An Overview of What Does the Color Grey Mean Spiritually

As aforementioned different shades of grey will carry different spiritual meaning. You will learn that not all shades of grey will carry a negative connotation. However, you also should not expect that all grey will be positive.

Silver Grey

This is the color that is related with the spirits. It has also been associated with positive things. It highlights the powerful connection of our mind and body. Generally, those people who have this type of aura will be the people who meditate and those that practiced yoga. People who are going through the process of spiritual improvement will also show the grey aura.

Heather Grey

If your spirit is showing this aura, you are probably suffering from a long-term sickness. It is also a sign that you have a pessimistic attitude. People how are highly-sensitive will have this type of aura. If your spirit is drawn towards heather gray, this can imply that you need attention and care.

Charcoal Grey

This can indicate a negative aspect of your life. People with this type of aura are perhaps going through a state of depression. This can probably lead to mental illness and sometimes suicide. For those who will fail to get out of their misery, it is highly likely that their aura will turn darker.

Muddy Grey

This is something related with your fear. This can signify that your fear is taking root on your system. There are times that it can also reflect your health status. If the grey aura reflects on a specific part of your body, you might want to have that portion checked.

Bright Grey

In this shade of grey, there is an increased level of white. This may mean that you have started to understand your natural gifts and abilities. It is the color that refers to the start of the long journey.

Dirty Grey

This can signify an energy block.

Spiritual Properties of Grey

Grey is often a calm and detached color that lacks energy. It is the color of balance and neutrality. It comes with spiritual properties that can affect those people who are attracted to this color.

Neutral and Detached

Due to its balanced mixture of white and black, grey is a neutral, detached, and indecisive color. If there is an ongoing conflict between the black and white, it will not have the courage to take sides. Due to its detached spiritual property, it is not emotionally dependent. It would simply sit on the background while being entertained by the conflict.


Too much grey can make your spirit feel drained or dreary. The natural fluctuation and the absence of life makes it extremely taxing to our body. The monotonous appearance of this color can introduce distress, fear, anxiety, and tension to your soul.

Conservative and Quiet

Even though it can be boring and dull, it still has a calming effect. It is not meant to interrupt or cause disruption. It will not warrant any attention unless it has nothing else to do.

Logical and Unemotional

Unlike other colors that retain the properties of the colors that made them, grey loses the purity of white and the power of black. Therefore, it does not come with any powerful emotional effect. It is mostly related to logical and practical things.

Once the grey aura manifests on your spirit, there is a good chance that it will not rouse any strong emotional effect. Nonetheless, the effect will still depend upon the richness of the black or the white color. If there are more shades of white in the grey, then there is nothing you should be worried about. This is mostly related to positive things. However, in the case that there are more parts of black, you will need to saturate grey with other colors to avoid its negative impact such as anxiety, fear, and depression.

For those who want to know what does the color grey mean spiritually, simply meditating and doing yoga can help you understand the profound meaning of this color. Meditating can also help you achieve a well-balanced state of grey aura.

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