There are colors that will make you feel sexier and confident and colors that will increase your youthful energy. In this article, we will discuss what your nail color says about you.

A Complete Guide on What Your Nail Color Says about You

When you are presented with the swatches of nail polishes at the salon, and your interest was drawn towards a certain color, this is not just a matter of your style or preference.

You are making a statement. Your attention will gravitate towards the color that indicates your emotion and personality.

Red is the Color of Sensuality and Glamour

Red is the epitome of glamour and sensuality. It is a bold color that represents passion. If you are drawn towards this color, this can mean that you are not afraid to be the center of the attention. It is dramatic, daring, and full of confidence.

It Puts You on the Spotlight – A red nail polish means that you are ready to be different and to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Flirty – There is absolutely nothing flirtier and more passionate than the red shade.

Classic – With regards to nail polishes, red is still a classic color. You should not be afraid to wear this hue on an office environment.

Orange Nail Polish Means You Are Cheerful and Bubbly

The warm shade of orange is popular among ladies who have bubbly and cheerful personality.

They are known for being generous and it will not be difficult for them to associate themselves with others. They are friendly and will be the source of energy on any party and events.

Impulsive – While they can be full of energy, they can also be impulsive and ballsy.

Optimistic – Since orange is a combination of red and yellow, it represents vitality and optimism. They prefer to look on the brighter side of things. They will be brave in taking risks as long as they are confident.

Yellow Means Warmth and Happiness

It will be impossible to ignore you if you are wearing a yellow nail polish. This color has always been associated with warmth and the power of the sun.

Women who prefer this color are often bohemian, extroverted and spontaneous. They also exemplify their unique sense of fashion and style.

Rebirth – Yellow can be a symbol of rebirth. This means that you will be able to enjoy a future filled with prosperity.

Purple Denotes Artistry

Purple is made by combining red and blue. Therefore, it possesses both qualities of blue and red. This can indicate that you are individualistic, artistic, and confident. Just like red, you also prefer to stand out amongst the rest of the crowd.

For those who prefer lilac and lavender, you are known to be collected and calm. In terms of your personality you are graceful and feminine.

Imagination – Purple is also a symbol of creativity. If you are applying on a job that values artistry, you can definitely wear this color during the job interview.

Impractical – In case you don’t feel practical, you will be drawn towards this color.

Poised – For those who are attracted towards the soft lilac, they are known for being relaxed, calm, and poised. People who surrounds you will treat you as a reliable person. You are loyal and you are someone that they can trust.

Open – Minded – People who love this color are never judgmental.

Pink Exudes Femininity

Women who are quiet and composed will gravitate towards the softer pink of shade. They have the youthful energy but not cutesy.

If you love this nail polish color, you are probably sophisticated. This is popular among career-oriented women.

However, if you prefer the bolder shade of pink, you are playful, sexy, and chic. You will have to be extremely confident to wear this shade.

Relaxed – Soft pigments such as pale pink can make you more relaxed and calmer. If you need to make an important decision in the next couple of days, this will be a good choice for you.

Warm and Bubbly – Light pink is one of the classic colors with regards to nail polish. If you love pink color this can mean that you are warm, kind, and bubbly.

Regal – Women who love baby pink color have a sense of elegance and are regal in carrying themselves. They are also classy and graceful.

Green Nail Polish is Related with the Power of Nature

Green is a very powerful color that relates to the power of earth and nature. This is a strong color that is not always the first choice of most women. If you choose this nail polish, you are known for your love towards adventure. You will also not shy away from taking risks.

Energetic – Green is known for its bold and bright shade. It is known to exude energy that makes a person excited.

Calm and Humble – While you have a great amount of energy, you can also keep calm and collected. You are also down to earth. You can easily put a smile on everyone’s face.

Blue Is Not for the Weak Hearts

Blue is commonly associated with peace and calmness. However, in terms of nail polish, this is not intended for women who will not take risks.

This is a good choice for people who love to experiment. This gives the others an impression that you want to live your life at its fullest.

You don’t want a dull life and you prefer it to be filled with fun and excitement. This nail polish tells the other that you are thrilling and youthful. You are not afraid to try new and exciting things.

Reliable – Blue suggest that you are trustworthy, reliable, and loyal. It is not related to romance, but it tells others that you can be a good and faithful friend.

Consistency – Apart from that, a blue nail polish can also indicate your honest and confident personality.

Neon Means You Are Hip and Energetic

It is not easy to pull off a neon nail polish. If your interest has been drawn towards the neon hues, this can indicate that you love having a good time.

You are energetic and vivacious. You are good in interacting with others and you have a devil-may-care attitude.

You will not hesitate to interact or strike a conversation with a stranger. The party will be dull and boring without you.

Lively and Brave – Neon is not a common choice among women. Those who will have a neon nail polish have a high amount of energy. They can remain lively all night long.

Not for a Discreet or Conservative Environment – In case you are working in a conservative or traditional office set-up, you might want to avoid this color and save it for your time off and vacation.

This is a bright color that is known for its youthful energy, but it can also make you look cheap if overly done.

Clean White Will Make You Look Fresh

If you prefer clean white nail polish, this can mean that you are currently a blank slate. This is not necessarily a bad thing since this opens you to a range of possibilities.

If you choose to wear it on the winter season, you will appear classy and crisp. During summer, you will look airy and fresh.

Since this type of manicure can easily develop cracks, choosing this can send the message to others that you pay extra effort and attention to your appearance.

You are Chic – White is a classic nail polish color that signifies that you are elegant and confident. You know the things that you want, and it will not be easy to convince you to change your mind.

Pure and Innocent – This can also mean that you have a pure and innocent personality. White has always been related with purity and transparency.

Black Nail Polish Is for Daring People

This is a stormy and dark color that is intended for those daring women. They are trendsetter and they are women who you don’t want to mess with. They couldn’t care less on what the other people around them are doing.

This is not necessarily related with depression. Rather than that, this is a chance to drift away from the ordinary and embrace the darkness within you.

Other Nail Polish Color

Charcoal – This is a dark color but not necessarily black. This is a color that attract the interest of creative women. They can be sculptor, chef, poet, or painter.

Burgundy – Burgundy or maroon is for sexy and sophisticated. This can indicate that you have a mature personality. When it comes to serious matter, people will run to you since they know that you are dependable.

Metallic Color – This is for glamorous women. Your sense of style is always updated, and you know how to combine your street wear to your couture pieces. Silver on the other hand is a mystical shade. This can mean that you are attached with your emotion and spirituality.


Now that you are aware on what your nail color says about you, you can probably choose the nail polish that will help you make a statement and reflect your personality. This is also a good opportunity to learn and stabilize your emotion and mood.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article !