Passion

Red can ignite your romance and passion. According to psychology, red has the power to boost the person’s heart rate and blood pressure. Therefore, it can also be arousing and sexually stimulating. The brides of India and China will usually wear something red during their first night with their husband to excite them.

  • Those who are attracted to the red color are known for being easy to stimulate and satisfy. By surrounding your bedroom with red pain, you can improve your sexual mood.
  • Unfortunately, people with red personality are also known for their anger. Their unpredictable flare ups can ruin the mood.
  • Red is also considered as the color of sensuality.

Blue is Calm and Distant

Peace-loving individuals will find themselves drawn to this color. It is a lonely and cold color that may indicate your lackluster and a dull sex life. Some people believe that blue can be a good partner since they are honest, loyal, dependable, and honest. However, blue people will seem to be distant and cold. It will take time before they will gradually open themselves to you. Once they do warm up, it will totally be worth it.

  • People with this type of personality are known to have a stable emotion.
  • Painting your bedroom with this color can help you relax and stay calm.

Pink is Sensual

Just like red, pink can also stand for sensuality. This is no longer surprising since it is considered as the close relative of red especially in terms of sexuality. Nonetheless, while red pertains to lust and passion, pink is completely focused on romance.

  • Lovers attracted to pink colors are known to be very caring and loving towards their partners. They are willing to go the extra miles in order to show their partners that they are loved.
  • They love doing stuff to nurture the relationship and make their partners feel good.
  • However, most people that are attracted to pink will appear immature with regards to sex.

Yellow Brings a Happy Romantic Relationship

Yellow is a symbol of happiness. If your favorite color is yellow, you are probably hopeful and optimistic. This makes them a good partner and people want to be near them. They can be intellectual, cheerful, and warm lover.

  • Apart from their pleasant attitude, they can also be physically attractive.
  • On the contrary, they can also act eccentric and unstable.
  • Their urges on bedroom can be quite unpredictable.

Green Is for Balance and Harmonious Relationship

Green is an organic, fertile, and fresh shade. Individuals who are interested with this color will often want to make their romantic partners feel secured and safe. In fact, just being close to your lover with green sexual personality will make you feel comfortable and may heal your tired mind and body. Unfortunately, green can also be an indication of the person’s lack of experience on bed.

  • Green can be a symbol of masculinity. It can also refer to harmony, balance and conservativeness.
  • While it may be considered as the color of compassion and nurture, it can also pertain to jealousy, selfishness, and envy.

Orange Is Known to Be Extroverted

Orange is a warm color and people whose favorite color is orange are known to be warm also. They are also flamboyant and vibrant. This color is also an indication that the lover is extroverted and a risk-taker. They may show no inhibitions in bedroom that makes them a good partner. They are also willing to try new things that will make them enthusiastic, stimulating, and encouraging.

  • Orange is also a symbolism of femininity.
  • It takes a unique person to love an orange person. They can be exhibitionist, dependent, and over-bearing.

Purple Can Lead to Sexual Issues

If you are looking for the passion of red while having the calmness of blue, people with a purple personality will be a good catch. However, they are known to be sexually deprived since this is a color that signify sexual frustration. Purple is also the shade related with wealth and royalty. They can have an extravagant life, or they will often live in their fantasy world.

  • The lighter spectrum of purple is related to romance.
  • Darker tint of purple can pertain to different sexual issues.

White is Pure and Innocent

Lovers who are attracted to white are known for being loyal, pure, and virginal. They are submissive which makes them a good partner for people with black personality. They will do anything to maintain the peace in their house and they think that they can achieve this by pleasing their spouse. With regards to the person’s sexuality, they can be very conservative.

  • To some, they may have a ‘dirty’ view on sex. They will usually insist for their partner to take a shower before having sex.
  • They will also be timid in showing their affection when they are in public.

Grey Lacks Emotion

Grey can mean that the person lacks the ability to express emotion. They are not as mysterious as black yet not as pure as the white. People whose favorite color is grey will not be sure on the things that can stimulate or excite them. It is a stable and a solid shade that encourages reason and logic instead of highlighting passion.

  • Most men who are attracted to grey will only view sex to relieve their tension. Women on the other hand will treat to procreate.
  • While most people will look at gray as elegant and formal, it is still far away from being glamorous. It does not warrant attention and prefer to remain as the background.
  • They are conservative and it will not be uncommon for them to feel lonely since they tend to shut their emotion down with regards to forming new relationships.

Silver Is the Most Revealing Color

Silver is different from grey. If grey people will suppress their relationship, silver lovers will present their true self during the start of their relationship. People who have this type of aura will be ready to go into a more intimate relationship with you after the first date. However, you should also be wary about them. They will immediately tell you about their deepest secret that can catch you off guard.

  • They are attractive and they also know how to admire the beauty of others.
  • They will usually keep you entranced with their beauty.

Gold Lovers Are in Sync with Their Sexuality

Most people will find individuals with golden aura attractive. This is because golden lovers will not hesitate to open themselves to their romantic partner. They have a strong upbringing and they are always surrounded with comfort and love.

  • They know how to have fun, but they also know when to hold back.
  • With their honesty, charisma, and wisdom, they can become good parents.

Brown Is Deep and Warm

The brown lovers are known for being sensitive to other people’s needs. They are profound and warm. They are also loyal and grounded. However, they have a certain fear on losing their control while having sex. They can easily be overcome with an intimate and strong foreplay which guarantees that they have the privacy and the time for their emotion to flourish. Additionally, they also look for a partner that is loyal and secured.

Individuals who claimed that they have no color preference are possibly overwhelmed by the different choices of colors that they have. In order to help you choose your favorite color, think of an empty room wherein the floor, walls, and ceiling is covered by one color. Imagine that you will have to stay inside the room for a couple of hours. Consider what type of colors you want to surround yourself. This is possibly your favorite color. Learning what your favorite color say about you sexually can help you enhance your sex life and romantic relationship.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article !