However, you are probably asking what does the color red mean spiritually. The spiritual association of red can be vast and may vary. Red represents the base or the root of our chakra.

It is found below the spine that enables us to remain connected with the energy of the universe.

The Red Aura: What Does the Color Red Mean Spiritually?

In order to comprehend what your red aura means, you will need to fully learn the spiritual significance of this color as well as the different shades of red.

The color of the rainbow pertains to various chakra. Red is known as the first shade of the chakra.

It reflects the human’s most essential spiritual and physical state. Red is the base chakra that can pertain to a range of meanings.

  • Eliminates the feeling of distrust
  • Belongingness
  • Trust
  • Humility

Red is also a symbolism of fire. Fire corresponds to vitality. Therefore, red can amplify the energy of the person.

You will notice how your feelings will be amplified if you are surrounded with red.

Try to meditate using this color if you want to feel more secured or if you are planning to boost your passion.

Biblical Meaning of Red

Nothing can be more passionate and deadlier than the red shade. For most people, it is an indication of the fiery desire.

This has the power to seduce. However, on the Holy Scriptures, red can symbolize a range of things.

In this part, we will analyze some of the renowned passages in the bible that mentioned the name of red and its various shades.

Isaiah 1:18

In this verse, the human’s sin was referred to as scarlet which is a shade of red. It also mentioned that it is as red as the crimson.

It has been repeated several times that the red is something associated with sin and will need to be purified.

Joshua 2:18

In this passage, Rahab was told that she and her entire family will be spared if only she will place the scarlet cord out of her windows.

Just like how the red aura pertains to security, it can also be a symbol that can save according to the Bible.

Revelation 6:1

Red horse that was mentioned in this part is a symbolism of bloodshed and war. It is one of the horsemen that appeared when they opened the seal of the end time.

Other Biblical Meaning

Red can also indicates the blood of Christ. According to John 3:16, our sin has been forgiven from the death of Jesus.

Apart from that, Israelites during the early civilization will also sacrifice lamb as an atonement for their sins.

Red is known to be a meaningful and powerful color in the Christian Bible. It refers to the humanity’s sin but at the same time it also holds the key to our redemption.

An Overview on Your Shade of Red Aura

The red aura will emanate from the emotion of ego and passion. However, passion can manifest in an assortment of manner. It can show as a feeling of hate or love.

It can be positive and healthy and at the same time hubristic. Generally, having a red aura means that you are deeply associated with the physical reality.

You are a person who prefers to live within the moment. You want to be in touch with your own emotion and develop a strong personality.

Your red aura can be positive or a negative aspect. You will need to know which spectrum you fell into.

Aura of Murky Red

The muddiness of this red shade will signify the amount of gray shade combined with the red color.

In case your spirit falls within this category, your personality might be on the negative side. This can be associated with dishonesty and anxiety.

Aura of Bright Red

For people who have aura that is on the pastel spectrum, this can indicate that you have a positive disposition. This can refer to passion and sensuality.

The strength that is being emanated by the red aura can signify ambition and courage that will propel them to the heights of success. They do not depend on others; therefore, they can act as a great leader.

People with this type of aura should carefully consider when thinking about vengeance since this can encourage them to desire for more negative thoughts.

After reading this article, we do hope that you now have the answer to the question “What does the color red mean spiritually”.

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