Color can create physiological and psychological response to people that can improve their efficiency on gym. When choosing the best colors for gyms or fitness centers, we hope that this article can serve as your guide.

An Overview on the Best Colors for Gyms or Fitness Centers

Before you identify the color that you will use for a fitness center or gym, you need to go through the different things that you should consider first. Check the size of the room, a smaller room will feel cramped if you choose a darker shade. Lighting can also have a direct impact on the color. If the lighting is poor and the paint is dark, your gym will appear like a dungeon.

Weight Room

Weight room is the section in the fitness center that is mostly composed of weight-lifting equipment. Consider introducing blue pigment in this room. Blue represents tranquility that can encourage the development of calming chemicals in our body. On top of that, blue encourages individuals to remain productive. According to the research, people tend to lift heavier weights when they are in the blue room. It also has the power to suppress the craving and appetite of the person.

Aerobic Room

In case you have a room that is specifically for the cardiovascular exercise, this can look good with a bright palette. For instance, red is known for increasing the heartrate and blood pressure. In the case that the exercise has become a bit routine and dull, red will surely reinvigorate their enthusiasm. Nonetheless, you should still consider the fact that red has been related with increased appetite. Yellow might be a better option since it improves concentration and metabolism. Orange on the other hand promotes cheerfulness and enthusiasm.

Yoga Room

In case you are planning to create a gym room that is particularly designed for yoga practice, a calming color would be excellent for this room. The color related with nature has the power to evoke the calming and serene feeling. Grass green and ocean blue would be the best pick. It is also interesting to note that black emanates a powerful energy. The strength that it evokes can also be an ideal addition to your yoga room.

How Colors Can Affect Your Workout

According to the claims of the behavioral psychologists, colors can have an impact towards a person’s mind and body. Therefore, the color that you are seeing on gyms and exercise rooms are not chosen hastily.

Red is Energizing

In case you choose the red for your gym, you need to be cautious in maintaining an excellent balance of red together with other colors. You don’t want the red to stimulate the senses too much.

  • Place it in the section that receives higher amount of sunshine. Farmers employ this practice to guarantee that they will be able to enjoy the benefits provided by sunlight.
  • Excessive amount of this color can create restlessness. You don’t want this to happen since you simply want to create an invigorating feeling.
  • Red can energize you. It increases you breathing and heart rate. It also has the power to increase your passion and enthusiasm.

If you find red too warm and bold, there are softer and milder colors that you can choose from. You should also be careful in using red on your yoga and meditation rooms since you want that place to be relaxing and refreshing. Red is an excellent choice for those who have a fierce and strenuous workout.

Orange is Friendly and Invigorating

Some people will not find this color desirable. In fact, this color may not be flattering on some occasion. However, this can still be a good choice for those who want to try something fresh and new. This color can improve the feeling of cheerfulness that will make you feel good about yourself.

  • Just like the red, orange can please and stimulate our senses. It is an energetic and cheerful color.
  • Orange is invigorating, friendly, and warm. These are some of the qualities that makes it a great shade for gyms and exercise rooms.

Yellow Increase Happiness

If you want to uplift your mood and the members of the gym, yellow would be your preferred color. Yellow represents a joy and positive feeling. If you want something that promotes clear thinking and mindfulness, the color in the paler spectrum of yellow would be a nice addition to the walls of your gym. Deeper shade of yellow may appear exotic and it encourages intimacy.

  • Yellow can make a person feel motivated. This color can uplift your spirit and help you complete your workout routine.
  • Yellow is intended to enhance the mood of a person.

Blue Nourishes and Replenishes

For those who are serious in their weightlifting exercise, the reps and sets that they can complete will increase if they surround themselves with blue color. Blue helps someone to remain productive and will encourage a person to do more. Apart from the calming aura that it emanates, blue can also enhance your concentration.

  • Blue has always been associated with water. This is the element that replenish and nourishes.
  • Combining blue with colors such as black will help develop a striking scheme.
  • Light blue can lower the blood pressure and reduce your breathing rate which can create a perfect ambiance during yoga class.
  • Blue in large quantity can overwhelm you.

Green Indicates Renewal

Green is the color of nature that represents renewal and growth. It is also the color associated with reflection.  Green is known for soothing tired soul, but it can also revive your spirit. For those who want to create a stimulating room, yellow green would be a good choice. Should you prefer a more calming color, cover your walls with blue green elements. If you plan to convert your basement to an exercise room, yellow green will give it the right amount of warmth.

  • Green is probably one of the most popular colors among gyms. It refreshes and relaxes the tired body.
  • Based on a study that was conducted at the University of Essex, people who performed strenuous activities in a green environment will be less tired allowing them to do more reps.


Violet, purple, and lavender are considered off-beat colors. This color adds a sense of richness and luxury to a room. Purple is meant to relax and calm your mind, body, and spirit. This means that it can be an optimal choice for a yoga and meditation room. This allows you to remain balance and to focus more on your breathing.

  • For those who only have time to workout at night, purple can keep you focused and calm. This can help you get a good night sleep after that rigorous activity.
  • This color is intended to reinforce life energies.

Other Colors

In order to optimize the efficiency and productivity of their fitness center and gym room, some people choose to mix and match different colors.

  • Pink and Pastel – pastel colors also have calming effects. Try to introduce it in your room where keeping calm is absolutely essential.
  • Neon – Bright neon color is the latest fad. This has a stimulating effect to one’s body.
  • Neutral Shades – Black, beige, grey, and white can be used to prevent the dominant colors to feel overwhelming.

How to Improve the Ambiance of Your Gym or Fitness Centers

Aside from choosing the right color, you should also focus on keeping your gym and fitness center attractive. This will encourage people to spend more time inside the facility. You can also hang paintings especially those that have images of nature.

  • An Efficient Room – When designing a gym, you want it to be efficient. It should allow the people to move freely without bumping on the set of equipment. You should try to arrange the gym equipment that will make them accessible yet not obstructive.
  • Ventilation – Ventilation is a crucial aspect of your gym. According to the eastern culture, it also helps in circulating life energies. Introducing indoor plants will not only help in your ventilation but will also improve the quality of air indoors.
  • Right Placement – Contingent upon the number of bench and equipment you may need, you need to guarantee that there will be enough space. If you plan to install a TV in your gym, make sure that both door and TV are viewable. It is also recommended to have windows that will encourage your eyes to look at things at a distant. This can help soothe your tired eyes.


We hope that by following the tips and helping you choose the best colors for gyms or fitness centers; you will be able to come up with a fresh and unique idea. Choosing the right color can be vital and can stimulate your senses. It also has a direct impact towards your mental outlook and health.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article !