It is your house, and you want it to reflect your personality. If you are a minimalist who likes neutral and muted colors, you are free to do that.

However, you should also consider the insights of the expert on how colors can influence our personality and affect our mood.

Knowing the worst colors to paint a room and the reason behind will help you avoid the paint that can harm you.

List of Worst Colors to Paint a Room

While the color of your bedroom depends upon your taste, we still listed some of the colors that you should avoid.

Before you start picking up your paint tools, you may want to read our short but helpful guide.

Bright Red

Red paint is sensual and passionate. However, it can also keep you alert. When all you want is to remain relaxed and comfortable in your room, you may find it hard to do when red colors surround you.

If you are still adamant about using this, you can utilize this as an accent color. Paint it in a small portion of your walls.

If you want a romantic ambiance in your room, you still have different options such as soft pink, lavender, and corals.

Red can also increase your blood pressure and heartbeat. It can make you feel irritated and can incite anger.


Most people will associate yellow to happiness since it is the color of the sun. However, if you choose the wrong shade of yellow, it can negatively influence your mood.

Also, you may feel like you are living inside a giant lemon. For those who plan to cover their bedroom with yellow paint, you must choose a more subtle shade such as pale ochre, camel, and butter.

You don’t need a bright yellow color if your bedroom is already adequately lit.


White walls are not necessarily a wrong shade, but it is more preferred to use in bathrooms.

It gives the bathroom a sense of purity and cleanliness. However, using this color in your bedroom can make the room appear bland, especially if there is not much going on in your bedroom.

Others may think that you have a very dull personality. Pale yellow and off white would be the better choice.

These colors are exciting, but at the same time, they are also welcoming and calming. Better use white colors on the decorations hanging on the walls or your furniture.


Since it is a warm color, its influence can be the same as the effect of yellow and red paint. It is a stimulating color and not a very good option for a bedroom.

Burnt orange is less intense and may work for you. Yuma and marigold are also excellent options.


Surrounding your room with brown paint can make your bedroom look drab.

On the contrary, if you use this color properly, then you might transform your room into something sophisticated and chic.

Use contrasting colors when painting your walls with brown paint. Add a dash of white or dark red furnishing to make the room elegant.

Worst Colors to Paint Your Living Room

Our living room is a place where the entire family will relax. It should encourage interaction and socialization.

Additionally, it should also provide a friendly and relaxing ambiance. Picking the right paint color that you will use on your walls can make a significant difference.

Off White

If this color is recommended in your bedroom, you might want to avoid using it in your living room.

They do not only appear less-appealing it can also look different contingent upon the lighting of the room.

Other times, the area will appear dingy. Greige paint would be a better choice for this section of your house.


Since you want to spend your time here relaxing while watching your favorite TV show, you may want to avoid colors that are stimulating, such as orange.

The most preferred color for the living room would be green. It will not only make you feel calm, but it also gives you a sense of safety.

It is precisely what most of us want to feel after a stressful day at work. Additionally, green has a healing effect, especially on our eyes.

According to the study, it delivers the lowest level of eyestrain that makes them an excellent choice when you are sitting in front of your TV set.


You want your living room to appear welcoming, and covering it with black paint can overwhelm your guests.

It can also make the room look dull and dirty. The better color would be earth tones.

Anything with a shade of brown can stimulate conversation. Nonetheless, make sure that the area is well-lit.

Worst Color to Paint Your Kitchen

The color will not just provide us with visual experience; it also has a psychological impact on our emotions and mood.

It can be a type of communication that can set the tone for a particular room, such as your kitchen.

We want to create a more inviting kitchen. Choosing the wrong color can dampen the mood and spirit of everyone. Here are some of the colors that you must avoid.


There was a time when eggshell paint is the preferred color for our kitchen. It is a safe shade that has become the favorite in the real estate industry in the past.

As time passed by, this color has become outdated. It will remind you of an old era.

It will make your kitchen appear dated and bland. It lacks personality and should never be used in the kitchen.

Darker Gray

Gray is often related to a gloomy personality and will not be suitable for the kitchen. Darker shades of gray would make space look even worse.

While gray is mostly used in modern homes today, it will never create that welcoming feeling.

Based on color psychology, grey can create that uninviting feeling. A kitchen is a place where we gather our friends and family.

There’s just no way that you can enjoy the meal if the area appears murky.

Pantone : 448c

Most people will think that it is the ugliest paint color. The color will remind you of grime and dirt that will significantly reduce the appeal of your kitchen.

Who wants to eat in a kitchen that looks dirty? Avoid covering the walls of your kitchen with this color.

Worst Color to Paint Your Bathroom

When looking for the right color for your bathroom, you need to consider the overall impact that you want to achieve.

Natural shades and light colors have always been an excellent choice in our bathroom since they gave that relaxing feeling. Yellow can also be the right color for this area.

It is a warm and happy color, and it encourages the nerve to function correctly. It assists liver function and our endocrine system.

It also stimulates your digestive system. You may choose other colors but avoid the hue that we will mention below.


Using black tiles or covering your bathroom with black paint is not a good idea. You want the place to emanate a sense of comfort and joy.

You don’t want to come out of the bathroom, feeling gloomy and sick. Black is also a symbol of aggression and power; you want a shade that will give you a rejuvenating feeling.

Muddy Colors

The bathroom is an enclosed space, choosing a greige (grey and beige) color will not only make space appear smaller, but it will also look dingy. Choose lighter colors instead, such as spring greens or powder blue.

Worst Colors to Paint Study Room

According to research, people tend to work more efficiently when they are in a blue room. They tend to feel hopeful, centered, and calm.

They also commit lesser mistakes compared to those who are working in a white room. You can also opt for green paint.

It will make you feel comfortable, and it increases your level of concentration. For the colors that you should avoid, here are some of them.


While this color may be aggressive, it can also be overpowering. You might lose your focus, which will make it difficult for you to remember critical information.


Grey does not only appear dirty, but it is also a passive color, and it does not emanate enough energy that can stimulate you. It will affect your productivity and efficiency.


Using the right color in different parts of your house will help you stimulate the right emotion, and it can also increase the value of your home.

You need to be smart in picking the color, so you must be aware of the worst colors to paint a room.

Choosing the best colors with the right impact can help you create a comfortable home.