Generally, color is one of the primary factors that people will consider when shopping for their new phone. According to the experts, the color of the phone says something about the personality of their owner.

Therefore, you might want to know what your cell phone color says about you since it will help you understand more about your character.

A Complete Guide on What Your Cell Phone Color Says About You

To some people, cellphone provides them with the convenience that they need. They can use it to call their loved ones, read the news, watch their favorite show, and shop for the things they need.

However, psychologists believe that it is more than just convenience. When we are choosing the phone color, we are divulging the things that are happening inside our brain. The color choice that we make is a form of a statement of our subconscious mind.

White Are for People Who Value Cleanliness

White is preferred by individuals who want their things to remain clean. They are known for having high standards in life.

Some of them may even have an obsessive-compulsive disorder. Surprisingly, white is also associated with simplicity.

It may suggest that the owner of the phone is yearning for a simple life. It is also possible that they are more concerned with the primary function of the phone rather than its additional functions.

They will not look for the latest chipset or highest resolution in camera when looking for a smartphone.

White is also considered as an open color that may suggest that the owner of the phone is open-minded. They prefer to remain impartial, and they will not be quick to judge others.


You prefer things to be organized, tidy, and neat. An ideal world for you is a place filled with perfection.

You have a detailed schedule in your planner, and you make sure that you will always arrive on time. Your friends think that you are someone reliable.

Black Are for Users without Interest on Self Expression

Initially, most smartphones offered in the market are black. People do not have a lot of choices when it comes to color.

However, now that there are more choices in color, choosing black means that you are a person that has no interest in self-expression.

You are looking at your phone as a tool to fulfil specific functions. Black can also be a motivator. Black signifies professionalism, sophistication, elegance, and power.

These characteristics are probably the reason why some people will choose black since they want others to perceive them this way. Black is also an indication that a person dramatically values his/her privacy.


You may have won as the best-dressed in an event. You know how to combine a killer outfit and to capture the attention of the guests while remaining refined.

People should never undermine you. You are willing to do everything you can to get the things you want.

Blue Are Not for Attention-Seekers

Blue is the color of calmness and relaxation that makes it an excellent choice for reserved people. It is also linked to sound and in-depth thinking.

You are very careful when sharing your opinion. You make it a point to think before you even say a word or act. You are conservative and very efficient.

These are some of the personalities that are associated with people who choose a blue phone.

Blue is a rare phone color, that may also mean that a person with this cellphone has the desire to be unique.

It can be an expression of their taste. People who choose a dark blue phone are those individuals who are known for their creative talent.


You are someone who has an answer for almost everything regardless of how difficult the question may be. You can view things on a different perspective and look for solutions out of the box.

Red Reflects the Person’s Temperament

Red has always been associated with aggressiveness, impulsiveness, lust, competitiveness, and physical energy.

The color of their phone can be the indication of their temperament. Red is an unconventional choice when it comes to cellphone colors.

It is an intense color that stimulates a powerful emotion. It warrants attention, which can be the primary reason why some people are choosing them.

Someone who is seeking the attention of others may choose this color. They have a talkative and outgoing personality.

They are recharging their energy by socializing with others. People with a red smartphone are also highly likely to be expressive with their emotion.

They will be focused on their personal opinion and will not give too much attention to the idea of others. They simply want to do the things they want without following the standard.


This color is reflecting the user’s leadership skills and power. It is the core of your personality. However, you still have a big heart, and you are passionate about joining charity events.

Gold Are for Individuals Seeking for Acknowledgement

Some people will choose a gold phone that may reflect their unique personality traits. Gold is commonly associated with wealth and prosperity.

People who pick this cellphone color are materialistic, generous, and looking for status recognition. Gathering knowledge is also significant to them.

If you know someone close to you with this phone, you may notice that they have an outgoing personality.

They are also keen on maintaining their social status. They want others to know that they are financially capable, and they can afford luxurious things.


You are determined on carving and following your path. You do not follow the latest trend.

Your friends look at you as someone who brings the energy and happiness to the group. You can always cheer them up with your bright personality.

Pink is a Symbol of Femininity

As always, pink highlights the person’s feminine traits. Someone who owns a pink smartphone is possibly friendly.

They are also emotionally expressive, caring, affectionate, and outgoing. They sometimes have the same personality of red but not as pronounced.

They have the desire to express their opinion, but they will also listen to the idea of others. They are not the most practical person that you know; on the contrary, they can be idealistic and intuitive.

They derive their life energy from any bright colors. It is also likely that they have a compulsive and creative trait.

Other Colors of Smartphone

Apart from the colors that we mentioned above, you now have more options to change the shade of your smartphone.

Thanks to the different manufacturers of phone cases. Phone cases will not only offer additional protection, but it can also make your phone look edgy.

Cyan is for Thinkers

Cyan is a balanced color that can reflect the thinking personality of a person. Therefore, there is a high possibility that happy and satisfied people will choose this color.

Nevertheless, this color has a range of properties due to the different combination of the colors.

The blue part of this shade helps you to think rationally, while red can affect you on a physical level.

Coral is Stylish

Those who will choose a coral phone are known for being fashionistas. They can appear at their best regardless of the occasion.

You will feel that your heartbeat will increase the moment you saw this color. You simply know that it is a color specifically made for you.

Fuchsia Draws Attention

Fuchsia is a color that prompts others to evaluate you. It is the color of powerful feminism. If you have this phone color, you probably have the characteristic of an angry lady.

Orange is Optimistic

Orange will highlight the person’s warmth and optimistic personality. They are also confident but not unapproachable.

Indigo Pertains to Imagination

Indigo is the color of creativity, idealism, and vision. These are perhaps the qualities that will best describe your character if you have this phone color.

Apart from these colors, there are absolutely a variety of colors that you can choose from. Initially, people can only pick black, bronze, and gray color. Recently, phones with brighter colors are becoming more popular.

Even white cell phones back in the early days are relatively limited. If you still have limited choices, you can just tweak the design of your phone with the help of covers and casing.


Most people will buy their people without overthinking. They will simply walk inside the gadget store and pick a phone with a reputable brand and will not even pay attention to the specifications.

However, others will be very picky when shopping for a phone. They will consider the price range, the quality of the camera, the chipset, and the color of the smartphone.

Choosing the color of your phone is a matter of personal preference. However, you may want to consider learning what your cell phone color says about you to understand more about your personality.