An Overview of the Lavender Color Meaning

The color spectrum of lavender comes with a range of hues and shades. The meaning associated with this color can also vary. The origin of the name of this color is quite vague. Some people believe that the word comes from the word ‘lavare’ meaning ‘to wash’ since lavender is being used as an essential oil. However, there are also some people that points out that the name can also come from ‘livere’ that pertains to the shades of the flower.

  • Vitality and Youth – Just as how the flower lavender is associated with the growth during spring time, the color can also pertain to youthfulness. This has been confirmed through its psychological association with Easter Sunday. This indicates the part of the mind that remains untouched. This has also been connected to a range of mental process and emotion such as creativity and optimism.
  • Masculinity – Just like how purple has been related with patriarchal management, lavender may also be related with masculinity. However, since it can also symbolize decadence and femininity, its masculine energy is within control. This means that the lavender can signify a restful and dynamic state of masculinity.
  • Femininity – As aforementioned, lavender can also evoke a sense of femininity. This can be highlighted through the caring personality of the people with lavender personality.

How Lavender Affects Your Personality

You will usually read in our articles that the effect of colors towards your personality can be influenced by your personal experience. The effect may also change depending on the cultural importance and symbolism of the color on your country.

  • Being exposed to the color lavender will encourage you to be emotional and nurturing. People with this type of personality will often prioritize the needs of other people. Thus, they tend to neglect their own needs.
  • It also evokes the sense of being happy. Purple helps you to be friendly and agreeable. You will prefer to avoid any confrontation. Being in a space with purple inspire you to remain open to fresh ideas. However, this may also sometimes result to indecisiveness.
  • You will indulge on your day dreaming habit. People will often be fascinated with something supernatural and unknown. Since you are always on your fantasy land, you can also develop your creativity.
  • It instigates you to be aware of the present. Your playful and sociable side will be highlighted.

How to Use Lavender on Marketing and Business

Lavender is known to have a sacred and special place in our nature. A garden that is filled with lavender, lilac, orchid, and other violet flowers is often considered precious and delicate. It is also a symbol of love, devotion and purity. By understanding how lavender is associated, you will be able to understand how to incorporate this on your branding and marketing plan.

  • When using the lavender on design, it will suggest something that is extremely special and unique. However, it will not have the mystery associated with purple. This can be an excellent shade for your website or other print marketing campaign if you want to evoke the feeling of romance and nostalgia. Apart from that, lavender can also be used to stir silence, devotion, and serenity.
  • When using lavender in your webpage, you need to be careful when mixing it with other colors. There are some instances when the mixture of color will appear overwhelming. The website can also appear to be excessively cluttered or too sentimental.
  1. Minty Green – Adding lavender to minty green will make the page evoke the energy of spring time. It will also appear cheerful.
  2. Blue This creates an elegant and sophisticated look.
  3. Red This will emanate a sense of warmth.
  4. Light brown or Beige – This is excellent if you want to create a modern earth palette.

Lavender is a unique and unconventional color. Therefore, if you are attracted with this color, this can indicate that you want to be unique and special.  The lavender color meaning may also show how expressing your emotion is important to you. You are perhaps prioritizing your right to express, and you have little care on how other people will perceive you. This can also reduce the feeling of aggression.

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