Learning what different aura colors mean may seem to be complex. You will have to be very particular and precise on the shade of the color in order to interpret the meaning accurately.

Understanding What Different Aura Colors Mean

All things that possess life has the capacity to release an aura that comes from the energy that radiates from them.

These colors and vibrations can be seen by people who are gifted in the arts of healing. They can manipulate the fields of energy to promote better healing.

The Rainbow Aura Signifies Knowledge of the Spiritual Realm

The rainbow aura is relatively common among the healers particularly for the individuals who are assigned to work on the energy fields of the body.

This is generally seen as different strands of colorful light that resemble the appearance of starburst. People with this color of aura are known for having a high understanding on the spiritual realm.

Their aura is synchronized to the fifth realm and their spiritual dimension. In order to radiate a rainbow aura, a person will need to have a high frequency of energy. The color should remain shiny and bright.

Pale Rainbow Aura 

If you have this type of aura, you are on your way to experience a higher spiritual awakening. The color of your aura can also fluctuate to a brighter and bolder color.

Brilliant rainbow

This aura will usually radiate around the head or the hand of a person. If you are a creative person or a healer, the rainbow aura will radiate all over your body.

Yellow Aura Indicates Happiness

Yellow aura is usually related to our spleen and our energy source known as chi. If you have this kind of aura, you have an easy-going personality. You are also optimistic, playful, creative, and intelligent.

You are going to excel on careers that involve study and teaching. You also tend to work a bit harder compared to your colleagues.

You need to be careful in focusing too much on your work since you may ignore your personal relationship. You are highly at risk on experiencing emotional and mental pressures and can easily be depressed when you are stressed.

Light Yellow

These are the people who successfully completed a spiritual enlightenment. This can also be an indication that the person has recently discovered their innate psychic ability.

Lemon Yellow

People who have this kind of aura have a fear of losing important things in their life. It can be the fear of losing your health, losing control, changes, divorce, or losing your job.

Dark Yellow with Hint of Brown Shades 

You are currently feeling pressured. Most students will have this type of aura since they are constantly being pressured to achieve higher score in their exam and improve their academic performance. You no longer enjoy learning things and you treat studying as a stressful chore.

Brilliant Yellow

You are inspired spiritually, and you have the will to turn your thought into reality.

Orange Aura Is a Sign that You Are a Social Creature

People with orange aura are known for having social souls. They are generous and gregarious. They prefer to be in the company of other people.

They will not mind being the center of everyone’s attention and affection or being just a member of the crowd. They love pleasing others and they sometimes do this by giving gifts.

They are generous, and thoughtful. They are kind, honest, and good-hearted people. They are in touch with their emotion and can easily sense their happiness and pain.

Yellow Orange

You are a perfectionist and you have the mind of a scientist. You are drawn to the projects that are mentally challenging and you are very detailed with your work.

Red Orange

You exude a high level of confidence and you possess an elevated power.

Bright Orange

Colors in the brighter spectrum of orange is an indication of an optimized health. Your life is vibrant, and you are enjoying it to its fullest potential. However, you should also be careful if there’s too much bright orange in your aura. This is a sign that you are having difficulty in overcoming a certain desire or addiction.

Red Aura Signifies Power

Red is perhaps one of the most powerful auras that you might see on a person. They are reactive towards the changes in their environment.

They are also very passionate and strong people. Red can be negative or positive. They are energetic and enthusiastic, but this type of attitude will often lead to an unfortunate situation.

They can easily lose their temper towards trivial matters. Their health is in good state and they will not be at risk on mental or physical illness.

Due to their powerful energy, they mostly excel on sports. They can easily get bored and will immediately look for new things that will interest them.

Dark Red

Those who have a dark red aura are known for being grounded and centered. They can survive in different kinds of circumstances since they are self-sufficient.

Brilliant Red

They are competitive, passionate, sexual, and filled with energy.

Clouded Red

This is an indication of a negative aura. You probably have a grudge or a deep-seated hatred that is difficult for you to let go.

People with Pink Aura are Giving and Loving People

Those who are radiating a pink aura are loving people, but they also want to be loved by others. Due to this yearning, they will connect with their families and friends whenever they will have the opportunity.

They will be generous to this people especially when giving them time. They also prefer to be the host of the event. Apart from that, they also value their health the most. They will regularly exercise and ensure that they have a supply of the essential nutrients.

Dark Pink

People find it hard to trust you. This color of aura is an indication of deceit, immaturity, and dishonesty.

Light Pink

This aura can often be found on artists. They are sensual and have an appreciation towards the fine and luxurious things. For people who are freshly in love, they will emit this type of aura.

Green Aura Relates to the Earth

Just like how green is related to the nature, the green aura is also connected with the power of earth. They want to extend their help towards other whenever they can.

Green is considered as the heart of the nature and can often be the aura of teachers and healers. People that radiates green aura are very determined yet they are very humble.

They are known for being creative, but their level of creativity is based on practicality.

Light Green

This is the indication of innocence, healing, and love.

Forest Green

The aura of natural healer. You are associated with nature and you will utilize herb when performing healing rituals.

Yellow Green

You are someone that excels in communication. You can be a salesperson, musician, or a writer.

Cloudy Green

This is a sign of jealousy. Your heart is filled with resentment and you are afraid of taking responsibility.

Blue – Green Aura

This is the perfect color for the healers. You want to help people in discovering their inner self.

Purple Aura is Common Among Sensitive Individuals

Purple is the color of mysticism and they are known for being psychic. They are highly attuned to their mood and emotion. Those who emanates this type of aura are known for being secretive and mysterious.

They have an intuitive and an inquiring mind. They find the joy in learning and they will not be afraid to explore new things that will interest them.

Aside from this, they are also admired and respected by people close to them. Unfortunately, they will not be lucky in finding love.


You are known as a wise seeker and has successfully peek into the other world.


This is the aura of the visionaries. You have the power to change your world using your spiritual love.

Metallic Aura Love to Be Surrounded with People

Metallic aura such as gold and silver are believed to be a spiritual vibration. The energy wavelength that they release indicates positivity. They can also be people who have a creative flair.

Gold Aura

They are drawn towards luxurious things. Their home will often be decorated with sophisticated and expensive items.

They will not be intimidated when they are treated as the center of the attention. The charm that they will release will enhance their attractiveness.

Silver Aura

You are someone gifted in terms of spirituality. You will learn the right way to use this gift through life lesson. You are practical, intuitive, and sensitive. Your spiritual enlightenment can be achieved through practical methods.

The aura that you emit is a sign of your current emotional, physical, and energy status. Understand that the aura can change in a minute or remain steady for a longer period.

Learning what different aura colors mean can provide you a deeper understanding about yourself and reveal your buried thoughts, hidden emotions, and forgotten memories.

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