When you are choosing the color for a specific room, understand that there are worst colors you should never paint your home. Colors can have a direct effect on our mood and personality that can affect the quality of our life.

List of Worst Colors You Should Never Paint Your Home

If you are planning to sell your home, painting it is an easy way to increase the market value of your house. Generally, you want to use the power of colors to attract potential buyers immediately. To serve as your guide, we listed some of the colors that you should avoid.

Avoid Using Red on the Bedroom

We highly discourage you from coating the walls of your bedroom with red paint. Based on the research conducted in the University of Rochester, the color can encourage a strong emotional and physical reaction such as anger.

Additionally, since we commonly use red to denote danger, people will usually feel threatened when exposed to this color. This also evokes the feeling of distraction and worry. Since your bedroom is designed for relaxation, red is not the best color since it will make you restless.

White Is Not the Idea Color for Your Home Office

According to the experts, a brightly lit, white room can induce psychological discomfort and contribute to eye fatigue. If you want to make sure that your workday will be generally pleasant, you should avoid this color in your home office.

Additionally, some people may think that white is an excellent choice for their bathroom. However, most of the buyers nowadays will disagree. Based on the research of Zillow, choosing a generic paint for your bathroom can bring down the market value of your house to up to $4,000.

White walls will basically create a boring and dead room particularly if your room does not receive a generous amount of natural light.

Yellow and Marigold Should Not Be Used in Your Kitchen

Last 2016, there has been a surge of home buyers who prefer a yellow kitchen. Unfortunately, things in the real estate industry can quickly change and homes with marigold kitchen will have an $820 lower market value.

Bright yellow has the same psychological effect as orange. A hint of these colors can create elegance and vitality in your room.

However, this is a complex color that may not blend well with the other colors. Aside from that, too much yellow can easily overwhelm the homeowners.

If you plan to introduce yellow in your house, you can use it in the kid’s room since it emanates a sense of liveliness and happiness. Furthermore, it is proved to be mentally stimulating.

Say No to a Purple Bedroom

Apart from red, purple is also a bad choice for your bedroom. While deeper shades of purple can add sophistication to your room and make it appear like an aristocratic palace, you still wan to stay away from this color when painting your sleeping quarters.

According to the research of Travelodge, they realized that purple is considered as the color that is least conducive for sleeping. People with purple bedroom will have an average sleep of more than 5 hours only.

Stay Away from Dark Brown

There was a year that bark brown has been considered as the least appealing color. In fact, due to its unattractive color, some countries such as Australia, United Kingdom, and France uses this as the standard color for the cigarette packaging to discourage people from buying them.

There is absolutely no area in your home that deserves to be coated with this color. Brown is not only considered as plain and boring. Statistics show that homes with brown walls will also sell lower than their original market value.

Using Pink is Not Practical

Using pink on the walls of the nursery or your kid’s room might be a good choice. However, they will not be kids forever and once they get older, they will start to demand for something more neutral on their walls.

Zillow also reported that homes with pink walls will sell at $208 lower than the standard value. Coral and peachy pink may deliver an uplifting effect on smaller section of your house.

However, if you are planning to cover a huge space of your room, it can create a crushing and overwhelming mood. Parfait pink can also be a lovely dress for a girl.

However, it will not be an excellent color for the exterior and interior part of the house especially if you want to attract the interest of the potential buyers.

Blue Can Make Your Kitchen Unappealing

As we often mentioned, colors have been associated to certain things that influence our behavior and mood. Blue has always been related with spoiled food.

Covering your kitchen with blue paint will make it unappealing to home buyers. Interestingly, a study conducted at the University of Basel showed that this is not the good color for those who are trying to reduce weight. People tend to consume more of the foods that are presented in blue packaging.

Black Should be Avoided at All Costs on Your Exterior

A hint of black can complement most of the basic colors. However, you should avoid using it on the exterior of your house. Usually, it will make your place uncomfortable during summer season.

You will also find it difficult to attract potential buyers for your property. If you are not receiving enough natural light, you should not use this on your interior walls.

Neon Can Put Strain on Your Eyes

Neon is becoming more prevalent in the fashion industry. However, this color will prove to be less appealing for your home. Any shade of neon color can create that abrasive feeling to your room.

Small hints of neon color may look good but too much of it can be overwhelming. It also tends to distract your attention.

Instead of using bright and bold colors such as neon, opt for a neutral and serene shade like soft grey. This gives your house a lighter and cleaner feeling.

Grey Should Not Be Used in Your Workout Room

While grey may be an unassuming and good choice of color in the standard area of your house, you should avoid using it in your workout room. Grey can lower our enthusiasm and it is not stimulating.

It is a terrible choice for your workout room since it will not motivate you. You can use orange instead since this color can increase the supply of oxygen in our brain. This stimulates mental activity and energizes our body.

Color Psychology inside Our House

For those who want some excitement in their life, we create a short guide on the best and the worst color that you should use in some area of your house.

Kitchen and Dining Area

Warm colors can stimulate a person’s appetite. So, avoid orange, red, and yellow if you want to lower your calorie intake. Use cream on your kitchen instead.

Study and Office Room

According to the researchers at the Creighton University, employees that are working in the blue room are more productive, hopeful, calm, and centered. They also create lesser mistakes compared to those who are working on the white or grey room.

Living Room

For the living room, green can be a good option due to a range of reasons. Green can calm the nerves of people and make them feel secured and safe. This is how you want to end your day after a stressful day at the office. Green can also have a healing effect on our eyes. Since orange can be stimulating, you should neve use this in your living area.

Master’s Bedroom

Using black in your master’s bedroom will not give you the effect that you want to achieve. This color is the sign of power and aggression. You probably want a color that emanates a sense of sophistication but will also help you relax.


Coating your bathroom with black paint or tiles is also a bad idea. A good option would be yellow since it evokes a sense of joy. Based on color psychology and the philosophy of Fengshui, yellow stimulates our endocrine system and our brain function.

Using colors in various parts of our house can either increase or decrease the market value of our house. Since you want to recoup your investment, you want to be smart in choosing the colors and learn about the worst colors you should never paint your home. While colors are not the only thing that can affect our personality and mood, picking the color that will not work against you can help you achieve a comfortable place to stay.

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