Brown Aura Meaning & Personality – Meaning of A Brown Aura

While the brown aura can help reveal our personality, this usually refers to the disturbance occurring in our life.  It can indicate that you are being beset with too much negativities these past few days. However, understand that the color of your aura can change and shift overtime. In case you discovered that you have […]

Amber Aura Meaning & Personality

The color of your aura can reveal crucial information about your emotions, dreams, and thoughts. The amber aura meaning and interpretation may vary. You will have to factor out certain things in order to interpret the meaning accurately. This color and vibration can be discerned by individuals who are gifted in healing arts. It allows […]

Green Aura Meaning & Personality

The green aura is a color associated with nature. The green aura meaning and personality is related to the calm and cool energy that it radiates. This is the aura that can balance the other shades and will make them stand out. This also refers to changes and growth. Those who can transcend to the […]

Pink Aura Meaning & Personality

The pink aura meaning and interpretation is associated with the profound and unconditional love. This is a representation of the love that you are willing to give without expecting for anything in exchange. This is also the color that symbolizes admiration and passion. People who radiate a pink aura are those who have successfully found

Purple Aura Meaning & Personality

Purple aura is considered as one of the most enigmatic and spiritual types of aura. People who radiate this color have extra sensitivity to the energy that other people emits. Most of spiritual guides and psychics are emitting this aura. Nonetheless, it is also possible for a person to have a purple aura while not […]

Gray Aura Meaning & Personality

Gray aura is one of the more complex color of auras since it commonly refers to the journey that one needs to take instead of the destination. This is the combination of black and white, a color that is predominantly negative and one that is usually positive. Some people will think that this is similar […]

Turquoise Aura Color Meaning & Personality

Turquoise is a mixture of green and blue. Therefore, it will have the same calming and relaxing attributes of those colors. In case you are radiating this color of aura, understanding the turquoise aura color meaning and interpretation will help you keep a balanced aura. Know that is an aura that is commonly ignored. Perhaps […]

Yellow Aura Meaning & Personality

Yellow is the color of aura that is filled with energy. It is also a representation of your unwavering desire to enjoy life and intelligence. It is known as the aura that indicates happiness and contentment. It is almost impossible to bring down the emotion of yellow people. Even on the off chance that the […]

Orange Aura Color Meaning & Personality

Orange aura pertains to pure excitement. This is created by combining the raw and vibrant energy of red aura and the adventurous and optimistic personality of yellow aura. It can also pertain to sensuality. Orange people are those who live in a fast-paced world. They will be moving from one exciting experience to a more […]

Silver Aura Color Meaning & Interpretation

Silver aura pertains to the profundity of the physical and spiritual realm. In case you are radiating a silver aura, this can indicate that you are reaching a whole new level of understanding or awakening of your cosmic dominion. The silver aura color meaning and interpretation may depend upon how dark or light it is. […]