Gold is often linked with the shade of brown and yellow. It is also connected with compassion, illumination, love, wisdom, courage, passion, and magic.

It is necessary to understand the gold color meaning if you want to know how it affects one’s personality or behavior.

An Overview of the Gold Color Meaning

Gold is better known as a precious metal that is associated with prosperity, wealth, and grandeur. It is also related to glamour and sparkle.

It is the official gemstone when celebrating 50th anniversary. With regards to the healing stones, the gold holds a great deal of power and healing. Here’s a quick rundown on the meaning of the gold.

  • Gold can be an indication of triumph, achievement, and success.
  • It has been associated with prosperity. The color may also specify extravagance, prestige, affluence, sophistication, and superiority.
  • Gold symbolizes masculinity whereas silver is for femininity.
  • It refers to the sun. It is a precious metal that is traded universally.
  • It is a positive and uplifting shade. It can help you achieve spiritual enlightenment and make you feel optimistic.
  • Color of the winner. The champion of the competition will often be awarded with a gold medal.
  • It may also mean tradition, generosity, cleverness, and contentment.

Symbolism of Gold on Religion

  • Christianity – The icons and mosaics that are crafted on gold is a practiced used to encourage human to believe in the splendor and wisdom of the divine being. It also pertains to the divinity of God. Traditionally, the Pope only allowed 5 shades on religious symbols; green, white, violet, black, and red. After the 12th century, the blue and gold color has been included.
  • Hinduism – In Hindu, the gold pertains to knowledge, mental advancement, learning, and meditation. Hindu idols are depicted with gold haloes on their head. Other deities will wear something gold to highlight their cleverness.
  • Islam – Gold pertains to paradise.

How Gold Means Depending on Regions

  • France – this relates to luxury, decoration, and light.
  • Great Britain – This symbolizes the royalty and the crown.
  • Europe – the gold in the European flag denotes mysticism and harmony. It is also a symbol of solidarity and unity among the European nations.
  • Japan – gold is about strength and wealth.
  • China – shades of golden yellow will depict the Earth element.
  • Mexico – It is used on decorations in churches.
  • North America – It is an indication of money, luminosity and wealth.

How Gold Affects Your Personality

The gold color can affect one’s personality in multiple ways. For instance, it can make you feel more stable when you are in your work environment. It can help you remain organized. Gold can also encourage you to work hard and pay close attention to the details.

With regards to your love life, the gold will make you look at things seriously. For those who want a secure life with their partner, the gold can prompt them to perform things that will show their affection towards their spouse or partner.

Kids can also be affected by the gold according to color psychology. It will inspire them to follow the existing rules. It will help them understand and show respect to the authority. It will make them feel more comfortable with the academic routine. Gold color meaning is also connected to elements that affects vitality such as the sun.

Gold can also help you attain spiritual enlightenment. It inspires people to attain knowledge and gain deeper understanding towards your soul and self. Since it is also a color of generosity. It will demand people to share their knowledge, wisdom, and wealth to other people.

Positive Side of Gold

  • Optimistic and positive.
  • It denotes to wining and success.
  • It promotes wisdom, self-worth, and understanding.
  • It encourages love, compassion, and charisma.

Negative Side of Gold

  • Deceitfulness
  • Demanding and self-centered
  • Scared of wealth and success

Gold Color Meaning in Business and Marketing

Choosing the appropriate color for your business branding is very crucial. Understand that this color will appear on different marketing materials such as your packaging and company logo.

Apart from giving you a unique personality, you should also consider the color psychology. The gold color will send different messages to your audience that can affect the viability of the business.

Gold in business symbolizes the inner wisdom. It also pertains to quality and wealth. This will give your product a certain prestige and luxuriousness and may also send the vibe of excellence.

Oftentimes, the gold shade can suggest that a service or product that you are offering can be exclusive and expensive. It can stimulate the feeling of happiness while at the same time evoke deeper anxiety.

Gold will also signify generosity not only in terms of wealth but also in spirit and time. It is the color of the victors. When combined with the purple, it will be excellent on beauty and cosmetics.

Once you mixed it with dark blue, it may suggest trustworthiness, success, and honesty. Blending it with white shade will create an elegant brand.

Gold on Marketing

With regards to marketing, the items with an increased perceived value can take advantage of the gold shade especially on their packaging.

Unfortunately, gold may appear boring and dull when used on online marketing particularly on web pages. It will appear like a dirty yellow that will make your website appear messy and may send a negative meaning.

When you plan to sell some excellent products that caters male audiences, you should consider mixing it with black or navy.

However, you should be wary on how this will translate on your website. Your website will serve as your online image and it is necessary that it appears professional.

Positive Symbol of Gold on Business

  • Generosity – Since it encourages people to share their wealth, this will be an excellent shade to use on charity institutions.
  • Knowledge – It inspires people to seek higher knowledge which can be used on educational institution.
  • Wealth – It rouses the feeling of exclusivity.

Negative Symbol of Gold on Business

  • Materialistic-Gold will highlight the feeling of being materialistic.

Different Shades of Gold and Their Meaning

Varying shades of gold will deliver different meaning to your audience. Understand that the way it affects their personality will depend upon the cultural significance and the experience of the person.

  • Old Gold – Old gold pertains to knowledge and prestige. It is a shade that is used by universities such as Texas State University. It is also being used by college sport team such as the Boilermakers of Purdue University.
  • Golden Yellow – This is located between the spectrum of yellow and amber. It is a vivid yellow, that relates to prosperity.
  • Golden Poppy – This is the color of the California poppy that symbolizes elegance. However, it can also relate to something negative such as death.
  • Pale Gold – This shade will have different meaning. Generally, it indicates charm and confidence.
  • Sunglow – This refers to the vitality since it is the color of the force of the sun. It may also pertain to something divine or spiritual.
  • Harvest Gold – This is the color that you will often see on the surface of the metal. Harvest gold is a symbol of fortune and abundance.
  • Golden Brown – this is a darker shade of gold that indicates fatigue and the feeling of being strained.

Additional Gold Terms and their Meaning

To highlight the meaning of something, gold will be coined with various terms. This will help you understand how gold is used on different cultures.

  • Fool’s Gold – This refers to something that you mistook for gold. Usually, this will refer to something that is worthless but given a great significance.
  • Gold star – this term is used to praise someone. It signifies commendation and accomplishment.
  • Solid Gold – this describes something that is outstanding, superior, and high quality. Something that is solid gold is unparalleled.
  • Gold Standard – This is the standard measure of excellence.
  • Gold Brick – This is a reference used on deceitfulness, cheat and trickery.
  • Good as Gold – Something that is positive and can be treated as valuable as gold.
  • Golden Child – You will usually hear this term on eastern countries. This refers to a child that is favored by God.
  • Gold Digger – This pertains to a person who is only after someone’s wealth.

If you are wearing something gold, it will commonly mean that you highly value your luxurious appearance. Gold is generally used on watches and base metal of precious jewelries.

Displaying your gold accessories can mean that you are highly curious on social status. You are not afraid to showcase your wealth. You are also detailed on how the people will view you. You are probably seeking the approval of the others.

This color is also flashy. The gold color meaning can indicate that you are yearning for attention. This means that you are extroverted and has an out-going personality.

You may also be a socially-confident person. People who are attracted to gold color may suggest that they are prideful. They take great pride of their accomplishments and wealth.

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